9 Best Ceiling Fans for Better Cooling(with Buying Guide)

best ceiling fans

When it comes to air cooling devices, ceiling fans are the most popular and preferred option among all. So, here you’ll find the list of best ceiling fans in India to reduce your research work. This list is created after considering many ceiling fans and these 9 are chosen based on their price, performance, durability, brand, and customer reviews.

Also, you’ll find the buying guide to purchase the best ceiling fan according to your own needs and requirements.

You can also check out our list of best selling air conditioners in India. For now, just scroll down and get to know the best ceiling fans to buy.

9 Best Ceiling Fans

1. Atomberg Renesa BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan 

best selling remote controlled ceiling fan

Key Specifications:

  • Warranty = 3 Years Warranty
  • Blade size = 1200 mm
  • Number of blades = 3
  • Price = ₹ 3,396.00, ₹ 3,990.00

Claiming the best-selling spot on Amazon’s ceiling fans category, this is one of the best ceiling fans with remote available on amazon. It has 3 blades that provide good airflow and uniform circulation throughout the room. The ceiling fan is equipped with a BLDC motor that is super energy efficient and consumes only 28 watts even at the highest speed. Also, due to its smooth functioning, this fan does not make a lot of noise and runs quietly.

This smart ceiling fan comes with a remote with which you can control the speed and can also set the timer. Other features include sleep, boost, led indication for speed, dust resistance. This fan has inverter stabilization technology that makes it run consistently at the same speed even in energy fluctuation. Apart from this brown variant, you can also get ivory, white and black color.

2. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)

best ceiling fan under 1500

Key Specifications:

  • Blade size = 1200 mm
  • Number of blades = 3
  • Air delivery speed = 200 cmm
  • RPM = 370rpm
  • Price = ₹ 1,469.00, ₹ 1,804.00

If you’re looking for the best ceiling fan under 1500, then this Orient fan is a good choice for you. Having a powerful motor makes it durable and a long-lasting ceiling fan. The motor comes with a double ball bearing that ensures the smooth and noise-free performance of the fan.

The fan is not the best but good in energy efficiency. The fan’s motor speed is 370 rpm which is enough if you’re considering it for your bedroom. The 3 blades sized 1200 mm provide widespread circulation throughout the room.

You can choose from brown or white color whichever suits your home decor. At last, it is one of the best ceiling fans for a bedroom that is also not much expensive. you can check out the other specifications below:

3. Candes Star 1200mm /48-inch High-Speed ceiling fan

best candes ceiling fan with anti dust feature

Key Specifications:

  • Warranty = 3 years
  • Blade size = 1200mm
  • Number of blades = 3
  • Air delivery speed = 230 cmm
  • RPM = 400 RPM
  • Price = ₹ 1,369.00, ₹ 2,299.00

Third, on our list of best ceiling fans is the candes star fan. It has 3 blades 1200 mm in size each that are wide enough to spread the air throughout the room. The air delivery of 230 cmm will ensure you’ll not sweat near this fan.

Talking about its motor, it is the non-corrosive and aluminum-coated body that ensures its durability and performance. It is also equipped with double ball bearings that make it less noisy and help in smooth functioning. However, we’ve observed that it is a bit noisy which might not suit some people.

This designer fan comes in blue, dry brown, and ivory color variants with a copper body. Also, a metta finish looks just makes it more stylish and eye-catching. As it is dust resistant, you don’t have to invest much time in cleaning the fan regularly. Another good quality fan under 1500 that needs to be considered.

4. Bajaj Maxima Ceiling Fan

best high speed ceiling fan

Key Specifications:

  • Warranty = 2 years
  • Blade size = 600mm
  • Number of blades = 4
  • Air delivery speed = 110 cmm
  • RPM = 870 rpm
  • Price = ₹ 1,550.00

Another popular and leading ceiling fans brand in India, this fan by bajaj will never disappoint you in the summers. Bajaj maxima is a high-speed ceiling fan with a motor speed of massive 870 rpm. Hence, while feeling hot, you just need to switch on this fan.

This 4-blade small ceiling fan has a 660 mm sweeping size. Apart from having such a high-speed motor, it consumes only 66 watts of energy. Also, the torque motor makes the fan run instantly at a high speed and giving instant cooling to you.

While having good air delivery and rpm, it also comes with too much noise. The noise increases, even more, when you increase the speed of the fan. This can be a drawback. But, apart from the noise issue, it is the best high-speed fan which is also pocket-friendly. It is also available in white and brown color.

