Things to do for better future

Often, people say that you should live in the present, neither your past nor the future. However, while living ‘today,’ you cannot sacrifice your ‘tomorrow!’ You have to take different steps, do a few vital things to end up at a place where you want to do. No, this is not a difficult thing to do. The only thing you need is confidence- confidence that you can seize today, enjoy life and reap the rewards of a better tomorrow.

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Enjoy Solitude- You cannot always socialize. So while solitude seems bad, it is a part of life. So, learn to be on your own and be okay with it. You will be happier. Plus, you will have a ton of time to think or reflect!

Invest in yourself- Investing in relationships is good. However, you have to invest in yourself as well. Agree to take some time that is just for yourself. It is just like solitude, except that you consciously make the decision to have time dedicated to ‘you.’

Know who you are- This is crucial. Your identity should not just be outlined by your career. Don’t be defined by your profession. Instead, know the real you, beyond the careers. That way when you retire, you will not lose your sense of self and have more stability.

Practice being ‘you’- Seriously! A lot of us keep in acting in ways we think is beneficial for us. Moreover, before we know it, no one has an idea of who we are. Strive to be the person you are and endeavor to be the person you want to become in the future.

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Practice your values- In future, you are probably going to look back and think about the values you had when you were younger. Make sure that there aren’t any regrets when you do look back. Know your values and practice them. So, if you value kindness, be kind. Don’t procrastinate on it.

Fall in love: with yourself- You have to fall in love with yourself before you fall in love with someone else. Don’t use your relationships as a distraction from what you are feeling. Don’t think that love will solve all your problems. Instead, fall in love with yourself. Then, you will have healthier relationships.

Body as Barometer- When something is not right, your body will react. So, if you have a chronic back pain, indigestion or something else that’s not necessarily defined by a physical illness, take a step back and reflect. Your body is like a barometer; it will tell you if it feels stressed, anxious or depressed. Listen to those clues.

Find a ‘fitting’ job- You do not buy random clothes and then shrink or gain weight to fit into it. Right? So, why to fit yourself into a job. Rather, find a job that will fit you. You are going to follow a profession for years. You do not want your future self to be haggard, stressed and unfit because you tried to fit in a job that wasn’t meant for you!

Cook Something- Your future self will hate you for those endless take-outs that caused the weight to pile on. So, learn to cook something. Make some healthy, actual food (even if you can only learn a dish or two).

Keep Friends Close- When you look back, make sure that you have some memories to cherish with your friends. Know who your real friends are. Moreover, instead of having a larger social circle of fake friends, have a few good friends and keep them close.

Take care of your body- 20 years from now, you do not want to be suffering from endless disorders or lifestyle diseases. So, start taking care of your body. Be healthy. Sit less. Walk more. Take the stairs.

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Integrate Physical Activity- It might seem tough. You may not have enough time. However, try integrating physical activity into your life. It will boost your physical and emotional health. 10 years from now, your future self will thank you for its fitter, healthier body!

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Don’t let others define success- You are young. Probably in your 20s. Some people will be telling you what ‘success’ is. Moreover, before you know it, you will be chasing their definition of success. Now, don’t do that! Don’t let them define success. Don’t let others dictate. Figure out what you want from life. Your future self will be thankful.

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Embark on an adventure- So, you thought that will keep that trip postponed for a few years. Well, don’t! You will always have small savings, and the money will not ever seem enough. So, challenge yourself with a trip. Embark on an adventure. Go for a cycle tour, hitch hike or trek! Climb mountains if that is what you want.

Reflect- Taking a daily inventory of your feelings is a beautiful idea. It will help you deal with your emotions. So, make a regular habit of checking in with yourself (it is as easy as checking in on your social media account). You would learn what makes you feel nervous, depressed or calm.

Set Flexible Goals- It is good to set goals when you are in your 20s. However, your future self would be all sad if you do not achieve them. So, set goals, but make sure that you are flexible about the path and timing of achieving them. This way, you would not risk dissatisfaction.

