Reasons For The Popularity Of Custom Handle Boxes

Custom Handle Boxes

Many brands use custom handle boxes due to their unique and user-friendly nature. The top handle of the boxes gives a prime look to the packed items and gives the customers a positive perception of the brands. 

The popularity of the boxes is related to several reasons: among the top of them are the associated ease, peerless look, endurance, and branding. All the brands that want to make their product different from the rest should start using a box with handle

Moreover, the boxes have multiple uses for diverse products which is why all the different brands use them. If you are new to the market and have no idea what style of packaging to choose for your product then this blog is for you. We will learn why the boxes are popular and for what different products one can use cartons with handles. 

What Are Custom Handle Boxes?  

As the name of the boxes indicates, they have a top handle that makes it easy for the customers to hold them. The boxes are made of different types of packaging materials but top of all two materials are used namely, kraft and cardboard. Different types of materials are used for handles such as: 

  • Paper
  • Fabric 
  • Strings 
  • Plastic 

When the shape and all the other dimensions of custom boxes with handles are selected considering the product dimension a supreme product presentation is achieved. 

Reason For Popularity 

What do you think, what is the main factor that makes a packaging style popular? Is it the quality? Is it the style or is it the price that many companies have started using customized handle boxes? There is not a single reason that can force companies to change their packaging styles. A lot of aspects are considered. 

The popularity of custom boxes with handles is because of the following reasons: 

  1. Extremely unique look 
  2. Unconventional style 
  3. Customer-friendly as easy to hold 
  4. Durable 
  5. Can be availed in different materials 
  6. Can help in grabbing customers’ attention 
  7. Allow easy branding 
  8. Cost-effective 
  9. Are available in sustainable material options 
  10. It has a wide range of uses 

5 Ways to Use 

A handle box can be used in diverse ways and a lot of brands can get the benefit of using them. The ease of holding the boxes makes them a perfect choice for all of the product sellers. Below we have discussed some of the ways in which you can use handle packaging boxes, remember the use of the boxes is not confined to just the blow 5 options: 

  1. Electronic Gadgets

Small electronic gadgets can be packed in a handle packaging easily. Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, digital watches, and ear pods all can be easily sold in the handle packaging boxes. Customers are always overjoyed when they purchase any electronic product. By giving them products in a catchy box style you can increase their experience and make them your regular buyers. Mostly flip top boxes wholesale are used for electronic gadgets but you can walk on the uncommon path by using handle packaging

  1. Jewelry And Cosmetic Brands 

Custom handle boxes are a perfect choice for jewelry and cosmetic brands. Both products are associated with beauty and their buyer is certainly attracted to the beautiful things. When you pack the elegant pieces of jewelry in customized boxes with top handles you can make them fall in love with your brand. In the same way, the packaging of cosmetic products in the handle package will give you positive results for your business. 

  1. Apparel Brands 

For apparel, a unique and handy packaging box is the perfect choice particularly if you want the customer to get a unique and memorable experience from your brand then you must have to use custom boxes with handles. Customers will be able to easily hold your product and get a positive impression of your brand. 

  1. Food Sellers 

Food sellers are concerned about the quality of their food. There are many problems that restaurants have to face for takeaways or home-delivered food items. The most common problem is to keep the texture intact and the food warm. The durability of the boxes keeps both the main aspects of food intact. In addition to this, the handles on the boxes make it easy to deliver food. 

  1. Gift And Stationary Shops 

For the packaging of gifts and stationary, you can use handle boxes. Whether you are giving giveaways at a formal event or you are running a gift shop, these boxes will impress the receiver. Besides gifts, stationery shops can also use catchy handle pacakging boxes to grab the attention of little customers. 

Final Words! 

Custom handle boxes are popular because they are user-friendly and have an unconventional style that gives brands a competitive edge over their rival brand. From food products to electronic gadgets and gift packaging a handle-style box is an excellent option for all.