A Glass of Red Wine OR An Hour At Gym, Both are Equivalent

Red Wine has similar effects as extensive endurance exercise training.

red wine have a relation with gym

Have you been feeling guilty about those extra glasses of wine you consumed at the weekend? Do you love drinking a glass of red wine but hate working it out at the gym? Did you ever dream of being a wine enthusiast without worrying about your health or fitness?

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Well, looks like your prayers have been answered! Newly published medical research by the University of Alberta indicates that Resveratrol, a compound found in fruits, nuts and well, Red Wine has similar effects as extensive endurance exercise training.

For decades, researchers have pointed out that red wine, when taken in moderation offers several health benefits and this latest research by Jason Dyck and team reaffirms this fact. Published in peer-reviewed ‘Journal of Physiology,’ this study involved testing of resveratrol. It revealed that high doses of this natural compound improved physical performance while enhancing heart functioning and delivering muscle strength.

The lead researcher in the Department of Pediatrics and Pharmacology, Jason Dyck mentioned that Resveratrol, found in red wine could be result in improved exercise performance. He even indicated that resveratrol could help patient populations who wish to stay fit but cannot exercise. The fact that resveratrol could mimic the benefits of exercise can offer satisfying benefits to a large population.

Funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research, this study will now follow rigorous testing where resveratrol will be used in diabetics with heart failure. The researchers are now interested to know if the compound can improve heart function in those with diabetes.

Numerous health benefits of red wine have been well-documented in the past as well. Many studies have shown that drinking a single glass of red wine can protect individuals against dementia and cancer. Other researchers have indicated its possible benefits for heart function and in the regulation of blood sugar.

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So, now you can ditch the gym and try that glass of red wine. However, remember do that in moderation. If you want, try blueberries, grapes, dark chocolate and peanut butter as well- they are an excellent source of resveratrol.

Meanwhile, try Wine-Aerobics and repeat!