13 Things Mentally Strong People Never Do

Here is how to be a mentally strong person. Follow them.

mentally strong people

Mentally Strong People – You can exercise at the gym for hours, participate in day-long marathons or get rid of unhealthy food that’s ruining your body, but that is only going to help you physically. Just like physical strength, you need to develop and nurture your mental strength. It is the same as bodybuilding except for the fact that in this case, you are strengthening your mind.

So, if you want to develop mental strength, you will have to think like a mentally strong person, a person who knows that good habits just aren’t enough. Instead, you should be a person who knows the things that should be avoided.

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Remember, whether you are practicing on a tennis court or giving a presentation in a boardroom, you have to be mentally tough and active to excel. So, check out this list of 13 things that mentally healthy people would never do.

1Feeling ‘sorry’ for yourself!

self pity

Amy Morin, a business speaker, and author reveal that mentally strong people have healthy habits. According to her book, “13 Things Mentally Strong People won’t do,” developing mental strength involves the use of a three-step approach, where you control thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

So, the first thing you should avoid to be mentally tough is ‘feeling sorry for yourself.’ We know it is quite normal- you find that things aren’t going in your favor, you fail or experience prolonged troubles and then begin to indulge in self-pity.

Well, feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to do anything good for you. It prevents you from living to your fullest potential, wastes time and energy, hurts your relationships and even leads to negative emotions.

So, what should you do? Well, you should rather appreciate what you have. Instead of pitying yourself, feel gratitude for getting the gift of life!

2Giving your life’s remote to someone else

Giving away your power is the worst thing that you could do! If you want to be mentally strong, you have to stop giving your power to someone else. Don’t wait for others to take a stand for you. Draw a line when necessary.

That will help you take control of your actions and enhance your ability to reach your goals. Consider Oprah Winfrey as an example. She dealt with poverty and sexual abuse very early in her life, but she neither felt sorry for herself nor gave her life’s remote to someone else. So, don’t give up your power!

3Being afraid of change

Change ahead

We love being in our comfort zone. We thrive when have been living in that special ‘zone.’ However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid change. Shying away from the change will prevent you from being a mentally strong person, whether you seek such changes in your personal or professional life.

Because, while you can thrive in your comfort zone, you cannot reach your fullest potential if you avoid new challenges. So, ditch that old, boring job and leave that unhealthy relationship.

Be confident to charter new territories.

4Pondering over things you can’t change

Believe it! There are some things that you cannot control. So, instead of wasting your time pondering over these situations or wishing that they not be true, embrace them! Invest the energy on becoming accustomed to the situation you cannot control. Devote your time doing things that are actually productive.

5Pleasing Others


Honestly, you can’t please everyone around you. So, don’t adopt too many worries about pleasing other people. It’s difficult when you try hard, and others are not pleased with you, but understand that not everyone can like you.

To live an authentic life, to voice your opinions, you should stop worrying about pleasing others. People who truly love you will unconditionally support you even when there’s no pleasing involved.

6Taking No Risks

Taking calculated risks defines a mentally strong person. Calculated risks represents that you are not scared of challenges or change. Therefore, you should take them. So, don’t fear taking risks. At the same time, don’t be too emotional. You don’t want irrational and unreliable emotions to force you to take risks that aren’t calculated.

7Dwelling in the past

There’s nothing worse than dwelling in the past. While mentally strong people reflect on the past and even learn from their mistakes, they never keep dwelling on it. It would be nice if you simply make peace with the past and plan for the future while living your present to the fullest.

8Committing same mistakes

Do you always end up getting into unhealthy, abusive relationships? Do you ruin your presentations by not preparing for them in time? Well, if you keep on committing the same mistakes over and over again, you aren’t a mentally strong person.

A tough individual will never repeat the same mistake twice, Instead, they will learn from it. They have enough humility and willingness to understand their mistakes and design strategies that will help them in future.

9Hate others for their success

It’s difficult when you see other people basking in the glory of their success when they didn’t even do half of hard work that you put in! However, to be mentally strong you have to realize that people achieve success, and they may not deserve it. Still, you can’t resent or hate them for it.

Envy is the feeling that you should avoid. Instead, use that energy to commit and reach your dreams.

10Mentally Strong People Never Give up


Yes! We have all been there. Seen a failure that embarrassed, discouraged and defeated us. However, a mentally strong person won’t give up. Failure is bad, but it’s a proof that you can still learn, grow and succeed. So, don’t give up in the face of failure. Instead, push yourself to the limit and reach your fullest potential.

11Fear spending time alone

Some people thrive in silence, and there are others who avoid solitude. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or extrovert, you shouldn’t be scared of spending some time alone or in solitary.

In fact, it is an essential component for building mental strength. Some solitude will give you the opportunity to reflect on your progress, design strategies, consider different thoughts and create future goals.

12The world ‘owes’ you

Experiencing success can give us as a sense of entitlement. Sometimes, this entitlement goes too far, and we begin to feel too important, thinking that the world owes us. But that is not a helpful strategy towards leading a fulfilling life.

Mentally strong people know that the world owes them nothing. Moreover, they share their bounties, regardless of what they have.

13Expecting Results too soon

As children, we never received our academic results as soon as we gave the exam. So, how do you expect life to give you immediate results?

Mentally strong people know that things do not happen instantaneously, and they accept this fact. They know that growth can be at a snail’s pace and take it.

Remember that life is a race where slow and steady wins. So, take charge of your life! Be mentally strong!