13 Beauty Habits You Must Follow Before Bedtime For Your Skin

To Keep Your Skin Glowing & Young, Follow These Bedtime Habits.

bedtime beauty tips

Bedtime Beauty Tips For Your Skin – Is your usual bedtime routine something like this- You come home, prepare dinner, draw a bath (sometimes), have food, talk to your spouse or family, change outfit, check the doors, slather some lotion and doze off to sleep?

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If your reply is a yes, then your bedtime routine needs to change! Sleep is the time when your body heals itself, repairs the cells, reduces the impact of pollution, environment and sun on your skin while giving it an opportunity to invigorate itself.

So, simply washing your face or putting on some moisturizer won’t help reveal your inner beauty! Instead, you need to follow a bedtime routine that can boost collagen production of your skin, retain its beauty, while making you look younger!

Moreover, you shouldn’t be waiting for the first signs of aging or wrinkles to jumpstart your routine. Simply give few minutes to your skin and try these beauty hacks that produce noticeable effects in just a few days!

Remove Makeup

We know you get extremely tired by the time you come back home. Your energy is drained, and you don’t feel like removing makeup. While it may seem convenient- to simply let the makeup rest on your skin and wash it in the morning, you shouldn’t be doing that. Your skin heals and repairs itself in the night.

It is during this time that your pores open up. However, if there’s a layer of pancake foundation, mascara or blush on the skin, the pores will get clogged, won’t get any air! This will prevent skin repairing. In fact, it can cause acne breakouts. You can use coconut oil for removing makeup or try a cosmetic remover for makeup.

Put your hair Back Loosely

Those elegant hairstyles are great when you go to work or college. However, they aren’t right when you doze off to sleep. Instead, you should be putting your hair back loosely. Using a small elastic band to secure a loose bun or keep the hair in a braid is an excellent way to protect those locks during the night.

Tight hairstyles can result in hair fall and receding hairline if you wear them to the bed! You can even put your favorite hair oil once or twice a week to nourish your hair through the night.

Purifying masks

No need to go to expensive parlors and salons for rejuvenating your skin when you can do it right at home. Try purifying masks as a bedtime ritual every once or twice in the week for a beautiful skin. You can use homemade masks for facial acne, pimples, dull and dry skin or other issues.

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Warm Bath

Drawing a bath is great for better sleep. When you are endlessly tired, having a bath an hour before sleep can aid in better sleep and consequently better skin. You can try the warm and cozy bath, use bath salts at night or simply use some scented shower gel that will soothe your mind and body.

Use Toner

Before going off to bed, always use a toner- whether cosmetic or natural. Toner will help in balancing skin’s pH levels, will reduce the appearance of larger pores and protect your skin against bacteria, dust or other impurities. Use anything from rose water or other moisturizing toners available in the market.

Apply Eye Cream

Are you fed up of dark circles? Do you know that the earliest sign of wrinkles is often seen near the eyes? Avoid dark, puffed skin and crow’s feet by applying eye cream every day.

It will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give your skin a brighter look throughout the day. Opt for lightweight eye brightening and moisturizing creams.

Brush Your Teeth

Brushing and flossing your teeth just before you go to sleep is a great way to have the beautiful smile throughout the day. Brush about 30 minutes after having your last meal. This will protect your mouth from germs, cavities, and infections. You can even use the oil pulling method to protect your dental health.

Use Two Pillows

In an attempt to avoid wrinkles, most women use only one pillow or no pillow at all. However, that is actually bad for your skin’s beauty. You should sleep with at least two pillows at night. The logic is that two pillows assist in blood flow and increase circulation throughout the night. They help in avoiding fluids that gather around the eyes and provides more stable base for your neck.

Use Silk Pillow Covers

Of course, having two pillows is great, but you should consider using silk pillow covers if you are concerned about getting fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of old cotton or linen, try silk or satin pillows that will reduce hair damage and promote better skin.

Soften your feet with Petroleum Jelly

We walk throughout the day in those uncomfortable shoes. So, at night, we must aim to give our feet some time to relax. Reduce lines on the feet or cracks on the heels by moisturizing the feet with petroleum jelly every night. Petroleum jelly locks the moisture inside and promotes healing of cracked and chapped skin on the feet.

Apply Moisturizer

A lot of us wash our face after coming back home. However, most of us don’t bother to wash our face before bedtime. Well, you should include this in your routine. Wash your face before going to the bed and apply moisturizer to the skin. This will help in locking moisture in the skin and protect the growth of collagen and new skin cells.

Use Hand Lotion

Just before you hop into the bed, apply some hand lotion. After all, excessive hand washing and regular bathing can be harsh on your palms and skin.

Switch on the Humidifier

The last thing you want to do before sleeping is to turn on a humidifier. A humidifier can promote healthier air in the room, moisturize your skin and will protect you against infections.

So, go ahead and try these simple nighttime activities for beauty sleep. They don’t take much time but provide some beauty benefits.

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