Light Exercise Make You Live Longer. Yes It’s True!

Those who do light exercise live longer in comparison to those who exercise strenuously.

light exercise for longer life

Whenever we get to see a person who is exercising, we always think in our subconscious that that particular person is healthy and is going to have a long and healthy life. But this time when you think so, think again! According to the new studies, this is not ‘so true’. Recently, a research study got published in JACC (Journal of American College of Cardiology). The study suggests that those who do light exercise live longer in comparison to those who exercise strenuously.

According to New York Times, people always think that those, who are working out for big amounts of time, live longer and healthier. But this is actually not the real scenario. The study in Journal of American College of Cardiology has suggested that those who do excessive exercise lessen their lives unknowingly. By doing high-intensity exercises, people actually strain their heart and body in the long run and this, in turn, shortens the lifespan.

What Do the Earlier Studies Say?

Earlier studies have always been suggesting that rigorous exercises have more benefits than slow or light exercises. We have always heard that fast jogging is more beneficial than walking slowly. Or, in other words, these studies indicated that extreme and strenuous work-outs give better and healthier results.

These studies of past had conducted various kinds of case studies and almost all of them emphasized on a similar conclusion. These studies concluded that exercises involving high-intensity physical activity lead to extended lifespan and healthier life.

What Really Matters is the Regularity in Exercise Schedule!

If you make yourself sweat hard with your painstaking exercise and then do not do it for another few days, let us tell you that you are not doing anything good to your body. We do not say that you have to exercise each day sweating hard but we say that you should be regular in your workout schedule.

Choose easy and light exercises that can be carried out every day. Fix a particular time, if possible. Start with a simple routine walk of 15-20 minutes and repeat the same at same time every day.

Of course, there are many benefits of doing exercise regularly. Let us tell you about few of the most important of such benefits.

Regular Exercise Helps You to Control Weight

If you will keep on exercising regularly for few months, you would definitely observe a positive change in your weight problems. If you are overweight, you would definitely notice loss in your weight. Remember, if you want to lose weight, get disciplined in your work-out, follow it regularly but do not strain yourself too much.

Regular Exercise Helps Fight Various Diseases

regular exercise to Fight Various DiseasesSo you think that heart diseases are uncontrollable? If so, you are wrong! A regular exercising program provides you improved blood circulation, reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. So you may say goodbye to most of your heart diseases, provided, you start doing required physical activities at the right time.

Some of the ailments that can be well treated with everyday exercise include arthritis, heart attack, blood pressure problems and several types of cancer.

Better & Beautiful Skin

As we said earlier, following a proper time table on work-out, results in improved blood-flow all over our body. We get better blood circulation and this helps in clarifying the blood, making the skin look healthier, beautiful and flawless.

Look, Feel & Stay Happy

One of the most important advantages of doing exercise regularly is that you stay happy as you actually feel happy. The reason behind is that certain brain chemicals get stimulated when our body gets involved in a physical workout. These brain chemicals are responsible for our happy and positive mood.

Toned Muscles

Of course you know that! Regular exercise not only helps you control your weight but it also gifts you with a toned and well maintained body. So even if you are lucky to have that ‘right weight’, get involved in exercise for a better toned body.

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Get More Energy

Run to get more energy Any physical activity provides an improved oxygen supply to our cells. Therefore, our heart as well as lungs works in the right manner. When these organs work properly, we get ample amounts of energy to do various tasks.

In a very simple and concise way, we should understand it this way. Exercise is good for a healthy and happy life. But too much exercise that strains your body and mind should be avoided. Regularity in a work-out schedule that involves the right and light exercises would definitely impart positive results.

Do not hesitate to walk slowly but remember, you have to walk each day. Do not be embarrassed at how many people pass you on the jogging track but make sure you are there on the track every day. Do not be afraid to run like a tortoise but always stay positive that you are going to win the race of life in the long run!! Good luck!