Always Eat the Right Healthy Food As per Your Blood Type

Love food? But you should always eat food as your body type.

Food for your Blood type

Food for your Blood typeThere are so many diets out there in the market! The Atkins Diet, which promotes high protein and low carb, the low fat and high carb diet, the vegan diet, the paleo diet and the keto diet among others!

These endless range of diets can be very confusing for someone who seeks to lose weight or simply wants to stay fit, healthy and active. So, what should you do? Which healthy food should you eat?

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Well, you shouldn’t be following any diet that isn’t customized for your body. After all, not all humans are alike. Instead, what you should do is find the right foods for your body type- foods that will stimulate your mind and body, help you stay in a state of homeostasis, allowing you to function at your best.

Peter D’Adamo, world famous neuropathic medic and the author of ‘Eat Right for Your Type’ health book believes that certain foods are healthy and harmful for each blood type and finding those foods can help people ward off illnesses, while living at their fullest potential.

The author, who has sold over 7 million copies of his book explains that this idea of eating for one’s blood type is scientific and not based on hear-say.

Our bodies are designed to respond to different foods based on our blood type. The lectins or carbohydrate-binding proteins attach to different blood type in a unique way. Therefore, analyzing the food that’s suitable for each blood type is the key to live a healthier life.

Remember, organic and unprocessed foods are best for each blood type. And when you eat foods that are designed for your blood type, you don’t necessarily have to worry about excessive calories.

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Here is a list of four basic blood type and the right food for them.

1Blood Type: A

This blood type evolved 20,000 years ago, during the period of ‘agriculturists.’ And hence, it’s the ‘agrarian blood type.’ People with this blood type should ideally be vegetarians and avoid eating meat. Instead, they should focus on consuming more fruits and vegetables.

For proteins, they should take legumes and get whole grains for carbs. These people are prone to sensitive immune system and must focus more on getting organic, fresh foods.

2Blood Type: O

Blood type O evolved over 30,000 years ago, when people were hunting for their foods. And that’s where the primal instinct of this blood type is! People with this blood type should actually eat protein loaded foods and the majority of their calories must come from lean meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

Their bodies can hold onto fat if they take too many carbs through grains, beans and dairy products. Supplements can be taken by people in this blood group.

3Blood Type: B

One of the most popular types of blood group, Blood type B actually evolved just 10,000 years ago. That’s why people with this blood type have more versatile digestive tract and can absorb different varieties of food.

Low-fat dairy products are recommended for this category, along with eggs, vegetables and certain kind of meats. What they should avoid is corn, tomatoes, lentils, peanuts and sesame seeds.


5Blood Type: AB

A combination of Blood Type A and B, this blood type evolved recently, just 1000 years ago. People with this blood type can adapt themselves to food in both categories. But they should in particular eat foods like tofu, dairy, green vegetables and seafood.

A common problem with people in this category is heartburn, for which they should avoid alcohol, smoked meat and caffeine.