How to Be A Good Boss

How to be a good boss – Okay! Let’s be clear- It’s not easy to be a good boss! However, you have to be an effective boss, an aspiring leader and a communicative manager to steer your organization towards success.

You have to combine leadership, management, strategy, implementation and teamwork to become a great, thriving business. Moreover, for that, you have to revamp yourself as a ‘Boss,’ become better and strive towards the path of success. So, how can you do that? Simple! By using this list of tips.

These actionable tips will answer all your queries when it comes to how to be a good boss. So it’s quite possible that you are already following some or a lot of these. So, just focus, pay attention and reach your fullest potential as a boss with these tips.

1Be an Example

As a head, you have to set an ‘example’ for your team. Don’t ask your teammates to do something that you wouldn’t do. For instance, don’t expect to be at the office at 9:00 am sharp when you are nowhere to be seen till 11:00 am. Similarly, give your full commitment to the projects if you want to expect the same from your team. Be an exemplary, likeable leader.

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2Listen, Really Listen

You need to have intelligent communication skills to excel at the whole boss thing! So communication goes beyond effectively delivering your message. It also involves ‘listening.’ Listening to your team, your employees and their needs are essential to be better.

And it’s not just about being a good boss, it is also important for letting your business succeed. So, listen to them. Do they want special software? Are they asking for some training sessions? Do they need more tools? Pay attention and you will get better.

3Spend time with the team

Of course! You cannot be invisible and expect your employees to do everything on their own. At the same time, you cannot micromanage every single detail or the job responsibilities your employees will undertake. So, find a balance between the two.

Spend time with your employees, at least, 6 hours a week as a boss so that the team is inspired and motivated. At the same time, give them some autonomy to choose their projects or the way they want to pursue a goal. Don’t be a bad leader!

4Be a Colleague

An important part of being a leader is to identify when your employees need you as a boss and when they need you as a colleague. But you also need to see that you don’t look down on them because you have a higher position than theirs.

So, treat each employee as a colleague. Be a company that supports their talents and aspirations rather than being a company that gets people to work for them.

5Lighten Up

A workplace can be stressful. But you can be a good boss if you bring an element that de-stresses your employees, especially when the deadlines are looming. Large enterprises, including Google, now have worked environments that help people lighten up.

They offer extended free time, have free food and a refreshing environment where people are stress-free and more productive. So, be a boss that can provide a rejuvenating environment to the employees.

6Become a Person

You may find the need to have a larger than life personality now that you are a boss. But you have to be a person, a real one. As a boss or a leader, you have emotions too. These emotions could include joys and frustrations of a project or something else. So, show those emotions appropriately for the workplace.

7Admit your mistakes

One of the huge things about being a boss is to admit your mistakes and own up to your faults. Nobody’s perfect. And if you fuss up, you should own it to be a good role model. It will also bring more trust and transparency within the organization, immediately increasing your chances of success.

8How to Be A Good Boss! Encourage Creativity

Encourage Creativity to be a good boss

Challenging your employees is essential for the company’s growth. But by the challenge, we are not talking about forcing them to put late hours or prompting them to take up unrealistic projects.

Challenge means that you provide an environment where the team looks forward to a problem. Encourage creativity within the team by challenging them with new objectives and getting them to leave their comfort zone. For this, you would need strong communication skills.

9How to Be A Good Boss! Take Communication Classes

You might not need it, but some leaders or bosses need to sharpen their communication skills. If you are scared to take charge or fear that your objectives aren’t clearly delivered to the team, then consider taking communication classes.

In fact, have your entire team take such classes. It will make you an efficient speaker while encouraging open, honest communication between the team.

10How to Be A Good Boss! Identify Your Weakness

As a boss, you need to identify your shortcomings. For instance, it could be related to managing the tasks or administering the duties. It could be related to communication or the deadlines. So, to be better at your work, consider identifying your weaknesses and improving them.

11Your employees aren’t punching bags

You cannot unleash your anger on employees. We know that sometimes, being a boss is frustrating, especially when the deadlines are looming, the projects in the pipeline don’t see fruition. And it can be incredibly easy to lose your temper. But remember that your employees aren’t your punching bags on whom you can get angry.

This will make your team fearful or even resentful of you. So, whenever you are angry, try taking a deep breath or do anything that prevents you from unleashing your anger on employees.

12How to Be A Good Boss! Make it personal

Make it personal to be a good boss

You have told too many times that personal and professional should be different. But in reality, you have to strike a balance between the two. You need to make work a little personal. Remember, people in your office work hard for you.

And therefore, you should be generous towards them. Reach them on a personal level by expressing your gratitude, appreciating your team and showing concern for their individual well-being. This will help you become an amazing boss.

How many of these tips do you already follow? If you don’t, what’s stopping you from following them? Go and be a better boss!

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