10 best exercises to reduce belly fat

7-day challenge to reduce belly fat with no side effects

Belly fat is commonly seen everywhere. It is common to see in every second or third person. It is because of oily and unhealthy food which we take in our diet. So starts a day with healthy exercise to reduce belly fat. So woke up early in the morning to get pure and fresh air and to exercise daily.

Here are some best exercises to reduce belly fat easily and quickly;

1. Crunches

Crunches is the best exercise to reduce belly fat

Crunches are one of the most popular abdominal exercises. It can exercise all the abdominal muscles. It can help your abdomen look flatter and more toned. Sit-ups use the exerciser’s body weight to build muscles. It is performed while lying on the floor, contract your abs, then lift your shoulders and lift your head a few inches off the floor (as shown in the picture). It builds a better posture because you need strong core muscles to stand up straight.

2. Burpees

Burpee is a full-body strength training exercise and the ultimate model of functional fitness.

Burpees help to burn mega calories. They speed up your metabolism throughout the day. Burpee is a full-body strength training exercise and the ultimate model of functional fitness. Each time you repeat, your legs should feel a bit like lead.

3. Mountain climbers

Mountain climber to lose belly fat

Mountain Climbers are very suitable for exercising core strength and agility. The mountain climber works out several muscle groups together-it’s almost like working out your whole body with just one exercise. It stabilizes the upper body. And because of this exercise, you will get heart health benefits and burn calories.

4. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks for belly fat

Jumping Jack is a full-body exercise that can target major muscle groups, strengthen bones, and improve heart health. It increases blood flow in our bodies. It can be done anywhere without any equipment.

5. Squat and kick

squats and kicks for losing belly fat fastly

The health benefits of squats and kicks include strengthening the lower body and core muscles, burning calories, and helping you lose weight. It strengthens your body. It is the most effective and beneficial lower limb exercise for your health.

6. Plank jacks

Plank jacks to reduce belly fat

The plank jack is a total body workout. It increases both core and shoulder strength. It will increase your heart rate and ensure the flow of oxygen and blood in your muscles. This exercise reduces belly fat.

7. Knee tuck crunch

Knee tuck tuck crunch to lose belly fat

Knee bending is a good weight exercise to reduce belly fat. In addition, this is a low-impact sport. It contributes to flexibility training and functional ability. It significantly improves your strength and endurance in a short time.
Not only that, but it gives shape and adjusts your entire body.

8. Leg drops

Leg drops to reduce lower part of abdominal fat

Leg drop is an effective lower abs exercise. It flattens up your belly and helps to reduce fat. It can also improve the strength and flexibility of the hips and lower back.

9. Russian twist

Russian twist to reduce side part of belly fat

This exercise involves all core muscles. Twisting exercise helps to build muscles. It is the best exercise to reduce belly fat.

10. Flutter kicks

Flutter kicks to reduce belly fat

Flutter kicks help to condition your hips and thighs. It impacts lower belly fat. It improves your leg strength by making your lower body muscles firmer can fix your posture and help you gain greater flexibility. Furthermore, it can bend almost every muscle in your lower body.

Food that helps you to reduce belly fat fastly;

1. Green tea

Green tea is the most effective drink to lose belly fast fastly.

Green tea is more effective for burning fat. You all are already known about green tea which is known for fat-burning. It increases metabolism and increases the blood flow in our body.

If you’re looking for fat-burning supplements, you might see green tea listed as an ingredient. This is because green tea extract is repeatedly associated with increased fat burning, especially during exercise.

2. Sprouted grain bread

Sprouted grain bread that filled with nutrients to lose weight and keep healthy

Sprouted bread contains 80 calories and is filled with micronutrients, that help to lose weight and keeps healthy.

It contains Organic sprouted wheat, filtered water, organic sprouted barley, organic sprouted millet, organic malted barley, organic sprouted lentils, organic sprouted soybeans, organic sprouted spelled wheat, fresh yeast, organic wheat gluten, sea salt. All the ingredients are better for our health. Isn’t it’s interesting to hear! Of course yes!

3. Pilaf (Brown rice)

Brown rice is low in fats and high in nutrients

Brown rice is low in carbohydrates, low in calories, and rich in essential nutrients. Brown rice is great for losing weight. It burns extra body fat. Brown rice is rich in iron, potassium, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

It can help you stay energized longer. You will stay energetic, can easily burn extra calories, and be able to maintain a healthy weight!

4. Rolled Oats

Rolled oats filled with fiber and help to lose fat

Oatmeal can help lose weight because it contains soluble fiber and can make you feel full. Oats are rich in nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, and fiber, which help lower cholesterol, aid weight loss, and improve intestinal health. It also increases immunity power.

5. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate which helps to burn calories fat.

Dark chocolate helps to burn calories fast. It improves metabolism. It is not only for losing weight, but it also gives happiness.

6. Oranges

oranges to reduce belly fat

Oranges are low in calories, rich in nutrients, fiber, and vitamin C, which burn belly fat. In addition to helping to lose weight, oranges can also support health in different ways. They are rich in fat-burning properties.

7. Red wine

Red wine helps in glowing skin as well as it reduces belly fat also.

Here is what I tell you, drinking red wine helps in losing weight. It affects losing belly fat. Red wine can reduce the risk of diabetes and help control depression.

8. Lemonade

Lemon clears skin problems and also helps to reduce fat

Lemon has vitamin C which reduces belly fat. Lemon improves skin quality also. It clears our skins. The right time to drink lemon water is in the morning. It increases metabolism and reduces fat fastly.

9. Bean sprouts

Sprouts is filled with nutrients also helps to reducing belly fat.

Those who want to lose fat sprouts are the first choice that everybody eats. The reason behind this rapidly increasing demand is that bean sprouts are rich in nutrients and have huge health benefits. It can be made with different methods. You’re just trying this. It’s a great starting for dieting.

10. Cumin seeds

Cumin seeds is effective remedy to reduces belly fat

Cumin seeds can help burn calories faster by increasing the rate of metabolism and improving digestion. It will help to lose belly fat. How to use it? I will tell you to soak two tablespoons of cumin seed into the water for 7-8 hours or overnight, then drink in the morning on an empty stomach. It will affect quickly.

So here I share with you the best exercise to reduce belly fat and also food which helps you to reduce belly fat fastly and safely. Hope you all follow these exercises and the food that I share with you. Just follow these exercises daily it helps a lot to lose fat. So all the best for your new beginning.


The benefits of these exercises are doing in the morning because exercise can be done on an empty stomach otherwise it will be a digestive problem or many other issues. Always doing exercise safely.