250+ Mind Blowing Ideas to Celebrate The Day of the Dead Like Never Before

Get Ready To Celebrate The Day of The Dead

day of the dead

Day of the Dead, also known as Dia de los Muertos, is perhaps one of the most unique regional festivals celebrated primarily in Mexico where it is a public holiday. Why unique, you ask? As the name suggests, it the day of the dead where people remember their deceased relatives and friends and celebrate the lives they lived.

Yes, instead of mourning death like many other cultures, Dia de los Muertos celebrates it. After all, death is inevitable and just another side of life!

On this day, people visit the graves of their dead family members and friends. They decorate their graves by making temporary altars called ofrendas. In addition to this ritual, people dress up in unique costumes, crazy makeups, sport designer tattoos, organize parties, and prepare special food. If you are one of those celebrating this festival in Mexico on November 1 and November 2 and looking for ideas to celebrate this day, then you are at the right place.

We bring you an amazing collection of ideas for Day of the Dead- costumes, makeup, tattoos, face paint, home decor, mask, jewelry and lot more. You can find much inspiration from these ideas to make this festival an unforgettable experience for you.

So, do not wait any longer and just dive in this superb and exhaustive collection of everything related to the Day of the Dead:

1. Day of the Dead Costumes

Any celebration of Dia de los Muertos is incomplete without using some crazy eccentric Day of the Dead costumes. The perfect dresses for this festival capture the spirit of celebration amazingly well. After all, it is one of the best festivals of not just Mexico but around many countries. So, get ready to discover some fantastic day of the dead costume ideas which will help you honor your dead in the best way possible.

Here you will find Day of the Dead dresses for everyone- be it plus size costumes, cool DIY costumes, exclusive Dia de Los Muertos costumes for men and women. If you have kids, you can discover dresses for them as well in addition to finding a perfect couple costume for you and your special someone! You will find plenty of ideas for Day of the Dead costumes which will set you apart from other people on this day.

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Some of these dresses may look expensive to you, but you can easily make them at home by using your old clothes. You just need to be bit creative and experiment with various dresses to create the perfect look on the day of this festival. Therefore, do not wait any further and start browsing through this amazing collection of Dia de los Muertos costume ideas.

2. Day of the Dead Makeup Ideas

Compliment your special costumes with these stunning yet easy Day of the Dead makeup ideas. Honestly, without Day of the Dead makeup, you won’t be able to get into the spirit of this festival of the dead. Even if you decorate only your half face, you will find many makeup looks for the half face as well. Of course, Dia de los Muertos is incomplete without sugar skulls and one of the most popular Day of the Dead makeup ideas is that of a sugar skull makeup. You will discover plenty of ways to sport a sugar skull on your face. In addition to this, you will also find fresh inspiration for Day of the Dead face paint which you can use in face paint competitions. You can find simple makeup inspiration for both males and females. So, what are you waiting for? Just grab your Day of the Dead makeup kit and start exploring these awesome makeup ideas for Dia de los Muertos. Choose the best makeup for Day of the Dead and flaunt your sweet yet spooky look in holidays!

3. Day of the Dead Tattoos

Who does not love those dark, cool tattoos on their body? Moreover, when you are talking about the Day of the Dead festival, then you must have at least one or two tattoo designs on your body to commemorate your deceased family members and friends. In this fantastic collection of the Best Day of the Dead tattoos, you can even find temporary tattoos which you can remove later if you do not intend to have a permanent tattoo.

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In addition to temporary tattoos, you can easily find special Dia de los Muertos tattoos for guys and girls both. Among these patterns, the traditional symbol of this festival, sugar skulls are the most popular among people.

The dead skull tattoos not only capture the spirit of Dia de los Muertos in an ideal manner but also look insanely cool. Especially, when you sport a dead skull on your Day of the Dead sleeve tattoos, you are guaranteed to have a unique look on this day. So, just go through these cool tattoo ideas for Day of the Dead and choose the best one to have this year!

