How to Lose Fat And Build Muscle? Try These Ideas

Follow these ideas and you'll get the result soon

lose fat build muscle

Are you still grappling with that body fat and would rather have a fit and muscled body that is the envy of others? Still astonished how to lose fat and build muscle?

At times even doing all the correct things like eating clean and working out regularly may not prove to be successful.

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Then the following article is exactly what you are looking for.

1. Eating right is the first and topmost priority

Pay a special attention to what goes into your body. Our bodies need the energy to function properly and that fuel comes from what we eat. To lose weight or burn that excess body fat, you should be burning more calories than what you consume.

Nevertheless, if you want to build muscle, you cannot be eating lesser calories compared to what your body burns up. If your body does not get the required amount of fuel then it burns up stored energy from the muscles, not only hindering your goal but also lowering the body’s metabolism.

Therefore; rather than eating less, pay attention to eating right. Less of cards on your plate and more of leafy green vegetables, protein like chicken, fish etc. should be included in your diet.

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2. Cardio alone cannot help build muscle

Performing Cardio alone will not help in building body muscle. Cardio exercises like running or cycling make the body lean toning down fat and muscle. To build and retain muscle balance in the body it is necessary to combine cardio with weight training.

types cardioAs you increase the muscle mass of the body, its resting metabolic rate also increases. moreover, muscle gain accomplishment is only by weight training.

Furthermore, one should pay special attention to the kind of weights you are lifting. When you lift weight you must feel the effects of the effort being put in by you, for example if you can easily lift 2kg dumbbells in each hand and do 5 reps of each lift, but are still stuck with the 1kg dumbbells then even doing more than 5 reps of each lift will not be quite fruitful.

Make sure to do a variety of weight training exercising each session and focus on the upper as well as the lower part of the body. 11 dumbbell moves you should know to start lifting weights.

3. Workouts do not always need to be lengthy

The intensity with which you workout is much more beneficial than the intervals that you do so. To maximize muscle gain and fat loss at the same time then the perfect thing to do is HIIT-(High-Intensity Interval Training) while increasing the strength, metabolism and muscle weight of the body, when compared with steady-state cardio it burns more ratio of fat per minute.

Because this type of workout engages more muscles, you should incorporate it into your daily routine. You can get some HIIT workouts here, and some workouts for interval cardio here.

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4. The order in which you do your daily exercise needs special attention

When you exercise you must make sure to have enough energy for not only cardio but also weight training. If you are doing cardio before weights then there might be instances when you run out of energy for weight training.

Warming up is a must, can be followed by weight training and then cardio, this way you retain energy for the entire course of your fitness schedule.

Another way is to do cardio in the morning and weight training in the evening three hours before sleeping. This way your body gains higher metabolism and muscle power.

5. Have you thought about mixing up your routine a little as it may have become monotonous

Always make a workout schedule mixing up different types of cardio and weight training exercises, this way you neither get bored nor does your body? Yes, you heard right, following the same workout day in and day out, might stop your body responding to it, and the results being unsatisfactory.

Just as our taste buds get bored of eating, the same food every day the body also needs different types of movement to stay stimulated and active. Variation helps in achieving the result faster.

6. If gaining muscle is your goal then it is good to eat before your workout

eat before exerciseExercise can be done on an empty stomach, but that makes the body lean, therefore for building muscle it’s very important to eat up first followed by your workout.

Workouts when done while hungry use up the body’s energy and curbs muscle buildup. If you plan on a long workout, have a large meal three hours before that, followed by a mini snack just thirty minutes before starting it.

Though it takes, trying out a few different meals for one to decide what is important, try out different foods and deciding accordingly what is best for you. are low-carbohydrate breakfasts, lunches, and dinners you might want to try, plus 23 insanely clever ways to eat cauliflower instead of carbohydrates.

7. There cannot be a compromise on your protein intake

Matheny says. “When you work out, you break down muscle tissue and your body absolutely depends on protein in order to build that muscle back up. And muscle is the key to increasing your metabolism.”

Try to have some kind of protein after your workout, which helps your body recover faster the strain of working out and exercising. Other than that have a portion of protein during each meal. Protein like Greek yogurt, fish, meat, eggs, tofu, lentils, etc., are foods you can eat according to your likes and taste.

8. Our body needs it’s rest, sleep is as important as exercising the body

sleep is important as exercise Try avoiding sleep deprivation completely because not getting enough sleep deters the body’s capacity to burn fat and build muscle as well. It also decreases the production of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I levels which is important for building and maintaining muscle mass.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults require a daily nocturnal rest of 7-9 hours. “Getting the right amount of rest will help to regulate hormone levels, hunger and fullness cues as well as help with managing stress.-Albert Matheny”.

9. Overeating to be avoided and calorie intake is to be monitored

A special attention should be paid to what goes into your body, as much as it’s important for you to eat to gain muscle mass, it’s also necessary to pay attention to eating right. Increase your protein intake but keep your carbohydrate intake to a minimum.

Excessive carbohydrates in your diet can be harmful and may hinder your muscle buildup and fat loss. Eat the amount that matches up to the energy burnt up during workouts. A superb list of foods that you can eat after a workout.

10. Set achievable goals

set achievable goalsAll said, being realistic with expectations is a good thing to follow. A day or a week at the gym may not show the desired effect on your body. It is a time-based achievement, and it needs full commitment and dedication from you as well in all aspects.

Keep your goals small and ascending this way you will not only meet what you want in the future but also can enjoy the little successes that come your way.

Fitness is important for each one of us; some of us wish to have lean bodies and some of us like bulked up bodies.

Whatever our choice we can meet the type of body we want, all it requires is a little focus hard work and dedication.

In addition, we must never follow extreme measures to get what we wish, like following diets that are harmful in the long-term and body enhancing supplements to get those envious muscles or curves.

Be healthy follow healthily and live healthily.

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