5 Reasons Fort Lauderdale Jet Charters Outshine the Rest

Lauderdale Jet Charters Outshine the Rest

When you are in the Sunshine State of Florida, everything seems just a little bit nicer and more relaxing. However, if you decide to fly commercial on a traditional airliner, your fun and relaxation will come to a quick end. Instead of encountering delays, lousy service, and other passengers who care little about your comfort or safety, why not use a Fort Lauderdale private jet charter? Here are five reasons why they outshine the rest.

You Decide Your Schedule

On a commercial airliner, you have no control over the time the plane takes off and lands. As a result, you are always having to rush to the airport hours before the jet actually takes off just so you can hurry up and wait in long security lines, get your luggage checked in, and cross your fingers that your flight does not get canceled.

Fortunately, this won’t happen with your private jet charter. Instead, you decide your schedule when flying on a private jet. Whether it’s being able to arrive only 10 minutes before your flight and skip those TSA lines or having your pilot stop over at a place along the way to your original destination, you can easily do this on a Fort Lauderdale jet charter.

Gourmet Food or Fast Food

When you fly on a private jet charter to Fort Lauderdale for an important business meeting or a exotic vacation destination, you can decide whether you want to have the finest five-star gourmet food or burgers and fries from your favorite fast-food restaurant on the plane to dine on as you wish. Rather than trying to choke down a few nuts on a commercial airliner and suffering through that piece of cold mystery meat on your plate, fly private and dine in whatever style you desire.

Private and Luxurious Facilities

A private jet cabin is much more luxurious and private than even the finest first-class accommodations on an airliner. Your Fort Lauderdale private jet charter will have you sitting in large leather seats, relaxing on comfortable sofas, and even give you a full-size bed to grab a quick nap during your flight. All this is combined with a spacious bathroom and comes with the finest toilets, showers, baths, and even spa facilities. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about waiting in line for the bathroom since you’ll have the cabin all to yourself throughout your trip.

From Fort Lauderdale to Anywhere

Of all the reasons why Fort Lauderdale private jet charters outshine commercial airliners as well as other private jet charter companies, perhaps the best reason is that you can take off from Fort Lauderdale in your private jet and fly to virtually anywhere in the U.S. or the world. Since your private jet is so much smaller than a large airliner, it can land almost anywhere, even on the most remote landing strips.
Should you want to get away from it all truly or are meeting a business client in an out-of-the-way location, your Fort Lauderdale private jet will be able to land at any of the nearly 6,000 U.S. airports set up for private jet takeoffs and landings.

A Cost That Fits Your Budget

Last but certainly not least, flying on your Fort Lauderdale private jet charter will not bust your budget. In fact, you’ll be amazed at its affordability. Compared to the price of a first-class or business-class ticket on a commercial airliner, you’ll find the price very competitive.

When you start to look at the amenities you’ll be able to have onboard your private jets, such as a customized cabin interior and accommodations for your pets, you’ll begin to see why more and more travelers are leaving behind commercial airlines and instead are opting for the privacy, comfort, and convenience of private jets.

After reading these five reasons why Fort Lauderdale jet charters outshine the rest, it will make your next decision about how to fly very easy. As you compare affordability, comfort, and more, you’ll realize peace of mind will be yours once you’re flying on a Fort Lauderdale private jet.