4. Day of the Dead Face Paint

You cannot ignore the face paint technique to dress up for the Day of the Dead. Face paint is not only easy to make but also look fantastic to celebrate the lives of dead people. If you are feeling short of awesome Day of the Dead face paint ideas, then this amazing collection will definitely help you out. You will discover plenty of ideas such as face paint for males, half face paint, traditional skull face paint, and many others. These face paints can also be used as Day of the Dead face tattoos which are extremely popular among people in Mexico. Moreover, these face tattoos also look incredibly cool and can enhance your weird look on this day. Although you may find the skull face paint the most common method used by the people, these unique face paint ideas for Dia de los Muertos will surely impart you a distinctive look on the Day of the Dead. So, start exploring these face paint ideas and get ready with your face paint kit to celebrate this day like never before.

5. Day of the Dead Artwork

It is time to put your artist cap on your head and look at some of the most beautiful ideas for Day of the Dead artwork. You will find many traditional as well as modern designs of art prints, wall art, and special day of the dead art projects in this collection. You can use these particular Dia De Los Muertos art projects for school activities and art competitions. Of course, you will also discover fantastic Day of the Dead paintings which involve drawings of sugar skull art, skeleton art, and candy skull art. You can use these ideas not only to satisfy your inner artist while paying respect to the deceased but also to decorate altars, homes, workplaces, bedrooms, and other places. Sugar skull art is the most famous artwork on the festival of Dia De Los Muertos. Interestingly, sugar skulls of Mexico are not made scary looking like in other parts of the world. This festival is about the celebration of the life which the dead lived instead of mourning their death. There cannot be a better way to celebrate this beautiful idea than making stunning sugar skull paintings and artwork. Do not wait any longer and choose the best artwork for Day of the Dead from this excellent collection!

6. Day of the Dead Decorations

Do not limit yourself while decorating the graves of your loved ones who are no more in this world. These ideas for Day of the Dead decorations will inspire you to decorate your homes as well as altars using creative ways. Whether you want unique Day of the Dead home decor ideas or traditional sugar skull decorations, you will find plenty of designs among these particular Dia De Los Muertos decoration ideas.

These ideas are also useful for decorating private altars called ofrendas over the graves of your loved ones.You can also discover various outdoor decorations for this special day so that you can decorate the backyards, rooftops, gardens, and other areas outside your homes. If you do not want to spend a hefty amount on decorations, you can also try Day of the Dead DIY home decor projects.

Sugar skull designs, of course, will remain a favorite of this festival, but you can dare to be different from others and explore other ideas as well. Additionally, you will also discover some beautiful Day of the Dead party ideas which will take your party to an altogether different level. So, just get started exploring these splendid decoration ideas to celebrate the Day of the Dead in style.

7. Day of the Dead Mask

Put on different masks on the Day of the Dead to celebrate it in style. If you are looking for unique skull designs and masks, then this is the ideal place as you can find a vast collection of masks and skull designs. Interestingly, the Day of the Dead mask history goes back 3000 years ago when tribals of Mexico used to make wooden masks and celebrate the life of their deceased relatives.

This makes it even more customary to use masks and sugar skulls on this day. Here in this collection, you will discover special Day of the Dead masks such James Bond mask or the mask they used in Spectre. The possibilities are really endless if you want to experiment with different skull masks. You can even choose a Day of the Dead half mask which may not cover your whole face but will ensure that you look the best on Dia De Los Muertos.

If you cannot find masks for sale, you can even make some of these masks at home by using face painting. These Dia De Los Muertos masks are really simple to make and will also give you a different look than others who bought masks from the market. You can even use the following masks as a beginner template and make your own Day of the Dead masks. All you need is bit creativity and willingness to experiment with your look on the day of this festival.

8. Day of the Dead Jewelry

Day of the Dead jewelry may not be that common like sugar skull masks or costumes. However, they can enhance your look on the festival as useful accessories. You can have plenty of jewelry items specially made for the occasion such as Day of the Dead earrings, bracelet, necklace, skull rings, and many other items.

Most of these jewelry pieces will contain the symbolic image of the skull in different designs and colors. In addition to it, you may also have exclusive Day of the Dead accessories such as key rings or handbags with skull images in your jewelry box for Dia De los Muertos.

You are guaranteed to have a great celebration of this special day by using many ideas from the above list. Be it the crazy skull tattoos or unique Day of the Dead costumes, the above collection of ideas will surely inspire you to have the most enjoyable festival! Share this collection with maximum people and have a great time honoring the dead!