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How to become Smarter – take a look

Once upon a time, it was widely established that people are born with a certain level of intelligence. However, over the years, psychologists have concluded that intelligence or smartness has a nature-nurture relationship.

This means that while all of us have the absolute level of knowledge bestowed on us, it is the way we foster or nurture our mind that determines our actual smartness. So, we can all increase our potential and get smarter.

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And no! You don’t have to go from pillar to post, or have weird habits to become more intelligent. After all, there are so many simple things that make you smarter or can make you smarter!

This includes hobbies. Hobbies just aren’t a way to de-stress yourself or find something interesting to do in your spare time. Hobbies are also a reflection of our personality, and they go beyond relaxation or entertainment. Our pastimes, including reading, writing, playing a musical instrument or even hiking can make us smarter.


By giving us an opportunity to learn. When you practice a hobby, you create new neural pathways, which transmit information faster. At the same time, you acquire new skills. This, in conjunction with your current knowledge, helps your mind work better, incidentally making you a smarter, more intelligent person.

So, how to become smarter? Following hobbies are scientifically proven to make you smarter. Check them out!

1. Playing a musical instrument

Playing a musical instrument to be smarter

You don’t have to be Mozart to be smart. You just need to learn an instrument. Any instrument for that matter- from piano to a guitar or a violin. Playing music helps you appreciate different perspectives.

You not only learn how the chords work, how music is created or what kind of theme works for a genre, but you also develop creatively. So then, there are much fine motor skills involved in the process.

Playing a musical instrument will strengthen corpus callosum links in the brain. Playing a musical instrument works as a memory booster. It also enhances executive function and allows you to find more creative solutions.

2. Exercising

Exercise to be smart

Over the years, exercising has to develop as a hobby. More and more people now enjoy the rush and rejuvenating effects of cardio or strength training. Exercise works as an antidepressant and in turn, serves as one of the things to make you smarter.

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The rush or the ‘high’ you feel after the exercise elevates your mood and keeps you attentive all day long.

It also releases brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF. This is a protein that provides some cognitive benefits. It is also responsible for strengthening your long-term memory. So, with some amount of exercise, you will be smarter, look better and feel euphoric!

3. Playing Video Games

play video games to be smart

Yes! You have a reason to tell your mom or wife, why you should be playing video games more often. Video games may have a poor reputation, but the right kind of games (with little violence and options for strategizing) can be brain games- firing those neurons and helping relay the information faster.

They make you smarter by developing working memory. At the same time, video games can improve spatial and strategic planning. Plus, they also influence your motor performance while increasing grey matter in the brain.

It improves your memory. So, if you are looking for ways to get smarter, you might want to try playing video games about 60 minutes every week.

4. Reading

Reading a book

Okay! It is already known that reading makes you more intelligent, supports the development of perception and creativity. It gives you greater imagination power. And it doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you read regularly.

It helps in solving life’s major problems- whether personal or professional because your perception is stronger through reading between the lines.

It also helps you navigate better, giving you the opportunity to interpret situations correctly and respond to other people in a more intuitive manner. Now, that’s being smart! Here are many thing that you should do for better future, “reading” is one of them.

5. Learning a New Language

Learning a New Language to be smart

Learning French won’t just help you communicate with strangers in a different country. It will also help you to be smart. Plus, it is not just true for French, it is for every language. Learning a language can slow brain ageing and improve brain’s executive function, which will help you perform demanding tasks in a better manner. And if you are a business owner then you should know top business languages.

Research suggests that bilinguals and multilingual are better at puzzles, task management, and business management and planning because their minds can easily switch between tasks.

6. Playing Puzzles or Doing Sudoku

to be smart play puzzle games

There’s a reason puzzles, crosswords and Sudoku are practically present in every single newspaper- they strengthen your brain. Playing puzzles is like doing a targeted exercise that affects your muscles.

It will make you a better problem solver, allow you to strategize better and even help remember new things. Puzzles open your horizon and give you the opportunity to absorb any information around you.

7. Writing

start writing to become smart

Just like reading, writing is also an excellent hobby and one of the things that make you smarter. People who write, whether in a journal or just fiction tend to be smarter. Their creativity and imagination help them soar while improving communication and enhancing linguistic skills.

People who write their feelings, in particular, are better intrapersonal knowledge, which means that they are more in sync with themselves. This allows them to perform their tasks better. Writers often have a high level of intelligence. So, go ahead and express yourself.

8. Travelling

Travel and get smart

Traveling is a great physical-mental workout. It not only broadens your horizons and rejuvenates your spirit, but it also helps you become more observant and smart. It deepens your understanding of subjects, gives you the opportunity to meet new people, and you encounter different ideas. When combined, all these factors help you become a smarter person, especially if you apply the learnings from a journey in real-life.

9. Sleeping

sleep well to imporve your mental health

You certainly need 6 hours of sleep regularly. But if your hobby is sleeping an extra hour or two, don’t worry! Even your hobby can help you be smarter. How? Sleeping will help refresh your brain and therefore when you start working again; your brain will make newer connections. A refreshed mind will even ensure that you absorb new information correctly and without a hassle.

So, what’s your hobby? Does your hobby give you new ideas to be smarter?

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