How to Schedule Your Instagram Reels Wisely?

schedule your instagram reels

With nearly 300 million users, Instagram is a popular social media platform with a growing count. However, with its increasing popularity, Instagram is expanding its features and potential to benefit its users. 

In this article, let’s glance through the tips and tricks to schedule and manage your Instagram reels wisely. If you are a passionate Instagram fan striving to become popular, I recommend binge-able videos. Try tutorials or a tips-sharing niche to make your posts attractive.

For instance, if you are planning to share tutorial videos, doing a lot of research is unnecessary. Find the right influencer and save their videos using a free instagram downloader online tool. Observe and recreate the content to make it a smashing success.

1. Fix the Right Time to Post Your Reels

Defining your audience is the first step in trying to be successful on social media. Know your audience. So, to analyze your audience.

  • For example, the niche/category you select plays a vital role in determining your audience. If you are sharing educational videos, students are your target audience. Gen Z and women are your target audience if you share beauty tips.
  • Check out the competitors’ profiles to know their target people and the type of content they share. This will help you understand their audience, and they are your target audience.
  • Geo-targets – If you are running a business in a particular location and want to attract customers in and around that country or place, it is called a location-based target. You can try geo-targeting to reach a specific set of audiences. 

2. Use Appealing and High-Quality Videos

Always try to share content with high definition or high quality. This will attract the viewers, though they are not your target audience. It is an effective way to expand your reach. 

Using low-quality videos may not impress the audience, and you may not be able to reach your targets as you have planned. Share from your camera roll or take videos directly using the Instagram app. There are a lot of filters and effects that you can use on your videos to make them more attractive.

3. Use Appropriate Captions to Your Creatives

Statistics state that “Nearly 85% of Facebook videos are watched without audio or sound,” which is relevant to platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Some of your videos might have lost the audio after a few days of posting. 

It is necessary to add captions to your Instagram posts to help viewers understand better, even without the audio track. There are lots of free instagram caption downloader tools online to help you download relevant captions or use generator tools to generate captions that resonate with your videos. 

4. Pick a Relevant/Popular Audio Track

Using popular songs or audio tracks in your videos will automatically gain traction from the viewers. It can enhance your reach and popularity; people create duets on the videos of their favorite audio tracks. Creating duets or collaborating with influencers increases your chances of reaching more audiences. 

You can use the Instagram audio library to create the videos and publish them to enjoy gaining viewership. Research trendy songs on social media and use them in your post. Adding popular tracks to your posts will help them gain traction promptly. You can even try making lyrical videos, and that can be your niche.

5. Create Interesting/Informative Content

Make a checklist of exciting ideas for creating your content. Create a purpose for your Instagram account and posts. A product launch, new movie release updates, announcements, offers, or discounts are the most exciting news that users look forward to or get excited about. So, if you want to make your account more attractive, then you can try to make it more exciting.

Informative content holds more value and creates curiosity among users. It increases the number of followers for your account quickly by building credibility and gaining more exposure. 

6. Never Forget to Add a Call-To-Action

Include a Call-to-Action button on your posts. This will encourage the users or viewers to react or take action after watching your video. For example, if you want them to subscribe and follow your videos, mention them in the CTA. To make it more attractive, you can add buttons, text, or animation styles to it.

7. Stick On to the Trends With Your Style

If you are clueless about where to start your progress, try using the current trends. Research the trending videos, songs, or dances and hop on to that. Remember, while creating your video using recent trends, try stamping your style. Try something different instead of using the same steps or pattern. 

It’s a Wrap

You can start creating videos on Instagram and sharing them on social media without wasting time. But to understand the process of your content reaching wider audiences is essential. If you want to make your videos go viral and create a sensation, find the right time to post your content. Posting at the right time, at a specific interval, and with attractive concepts will enhance your video’s popularity.