9 Tips: How Successful People Work Less & Get More Done

Working smarter is the key to success not working harder. Here is the proper explanation.

Work smarter not harder for success

You worked hard for that promotion or the success of your start-up. But an acquaintance who worked half as hard has the success that you always dreamed of! Well, that happens in real life. We quite often work hard, only to realize that working smarter and not harder is the key to success.

Working too hard can strip you of your social and personal life, ruin relationships, hamper your creativity and even affect your thought or cognition. So, if your workload is leaving you frantic and stressed, you probably need to think and strategize. After all, in this business world, the most successful approaches are those where people work less but accomplish more.

So, how can you be a super-worker and get more things done without the overburdening stress of working too hard?

Well, you should perhaps learn from successful people and follow their tricks for accomplishing more.

9Know that Productivity Declines

Stanford University’s studies on work-hours and productivity reveals that people who work over 50 hours a week have lower productivity than those who work less. In fact, the productivity declines so sharply that a person could avoid working at all after 55 hours. So, even if you are working 60 or 70 hours a week, your productivity would be the same as someone who worked for 50 hours. Why take that stress of working too much when you can rather spend it doing something else?

8Time to Disconnect

No! Working during the weekends isn’t going to get things done. Worse, it might leave you exhausted for the next time. So, it’s time that you disconnect yourself on the weekend. Remove yourself electronically from Friday evening to Monday morning. This will give you time to rest and charge you for the next week, ensuring that you strategize and implement better.

Of course, you can still keep yourself available and check those emails once a day. In fact, 39-year old Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow and co-founder of Hotwire.com does that! The 39 old father of three uses this time to connect with his children and spend time with the family. He says this helps in alleviating stress.

7Take time to reflect

take a tme to reflect

No entrepreneur can be successful if they don’t take the time to reflect on their past and learn from previous mistakes. Reflection helps in improvement. In fact, you can take a short time off the weekend to contemplate, think of the forces that are shaping your industry and how it can affect your company or the job. Without the distractions of work, it is easy to contemplate and reflect. This will help you design an approach for the next week.

6Minimizing Chores

Of course, you won’t have time to relax or reflect if you have too many chores for the weekend. So, instead of working on that bathroom sink on Saturday, call a plumber and spend that time reflecting or narrating a story to the kids. Chores will not invigorate you, and a restful weekend will.


We know you are super busy. But honestly, you wouldn’t be successful if you are taken ill or look haggard and unfit. Successful people are known to be fit, and they exercise. Even if you aren’t a bright eyed, bushy tailed person in the morning, you can certainly take out time to exercise in the evening. Just 30 minutes a day will work wonders, releasing neurotransmitters like GABA that enhance cognition and thought process.

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4Embark on micro-adventures

You can be successful at work and still have it all! You just need to find and pursue passions or adventures beyond work. For instance, buy a ticket to your favorite concert or just go on a hike with your family or go on a date if you have been single for far too long. And of course, pursue a passion in the line of work as well.

3Wake up at the same time

No, you don’t have to wake at 5:00 am. But that doesn’t mean you can sleep till 11:00 on the weekends. One thing that distinguishes successful people from an average person is the fact that they always wake up at the same time.

They don’t sleep for a few extra hours on the weekend because that could mess with their circadian rhythm on Monday. Similarly, they don’t sleep too less, because that makes them groggy.

2Eat a Healthy Breakfast

We know that you have to rush out of the door and barely have time for coffee or maybe a donut. But that’s neither healthy nor filling. So, you go to the work with unhealthy food and feeling of emptiness in your stomach. That never works well.

In fact, you might end up eating way too much at lunch (because of the hunger) and feel tired or even sleepy for rest of the day. Keep growling stomach at bay and eat a healthier breakfast in the morning. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes extra and keeps you charged throughout the day.

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1Set Priorities

Want to get everything done without burning the midnight oil? Then set your priorities. Before the coming week, you should know where your resources would be used, what your big priorities are and if you are ready to take on challenges. Map a plan, nothing fancy but an idea in your head about how you want to pursue the coming week.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these tricks and you would be successful.

Go! Chase your dreams!