5. Havells Leganza 4 Blade 1200mm Ceiling Fan

designer living room ceiling fan

Key Specifications:

  • Warranty = 2 years
  • Blade size = 1200 mm
  • Number of blades = 4
  • Air delivery speed = 230 cmm
  • RPM = 350 RPM
  • Price = ₹ 3,199.00, ₹ 3,870.00

Another designer living room ceiling fan that is made by Havells. Firstly talking about the performance of the ceiling fan, it has an air delivery of 230 cmm. It also comes with 4 blades each of the size of 1200mm which means great air delivery and circulation in the whole room of 65 to 100 square feet. It has a fan speed of 350 rpm that will make you feel satisfied in the hot weather. The blades are designed aerodynamically for the best performance in the given specifications.

Now let’s come to the design of this ceiling fan. It has beautiful trims on the body and blades that make it eye-catching. This dual-tone color fan looks stylish even when working and will definitely enhance the overall look of the room. The color variants include Bronze Gold(this product), Pearl white-silver, bronze-gold. One of the best ceiling fans in terms of looking and performance.

6. Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

best ceiling fans in terms of maintenance

Key Specifications:

  • Blade size = 1250mm
  • Number of blades = 3
  • Air delivery speed = 240cmm
  • RPM = 380rpm
  • Price = ₹ 3,140.00

This is one of the best ceiling fans when it comes to maintenance. As the name suggests Usha goodbye dust ceiling fan, is dust resistant due to its novel silane paint technology from Asian paints. It ensures that the dust will not gather and also removes easily while cleaning. Along with this, the polyurethane coating makes it strain and scratch-resistant. Another reason why it’s considered the best ceiling fans in maintenance is due to its feature of oil and moisture resistance.

This ceiling fan has a blade size of 1250 mm which is large enough to spread the air in every corner of the room at the delivery speed of 240cmm. The fan speed is 380 rpm that is slightly in the higher end but its design compensates for the extra bucks you spend.

According to many customers, we found that this fan is not dust resistant as mentioned by the manufacturers. Don’t just buy it due to its dust resistance. However, it is really easy to clean and has a very good design. Other color variants include gold & brown, grey & black, and red& black.

7. Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

smart ceiling fan with remote

Key Specifications:

  • Warranty = 3 years
  • Blade size = 1200mm
  • Number of blades = 3
  • Price = ₹ 3,070.00

We heard people want more and more comfort in life. So, we have one more ceiling fan with a remote to ease your life. It is energy efficient fan that consumes only 28 watts at a high speed which will save a lot on your electricity bills. It has 3 blades of 1200 mm that give good cooling to the room of up to 140 sq ft. Hence if you’re looking for the best ceiling fan for the bedroom, then it’s a great choice.

Talking about the features of the remote, it includes boost, speed control, sleep, and timer mode. The remote can work to a distance of 20 ft. It has a BLDC motor for higher fan speed, noiseless and smooth functioning. This smart ceiling fan also comes with an inverter stabilization technology with which it can run consistently at the same speed in voltage fluctuation.

It has a 3year warranty which breaks down to a 2-year on-site warranty and 1 year extended warranty. Apart from this matt black color, you can also get ivory, matte brown, and white.

8. Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm Ceiling Fan

designer ceiling fans

Key Specifications:

  • Warranty = 2 years
  • Blade size = 1200mm
  • Number of blades = 3
  • Air delivery speed = 240 cmm
  • RPM = 310 rpm
  • Price = ₹ 4,945.00, ₹ 6,875.00

Another product from one of the best ceiling fan brands in India, this electric aeroquiet boasts its silent functioning. This orient fan’s 18 pole strong motor ensures durability and better performance. It is also equipped with a double ball bearing for smooth functioning and lesser noise.

These 1200mm aerodynamic blades are specially designed for higher air delivery which is 240 cmm. These blades are rust and bend-proof. While buying this high-speed ceiling fan, you can save up to 40% on your electricity bills. Along with its premium quality design, the fan is painted with high gloss premium paint for a better look and feel.

Based on many customer reviews, it was found that the fan is not really quiet. But, one thing you need to ensure if you buy this fan is tightly fixing the bolts and joints. This can be one of the issues for the noise. But it can be your ceiling fan for the living room given its stylish and eye-catching look.

