12 Things Your Mom Never Told You- But You Should Know

Find the things your mom never told - but you should know.

things that your mom never told you

When you are hurt, who’s the first person that comes to your mind? Your mother, right?
Don’t be embarrassed about it! Your mother is perhaps the only person who loves you unconditionally and remembering her when you are hurt or upset isn’t something ‘abnormal.’

However, on some occasions we forget to appreciate our mothers, we forget how our presence had changed her entire life. Moreover, until the time we don’t reach motherhood (or fatherhood), we don’t even realize how our mothers loved us. However, now is the time you express your gratitude towards that woman called ‘Mom.’

Know these things that every mother has experienced, but has never told her kids. It would make you fall in love even more.

1She Cried a Lot – For you! Because of you!

It’s sad to think about it. However, your mother has cried for you and because of you. She had tears of joy when she found out that she was pregnant and a lot more happiness when she gave birth. The time she held you, tears streamed off her cheeks.

However, sometimes, she cried because of you, when she was fearful or worried about you! Your happiness and your sadness, both bought tears to her eyes.

2She liked that cake- But she loved you more!

Whether it was that last piece of pie, cake or that chocolate, your mother lets you have it even if she was incredibly tempted. Your big eyes and salivated mouth, let her resist that temptation. Chocolate was a small price she would always pay for your happiness.

3It Did Hurt- But her love conquered it all!

It Did Hurt- But her love conquered it all!

You have hurt your mother physically when you were pushed and once you were born. Pulling her hair, grabbing her by those fingernails or biting her, it all she hurt her pretty bad. Don’t forget you caused some serious bruises and agonizing pain when you pushed yourself out into this world.

4She is always worried for you

You are her child, her heart. From the time she conceived you to date, all you mother has done is care and worry about you. She kept you safe and protected. She stayed up late waiting for you to return and woke up early to prepare breakfast for you.

Remember those exams when she sat by your study so that you could prepare? Well, you were always her top priority. At every point in life, she was there by your side, ready to support and care for you.

5She isn’t perfect- but you are perfect for her!

She knows that she isn’t the best, which sometimes hurts her. She has always been tough on herself when it came to you. She has tried to be the ‘perfect mom’, but she has judged herself quite harshly.

Of course, she may have committed mistakes, just like any other human being, but she finds it hard to forgive herself. Still, for her, you are the perfect soul on earth. Even she if never said it, she wouldn’t have asked for a better child, she wouldn’t have traded you for anything on earth. So, love her. Forgive her for the times she may have been an imperfect mother.

6She watched you sleep

She watched you sleep

All those sleepless nights that your mother stayed awake hoping that you would finally sleep. The lullabies she sang when you were young! Even when you were old enough to sleep without a lullaby, she would sneak into your room.

Even today, as she walks past your bedroom, she sneaks a peek, looks at your face and feels that all those sleepless nights were worth it. That’s how much she loved you!

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7She carried you for over nine months

It was not just those nine months that she had to carry you, but all those years when you were a toddler, she held you as a baby kangaroo, since you needed her to be on your side. She carried you while she slept while she was eating or while she was taking care of the everyday chores.

Her arms would get tired, and she would be exhausted in the process, but she always held you closer to her, as this was the only way she knew that you were safe. It was her arms that made you feel safe and loved. So, now that you don’t need her to carry you don’t forget her!

8When you cried- it broke her heart!

The sight of tears streaming down your eyes, works like a dagger in her heart, whether it was a lost chocolate, a broken pencil or your first breakup!

9You Were Always Her priority

You Were Always Her First Priority

Your needs were always before her. Even when she was ill, she cooked for you. When she had the fever, she taught you. The day she was supposed to go to a doctor, she postponed the appointment so that she could go to your school. You were her priority. Her love is the unconditional love.

10She would do it all over again!

Although being a mom was the hardest job that she could have done, it’s also the most joyous one. Despite the troubles you have put your mom through, she would endure it all over again! So, the next time you see her do mention how much you love her. You cannot fathom how happy it would make her feel!

11You Will Always Be That 4-Year-Old

No matter how old you will be, you will stay like a toddler to your mom. She will still be enchanted by your smile, your eyes or your words. The only thing that would change is her sense of pride in you. She will feel prouder as you grow older. So, be a good child. Make her feel proud.

12Even She Didn’t Know What She would do after ‘Counting to Three.’

Even She Didn’t Know What She would do after ‘Counting to Three’

It’s the universal ultimatum every mother gave, “I will count till three, and you better do XYZ or else!” Most of the times, you would do the thing before she could say three. Otherwise, she would start counting slow.

However, the truth is that even your mom didn’t know what she would do. After all, each time she punished you, she punished herself.

Did you feel a surge of emotion reading all of it? Well, your mom feels the same emotions every day. So, just go and hug her. Or call her and say that you love her!