Invest in connections- No! It is not about your Facebook or LinkedIn connections. It is about real relationships, the ones you have with your friends and family. Invest in those connections.

Declutter your life- You might not have time to change the bedsheets or remove those bags that have been kept on the floor for years. However, declutter them! That is critical. Those clothes kept on the chair will define your cluttered life. So, don’t let that happen!

Let Go- Sometimes, you have to understand that a few things are beyond your control. So, there’s no point in worrying about different things. Rather, you should learn to let go. You will be happy with what life will bring you!

Read a Book- You might find it annoying at first. After all, reading is an art that’s slowly degenerating from the society. However, give it a try. Follow it for about a month and it will become an excellent habit that your future self would love.

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Find a hobby- And no! That does not involve watching dog-cat-baby videos online! Find a hobby, like playing an instrument, manufacturing something or pottery and try to become super-good at it. Your future self will love how you went beyond your job and responsibilities to become more talented.

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Don’t waste time- It is easy to procrastinate, and it is even easier to find excuses for the things you were able to do. However, stop wasting your time! You have 24 hours in a day, and that is large enough to sleep well, to work better, to invest in relationships, to exercise and to grow as an individual.

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Schedule Priorities- Now, that is very important if you want to be highly successful and effective in the future. Schedule your priorities and learn how they can help you reach your goals. That future self will be thankful if you seize the day!

Everything is connected- It might seem weird, or even a cliché, but everything in your life is connected. So, professional and personal lives are not really apart. Moreover, they both influence each other. So, for instance, if you are in a toxic relationship, it will adversely affect your health and will even lead to professional problems. So, understand that everything is connected and find solutions to your problems accordingly.

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Make Conscious Choices- Life can be completely random. However, how you react doesn’t have to be random. So, make conscious decisions and choices, even in the face of adversity. Think about your choice and its repercussions and you will have lesser decisions to regret.

Seek Forward- Of course, you cannot be living in your past. So, seek forward. Learn from your mistakes and march ahead. Remember; you should never, ever stop learning. However, you should not dwell in the past either.

Embrace Change- Now, that is important. You would not always get what you want. Moreover, life is going to throw some changes for you. Sometimes, you would have to make changes to define a better future. So, embrace the change. Get out of that misfit job, become a part, get married or do whatever you want to bring change.

Create Good Habits- Apply some discipline to your life. Learn good habits, whether it is something as simple as brushing your teeth twice a day to something as difficult as eating healthy throughout the day.

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Write a Letter- Think of the problems you are facing currently. Think about what you want your future self to know. Moreover, then write it in a letter. Your future self will be in gratitude for the message that you share today. Read this letter five or even ten years later.

Be nicer- Learn to handle people correctly. Appreciate and admire them. The way you manage and communicate with people will design your future.

Give and Get Help- Humans are supposed to help each other. They are expected to interact through altruism. So, help other people. You are in for a surprise. It will make you feel so good. Meanwhile, if there is some place where you are lacking or need help, then ask for it. Don’t be full of ego.

Improve communication- Good and clean communicate is a very good idea. It will help you save time and energy. So, improve on those communication skills. Half of your problems will be solved.

Disconnect- Plug off your phone, leave it aside. Disconnect from technology every day. There’s no need to see your emails as soon as you open your eyes in the morning! So, unplug and discover the whole world out there!

A Fresh Start- When things go too wrong, you might want to make a fresh start. No, fresh start does not mean taking an altered personality and living a new life. It only means that you change something that’s bothering you and reverse the plot.

Smile More- You have a beautiful face, and it will look even better when you smile more. So, walk outside and smile at things. Alternatively, just have a smiling face. People will love you more! Moreover, you will feel great. And there are so many social benefits of smiling.

So, take charge. Life is beautiful. Love it. Live it!

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