Best Kitchen Knife in India Recommended By Pro Chefs

Best Kitchen Knife in India– Whether you are a chef or a cook, if Cooking is Mean something to you so here’s the secrete, the most important part of any cooking is your Kitchen Knife. So if you want to make a good relationship with the food, you need to have a good relationship with a knife. So we are here to help you choose the right kitchen knife for you and also we are providing you a list of the best kitchen knife in India, which a famous chef recommends.

Things to know before buy any kitchen knife

Any knife will always have 4 Mazor parts to it that you should know well before buying.

TipA knife’s tip is the most important part and most underrated part of a Kitchen knife. The tip gives you access to the area; otherwise, you can not reach it. Tips need to sharp that provide you the control.
Spine  The back of the blade is known as a spine. A good spine needs flexibility but not too much flexibility; otherwise, you will cut your hand. So always remember good spine neither have a stiff spine nor too much flexibility.
Blade The most important part that you should look at on the Blade edge is even sharping to the least. Like it should look evenly beveled and sharp all across. If you look at the blade from one end to another, it looks the same thickness with the same gradient.
HandleThe Handle shouldn’t be too sticky and shouldn’t be too slippery. The Handle should have a finger guard. These Guards on your knife so that whenever your cooking finger doesn’t slip and come below the blade.

We hope this information will help you buy your Perfect kitchen Knife, and now we will provide you the List of the Best Kitchen Knife in India.

  • Victorinox Swiss Classic Carving Knife, 15 CM
  • Victorinox Swiss Classic Stainless Steel Santoku Knife
  • Victorinox Swiss Classic Carving Knife
  • Victorinox, Swiss Modern Cutlery Block with 6 Knives & 1 Carving Fork
  • Victorinox Stainless Steel “Standard Line” Set of 9 Kitchen Tools in a Wooden Block
  • AmazonBasics Premium Stainless Steel Knife Set with Block, 18-Pieces

Victorinox Swiss Classic Carving Knife, 15 CM

This is a beautiful 15 CM kitchen knife. It has a great grip and balance. The beauty of this knife is straight edge play for all detail-oriented work like peeling, coring. For detail-oriented work, this could be your perfect knife for your kitchen.

The handles of the Swiss Classic Collection are made of Polypropylene and it exhibits good strength, rigidity and hardness. Suitable for sterilisation and can be used at temperatures of up to 80 – 100°C. Victorinox is Best kitchen knife brands in India.

M.R.P.:₹ 2,760.00
Price:₹ 2,556.00
You Save:₹ 204.00 (7%)
Ratings 4.1 Out of 5 with 11 Reviews

Victorinox Swiss Classic Santoku Knife, fluded edge 17 cm

Best kitchen knife Online India

This knife shape is called the santoku shape, which in Japanese means three virtue. So this knife served a purpose of a knife, a clever and a chopper. Second, this knife has a fluted edge. This fluted edge prevents sticking and friction, especially when cutting the delighted thing that’s sticks to your knife like papaya, cheez, jackfruits.

The most amazing thing about this knife that it carried weight with a great balanced. So the balance and the weight of this knife allow us to use it for many purposes. If you are confused about which knife you need to use, then this knife is your answer. Clean cut and minimum wastage that’s the key of this knife.

M.R.P.:₹ 4,190.00
Price:₹ 3,771.00
You Save:₹ 419.00 (10%)
Ratings4.0 Out of 5 with 15 Reviews

Victorinox Swiss Classic Carving Knife, 19 cm

If you want large cuts of meets, large fruits, and effortlessly with absolute precision, this classic carving blade knife is the right choice for you. This knife gives you great balanced and perfect control from the base to the Tip.

The 19 cm high-carbon blade with a Straight edge is wear-resistant and cuts cleanly through all types of food. Made from 100% recycled Martensitic Stainless Steel, all our blades are flexible and less breakable – ensuring long-term durability.  The synthetic handle is slip-resistant and features ergonomic design, shaped for ultimate comfort and usability. 

M.R.P.:₹ 3,000.00
Price:₹ 2,700.00
You Save:₹ 300.00 (10%)
Ratings4.5 Out of 5 with 15 Reviews

Victorinox, Swiss Modern Cutlery Block with 6 Knives & 1 Carving Fork

Best Premium Kitchen Knife set

This premium Kitchen knife set comes with five blades and the fork, made of high carbon stainless, making these knives ultra-sharp. All the knives have great balance and perfect for precise cuts and hold.

The Storage is made of robust beech wood coated with an elegant anthracite lacquer. A small metallic triangle provides additional stability. With Walnut Wood Handle gives you a comfortable grip and slip-resistant and modern touch.

Price:₹ 33,800.00
You Save:₹ 300.00 (10%)
Ratings4.0 Out of 5 with 14 Reviews

Victorinox Stainless Steel “Standard Line” Set of 9 Kitchen Tools in a Wooden Block

Best Premium Kitchen Knife set

This set of 6 kitchen knives comes with one pair of kitchen shears, 1 carving fork, and one domestic blade sharpening tool that forms an all-around team that covers almost all basic needs of your cooking.
These knives are made of 136L surgical grade and rust-free stainless steel, so The blades retain their sharpness for a long period.
The ergonomic design of the polypropylene handles fits perfectly in the curve of your palm. These textured handles are less slippery, offering a comfortable grip that reduces strain on your wrist. This set is perfect for chopping, dicing and slicing, which help you raise your culinary game to the next level.

M.R.P.:₹ 18,990.00
Price:₹ 17,091.00
You Save:₹ 1,899.00 (10%)
Ratings4.2 Out of 5 with 125 Reviews

Victorinox Stainless Steel “Standard Line” Set of 5 Kitchen Tools With Wooden Block is Perfect for Home and Professional Use.

AmazonBasics Premium Stainless Steel Knife Set with Block, 18-Pieces

Best Premium Kitchen Knife set

best kitchen knife online india

The AmazonBasics 18-piece knife set with block provides an inspiring collection of everything needed for slicing, dicing, chopping and more. Whether you’re an experienced chef or just starting out, the set offers a wide range of high-quality cutlery.

It Made from professional-quality stainless steel. Its honed blades provide long-lasting sharpness and reliable cutting performance. Each knife comes equipped with an ergonomically designed handle to help ensure a secure, comfortable grip. This set is Ideal for any busy Kitchen.

₹ 18,990.00₹ 17,091.00
Price:₹ 4,699.00
You Save:₹ 4,296.00 (48%)
Ratings4.5 Out of 5 with 7445 Reviews

Final Words

These are the Best kitchen knife that you need to have in your kitchen. Chef Renveer Brar always says, “Life and knife is about control, balanced and precision“. So Choose your perfect knife and find a perfect balanced in your Cooking.