Top Benefits of Running to Help You Stay Young

Running Keep You Young & Healthy, Here Are The Benefits of Running.

benefits of running

Benefits of Running – Do You Wish for a Happy Life? Of Course, We All Do! What is the key to a peaceful life? Well, healthy living is key to happy life. To stay healthy and happy, all of us need to stick to running. Running does not only make us healthier but also help us stay young, says a recent study.

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How Can Running Help You? We have always heard that walking keeps you fit and fine, but the pace of walking slows down with age. Anyone who has always tried to be a regular walker for years might feel slow and experience loss of energy in the old age.

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The findings of the new study suggest that benefits of running regarding health help you stay young.

Scientists, who were involved in this recent survey, suggested that while running, certain changes take place inside our body that helps us feel and look young. The best part is that people, who run, turn out to be experienced walkers even in their old age and walk much better in comparison of those who have always preferred to walk.

So, let us immediately take a look at the top five benefits of running and understand how this activity helps us stay young and feel healthier.

1Benefits of Running: Improved Walking Efficiency

If you are looking for a mantra that helps you stay young, try running! Various researches have now enough evidences that when we include running as a part of our daily routine, it helps us in the long run of life. When we turn old, we can walk with the same zeal and energy as that of youngsters.

Quite unbelievable but true! With time, our body become used to running and keeps us active in the old age too. Hence, we do not slow down on walking during our later years of life. So follow the routine of running and feel young even at the age of seventy.

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At that age, you would be able to walk as efficiently as a youngster! That is’ the precious gift of running!

2Benefits of Running: Better Energy Levels

What is the main difference that you often observe between young and old people? Well, young people are full of energy. On the other hand, our deposits of energy start depleting with age. So what to do for increased levels of energy? Again, the answer is – Stick to running!

When we do intense exercises, like running, the number of mitochondria increases inside our cells. Mitochondria are known as the ‘powerhouse of energy.’ Not only this, a single session of intense exercise can bring positive change in our DNA.

Justus Ortega, presently an associate professor of kinesiology at Humboldt University, said, “Mitochondria help to provide energy to our muscle cells. More mitochondria allow people to move for longer periods of time with less effort”. Hence, more the number of mitochondria, better the energy levels!

3Benefits of Running: Better Muscle Coordination

Running Leads to Better Muscle Coordination

According to Justus Ortega, “Runners also may have better coordination between their muscles than walkers do.” So how can better coordination in muscles help us feel healthier and stay young? Well, better muscle coordination means that less muscle gets contracted during any physical activity.

When there are few muscles involved in an activity that means the amount of energy utilized is also less. Hence, you save on your energy stores, do not feel the lack of power, and rather always feel energetic just like young people!

4Benefits of Running: Better Oxygen Intake

Running Leads to Better Oxygen Intake

Both walking and running have their benefits. However, when we get more advantages through running, why not adopt that? Apart from turning you into experienced walker even in the old age and keeping you energetic, running provides you with another important benefit.

Also, that is – better intake of oxygen. Yes! This little exercise of huffing and puffing increases your supply of oxygen inside your body. Good oxygen consumption means active and healthy body as the whole blood circulation gets affected in a positive way when we breathe more. So well, what is the beauty factor hidden this fact?

Good oxygen intake leads to healthy and glowing skin too. Needless to say, how valuable such skin is for staying young! Isn’t it so?

5Benefits of Running: Burn Calories Faster

Running helps burn calories

When we run, the metabolism of our body gets increased more in comparison to that in walking. Therefore, you burn fat quickly. Weight management is the most important ingredient for healthy life and young looks.

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Running, thus, also helps in weight management. By the way, have you ever wondered where does fat go when we lose weight?

Now that you are aware of so many benefits of running, let us tell you one more interesting fact about running? And it says running can be started at any point in life. According to Dr. Ortega, “Quite a few of our volunteers hadn’t taken up running until they were in their 60s,” But after a consultation with your doctor, you too can start running, for a healthy living, right now!

Let us know your experiences on benefits of running and your ways and keys for a healthy living. We always value your suggestions and experiences. Have a healthy & happy life!

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