Gym Excuses

Gym excuses and their solutions – We all love to look good and stay fit. However, fitness and body shape cannot be achieved in just one day. It is the result of many regular hours that we spend on our workout schedules. It is surprisingly true that many of us are aware of this fact but still keep on ignoring the same.

We start giving stupid gym excuses. Are you among the ones who always make some workout excuses? If yes, read about some common excuses for not exercising and get to know their relevant solutions too.

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1I Don’t Have Time

The most common excuse in the list of workout excuses is the lack of time. Many people say that they do not get time to go to the gym. According to them, they are so busy that they can’t take out time for their health!

Suggested Solution – Whenever you give this excuse, ask yourself that who would get the maximum benefit of going to the gym or by following a workout schedule? Naturally, it’s only YOU who would be at the maximum advantage! So can’t you take out time for your sake? Sure you can!

2We want to Start from that ‘Special’ Day!

This is another typical gym excuse. We want to get into exercising, but we keep on waiting for the right day and the right moment. Sometimes, we say that we want to start on Sunday, or sometimes we want to start exercising with the commencement of the new month. However, the truth is that Special Day never arrives until we want it to!

Suggested Solution – There is no specific day to join a gym or to begin the workout. On the contrary, you can get an ordinary day special by deciding firmly to follow a regular exercise schedule. The sooner, the better! Just make up your mind for the workout and start doing it as soon as possible.

3I have a Date

I have a Date, Gym excuses

Again, a dumb reason for not exercising but it is a common one! You say that you have a date, and that’s the reason you have to skip your gym session!

Suggested Solution – Why don’t you go on a date at some other time that does not disturb your gym routine? Moreover, also, remember that if you keep on missing your gym sessions with this only excuse, then it might also create a bad impression on your dating partner.

4I don’t Like this Weather

Sometimes we do not like hot weather, and sometimes we hate winters. Sometimes, it’s rain that stops us from working out and sometimes, it’s snowfall that creates hurdles in our exercise! You do not want to work out because you do not like the weather, and that’s another perfect exercise excuse!

Suggested Solution – Please try to think logically that how can snowfall, rain, heat or cold can stop you from your fitness routine? Do you stop eating because you do not like a particular weather? Of course, no! So how can you compromise on your gym session because of the weather outside? Think logically and try to change your attitude!

5I Might Hurt Myself if I Start Exercising Now

So you think that you are not well to begin an exercise routine. You feel very inferior or weak whenever you think about going to the gym. You even believe that if you force yourself for a workout, you might hurt yourself!

Suggested Solution – If you think so, let your doctor decide that whether you are fit to exercise or not! So go to a physician and get yourself checked through a proper examination. If your doctor shows green signal to go, start exercising from the very next day.

6I Had to Work Late at Office

You say that you were working till late night, and that’s the reason you can’t exercise. You also add up that, this happens most of the time, and therefore, you can’t get regular at your gym.

Suggested Solution – Try to find out few people at your office who are facing the same problem of working late at night in the office but they are still able to catch up to the gym. If you get succeed in finding such people, you will also get manage to knowing the secret of how to continue with gym routine even after working late at night!

7I Can’t have a Good Gym Session without a Pre-Workout Supplement

So you need a special pre-diet or drink for the workout, and you can’t do without that. You are skipping gym sessions because you do not get a proper diet of pre-workouts.

Suggested Solution – Not every exercise requires a special pre-diet or drink. You may even run to stay young or can only go for jogging too. A refreshing fruit juice is also enough to replenish the minerals that get lost through sweating in running or jogging.

8I Don’t’ Have the Right Gear to Start Up at the Gym

We always look for excuses for not going to the gym. So this is another workout excuse where people complaint that they do not have the right type of things to begin exercising.

Suggested Solution – Just ask yourself that does every exercise require some special gear? Can’t you start with simple exercises like running, jogging, stretching, skipping or even aerobics? I think, you know the right answer!

9I Don’t Have Any Inspiration to Begin Workout

gym excuses nothing will work untill you fix

I have seen people who say that they need inspiration for going to the gym or for beginning to exercise. These people say that they can’t go to the gym if they do not have any inspiration.

Suggested Solution – You are your inspiration. Yes! At the very first mentioning of this fact, you may try to ignore it. But that’s true. No one can inspire you more than yourself only! You have to motivate yourself for good health. Fitness and healthy life!

10Exercising is So Boring

You must have heard people saying that exercising is boring. These people say that workout routines become very dull in few days. So is there a solution for this excuse?

Suggested Solution – Of course! There is a solution and that too very easy! Make your workout schedule interesting by playing some catchy music in the atmosphere. The fast beats will keep you going on for hours and will not let you feel dull.

11I Have Got Many Responsibilities

Do you make the excuse of ‘responsibilities’ for not doing exercise? Do you say that you have to look after the children or got to finish much important work, and the list goes on!

Suggested Solution – Take it this way! No one in this world is free of responsibilities. Everyone has got to fulfill some duty or the other, and so you are not alone. Fix a time for performing your duties so that you get time for the workout too.

12I Can’t Afford the Gym Fee

I Can’t Afford the Gym Fee, Gym excuses

Many people even a complaint that they do not go to the gym because they are unable to fulfill the gym’s high fee criterion.

Suggested Solution – It is not necessary that you join a gym for doing exercise. You can even start exercising at home. If you make practice, a regular part of your lifestyle, you will surely observe its benefits. Such healthy lifestyle changes boost your mental health too along with the physical health.

13I Feel Shy in Front of other People

Do you feel shy with other people in the gym? Do you feel a little inferior when you look at ‘shapely’ people at the gym? Is this the reason you do not want to go there?

Suggested Solution – Stop thinking like that because the ‘fit’ people you see there have been following a regular exercise schedule for a long time. If you also exercise regularly, you will see a positive change in yourself. So there is nothing to feel shy about your present body state.

14I Can’t Miss My Favorite TV Show

So you have your favorite television show that gets on air at the same time of your workout? Moreover, you do not want to miss it!

Suggested Solution – If this happens frequently, you need to adjust your timings so that you do not miss either your workout or your television show.

15I Am Unable To Follow Workout Schedule Regularly

I Am Unable To Follow Workout Schedule Regularly, gym excuses

I start exercising; I continue that for few days and then skip it for another few days! Is this the case with you?

Suggested Solution – You need a firm determination. Think about your goals. Keep a positive attitude. Try to observe the positive changes in your body. This will help you stay regular in your exercise routine.

The bottom line is that you do exercise for the right of your body. No one else but you can take care of your body in the best way. So it is time to stop making any gym excuses and focus on your health and fitness routine!

Also, do let us know that how you inspire yourself for the workout!

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