9. Crompton Hill Briz 1200 mm

Crompton ceiling fan

Key Specifications:

  • Warranty = 2 years
  • Blade size = 1200mm
  • Number of blades = 3
  • Air delivery speed = 205 cmm
  • RPM = 370 rpm
  • Price = ₹ 1,450.00, ₹ 2,100.00

Another best-selling ceiling fan brand, this fan from Crompton is simple yet more effective than many. This is one of the high-speed ceiling fans with a motor speed of 370 rpm. The motor of the fan is coated with 100% copper for longer life and more durability. It is also provided with double ball bearings for better performance.

The air delivery speed is 205 cmm from 3 blades of 1200mm that provides great airflow. These aluminum blades are powder-coated to make them corrosion and rust-resistant. Apart from this brown color, you can also buy this high-speed ceiling fan in ivory and opal white color.

Buying guide for Best Ceiling Fans


A motor of the fan is like the engine of the car. It is a very important factor while considering the best ceiling fan for yourself. Motor determines the overall performance of the fan. The most common types of motor are single-phase induction motor and BLDC motor.

The induction motor has many poles that are connected with the fan’s rotor. The BLDC motor is considered more power-efficient and noiseless. Also, look upon the double ball bearings while purchasing. It helps in the smooth functioning of the fan.

Power Consumption

As you’ve noticed that different fans use different motors and technology for their fans. This results in varying electricity consumption among them. So, before buying the ceiling fan look for its power consumption.

Also, many fans are energy-efficient that helps in saving extra money from the bills. We’ve also mentioned the energy-efficient fans in the above list of best ceiling fans.

Number of blades and their size

The number of blades the fan has and its size affects the air deliverability of the fan. Fans with 3 blades are most common and has also faster speed compared to the fans having 4 or 5 blades. However, fans with more blades are less noisy and provide more air. Moreover, a large blade size indicates better and more circulation of air throughout the room.

Room Size

While reading about the best ceiling fans, you’ve noticed that the room size is mentioned for some fans. It is because if you increase the size of the room, then the fan might not be capable of circulating the air throughout the room.

Therefore, it’s better if you have a large room or considering a ceiling fan for a hall, then buy a fan with high speed and more air deliverability. It can also be the case that you might need to use more fans for the large room.

Design and Color

Nowadays there are many stylish and designer ceiling fans available in the market that too in different colors. And, people also use these types of fans to enhance their home decor. So, while choosing the best ceiling fans for your home, keep in mind the room or the place where these fans are going to be placed. It would be better if along with better performance, they match with your surroundings.

FAQs about the Best Ceiling Fans

Are ceiling fans better than pedestal fans?

When it comes to performance, yes ceiling fans are better than pedestal fans. Ceiling fans have powerful motors and a large blade size that increases the airflow and cooling. Also, nowadays you can have multiple advanced options in the ceiling fans like remote control, inbuilt lights, timer, etc.

But, which is better is also depends upon the purpose and the kind of need. If you’re looking for portable fans, then surely pedestal fans are better. You can easily move them from one room to another, unlike the ceiling fans which are fixed.

Which fan is best for my bedroom?

There are many types of fans that are available in the market. However, for bedrooms, a ceiling fan is the best option. Some benefits of ceiling fans are:

  • better cooling
  • energy and cost-efficient
  • comes with advanced options like a remote control.
  • it can also add a stylish look to your bedroom.

Which one is better: 3 blades or 4 blades?

Fans having 3 blades are comparatively faster in speed and need less energy to work. Hence, they are affordable and energy-efficient at the same time. However, they are noisier.

When it comes to 4 blades fans, they are quieter and considered better with rooms having ACs. Also, they are more stylish. 4 blades fans are considered the best ceiling fans for living rooms. But, their price is on the higher side.

Do ceiling fans require maintenance?

Yes, ceiling fans require maintenance for more durability and better functioning. However, they are easy to maintain. The motor of the fan should be lubricated well once in a while for smooth performance. In the case of noise also, this can be a solution. Along with that, you can also change the ball bearing and tighten the nuts and bolts for less noise. Every one or two weeks, you will need to clear the dust from the blades of the fans.


We think now you will not face any difficulty in buying the best ceiling fan for your home or workspace. This list is comprehensive enough and covers the best ceiling fans India from different brands also. Along with the list, our buying guide will also help you in making a better and informed decision.

We hope you buy the best ceiling fan according to your needs and be fully satisfied with the purchase.