These 3 Decisions will Improve Your Quality of Life

Make these decision asap if you want to improve the quality of life.

How to improve the Quality of Life

How to improve the Quality of Life? Here is the answer.

We have all heard that story about a rich man who has every comfort in the world, but experiences profound sadness and seems to be perennially angry for just about everything. You might assume money as the root cause of this person’s emotional exhaustion.

However, in reality, it’s their unbalanced life, a lack of appreciation for what they have that’s ruined their quality of life. After all, what’s the point of achieving something in life if you don’t have gratitude or know its importance?

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The truth is, whether you are the President, or an owner of a small business, a CEO of a large conglomerate or an employee with a multinational, you need to take consciously a few financial decisions that can change the course and quality of your life. These simple decisions will improve your financial state and save precious quality time.

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Decision 1: Focus!

It sounds simple! Right? Well, it’s not so simple. When millions of things are competing for your attention, focusing on something can seem impossible. But you have to decide and carefully choose what to focus.

You can concentrate on the present, understand what’s happening here and now or you can focus on creating a better future. Worse, you can dwell on the things bygone! Focus will determine your energy flow, which in turn will shape your entire life, for better or worse.

Most people, consciously or unconsciously, tend to focus on what they don’t have, begrudging those who do. So, instead of unbalancing your life because of what you have missed upon, you should focus and be grateful for things you have- your family, health, friends, opportunities and your mind!

Appreciation will increase your level of emotional well-being, making you strong enough to accumulate wealth. Happiness, joy and fulfilment are the keys to making the right financial decisions.

So, instead of focusing on what you can’t control (which is a source of stress), adopt a pattern of focusing on what you have and what you can achieve!

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Decision 2: Finding a Meaning

You want a better financial life. Don’t you? But, how can you expect better financial decisions if you don’t even know the meaning and reason for every step you make? You got to figure out, ‘What does this all mean?’ That will not just shape your financial decisions; it will shape your quality of life!

Your unconscious mind is a reservoir of desires, emotions and feelings. And it consistently assigns meaning to different life events, whether it’s something as simple as your car breaking down or something as complex as a friend confronting you.

Each situation or event gets a new meaning and in long run controls the quality of life that you are living.

If you focus on what you have instead of what you can’t, and you assign meaning or emotions to life events consciously, the chances are that you will find a stronger reason to live.

That’s what will bring a significant change in your quality of life. In fact, taking the first two decisions alone will alter your body’s biochemistry for better in just minutes!

So, assign meaning to control emotions. Choose wisely and consciously! Giving meaning to events, an idea adapted from Tony Robbin’s Money: Master the Game, will help you take charge of your life instead of resigning yourself to different emotions.

3 what will i do

Decision 3: ‘What will I do?’

We all know that humans behave uniquely to a same/similar situations. So, if someone is angry, they may pull back or push through. In such circumstances, you have to decide and think about what you will do!

Remember, your actions are shaped by the emotional state you are in. So, anger will breed a different response to the same situation than if you are playful or happy.

Most people, rich or poor fail to live a balanced, happy life because they let their emotions run haywire, responding to situations in a way that would degrade their quality of life.

But you, need to stop that vicious cycle of getting angry, taking wrong decisions, regretting, getting angry and making those decisions over and over again. Instead, what you need to do is to shape your actions by shaping your focus, shifting the meaning of events into something more empowering!

For starters, you have to become aware of your patterns, the feelings you feel that often lead to wrong reactions – frustrations, anger, sadness or loneliness. Once you know them, you can choose to eliminate them by assigning a positive emotion or meaning to events and by looking for role models that have a positive approach towards life in general. That will even help you avoid the constant bickering and fights!

Understand that these three financial decisions aren’t rocket science. And they go beyond finances- they help in ensuring a higher quality of life. Using these decisions of focus, assigning meaning and knowing what you will do will help you design an approach to a better, productive life.

Go ahead! Empower yourself.

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