17 Reasons Why Gym Buddies Are Your Best Friends

Proved reasons, why gym buddy is your best friend forever.

gym buddies are best buddies ever

Gym Buddies – ‘Sweat Together- Stay together,’ is the newest mantra of the present generation. The gym has now become a regular part of our life. However, working out on a regular basis, whether you plan to stay fit or lose weight can be quite difficult. In fact, it’s easier said than done.

And for most of us, it all about postponing till tomorrow, or doing exercises sporadically and having those ‘cheat meals’ throughout the week! But having gym buddies can turn your life around. Gym friends are friends a lifetime. And having them is all the motivation you need. So, stop making gym excuses and start making more friends.

Here are 17 reasons why gym buddies are your best buddies!

1You Have Seen Absolute Worst of Each Other

You wouldn’t meet your regular friends in sweatpants with actual sweat marks. However, gym friends have seen you at your worst! They are concerned about those sweaty armpits, those rough and tangled hair or that smell from your feet (but maybe, you should wash your feet!).

2You Have the Support

And no, we are not talking about the knee supporters you are wearing. We are discussing the emotional support you receive from your gym friends. Had a breakup? They will help you get that revenge bod! Can’t lift more? They will motivate you to lift a little harder! And that’s what you need- a little reinforcement.

3You are High! (on endorphins)

You might find friends who will get high on drugs with you! But that’s neither unhealthy nor good for your pocket. Plus, those are likely to be fake friends. That’s quite different from having friends at the gym, who get high with you on endorphins, who have the same adrenaline rush as you! And that’s a good thing.

4They Make You Day Better

Exercising makes us feel better. And if you are having a bad day, going to the gym and meeting your friends will suddenly make it a good one.

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5You Get to Socialize!

You may not like exercising or going to the gym. But gym friends make it all worth it because you get to socialize and meet new people, without dressing up, going to the club or spending dollars on a drink!

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6Gym Buddies Always Gossiping and Ummm… Bitching!

Do you hate the workout? Bitch about it! Have a new crush at the office? Gossip about it!

7Fail Without A Worry

Can’t lift 100 pounds? Don’t worry! Your gym friends aren’t going to judge you. And no, you won’t look stupid.

8Shopping! Lots of Shopping!

When you go to the gym regularly you, need more clothes- t-shirts, sports bras, sweatpants, personal trainers, etc. etc. And you can start up your fitness wardrobe with your best buddies at the gym. So, reward yourself with a shopping trip.

9They Make it Bearable

For many people, going to the gym can be quite annoying. However, gym friends, with all their fun and gossips make it more bearable. In fact, in a few weeks you will look forward to it.

10Cheat Days with Friend

Many people might not understand your fitness motivation, and they may not know your idea of a cheat day. But your gym friend does. And you get to spend cheat days together!

11Talk About Food

Seriously! If you are eating bland food or been having healthy, not-so-tasty meals, you need someone to talk! And there’s no one better than your gym buddy. After all, they are going through the same.

12Those True Compliments

They see you transform, and they shower you with those genuine compliments and heartfelt appreciation.

13You Are Not Offended by Their Feedback

If your acquaintance told you that your arms look a little squishy, you might be offended. But a gym buddy saying it to you would be motivating, as they will encourage you to lose those squishy arms and transform them into toned triceps!

14Healthy Competition

They motivate you to work your ass off (quite literally). Otherwise, you won’t get that bum!

15Gym Buddies Try New Things

Haven’t tried Zumba or kickboxing? Well, you can try it- love it or hate it with your new workout buddy.

16Laugh Off!

When you make mistakes at the gym or screw up at the class, you have someone who will laughs with you instead of laughing at you!

17They Will Force You to Get Out of Bed

You won’t probably leave the bed and may become a couch potato if it wasn’t for them. And you do the same if it’s your friend at the other end!
Oh! We know you want to call your friend right now.

So, go ahead! Schedule your next workout!

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