Simple but Highly Useful Exercises for Knee Pain

This Is How You Can Get Rid of Knee Pain.

Exercises for Knee Pain

Exercises for Knee Pain – People always complain about their knees aching when they age towards their 50s or 60s. Now, that is too old fashioned! Nowadays even the younger people have a problem with their knees! We can understand the problems of older people but what is it with the people below forty?

Well, the tech freak generation is quite ahead in moving their fingers, but their knees and arms are jammed. Moreover, that is where all the problems of their knees begin. One of the primary reasons for knee pain is body-weight. Do you know why? Well, simply because your knee is the one lifting you up.

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So, if you do not care about your knee right now then later on your knee would not care for you! There are some exercises for knee pain that can help improve your initial knee pain phase or help you prevent future knee problems.

Key things to be noted:

To keep your knee free of all pains and challenges, only start moving it. By moving we mean that do not just sit on your chair the whole day- walk, run or just do whatever you can to keep your legs moving. If you cannot do it for more time, do it for few minutes.

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Why Is It Important For You to Take Care of Your Knees?

If you have met with people suffering from this problem or are one of them, then you would be perfectly able to co-relate. You might have experienced or seen people finding tough to climb stairs. The knees would pain if you bent it. You would not be able to walk for a long duration.

You would always need a vehicle, and you would be dependent on somebody. Of course, this can happen to you if you do not take the right action at the right time. Moreover, if you are already suffering from your knee problem, then it is time for you to do the right exercises.

One more thing is that people with knee problems should never wear heels because wearing heels frequently can cause some knee troubles as well. So, the thing is that you need to be active every time to keep your knees activated for a lifetime!

Some important exercises for knee pain are described below:

Partial Squats

Partial squatsMany times, it is mentioned that regular squats can put much pain in the knees. However, partial squats can help you burn calories without causing any problem in the knees. All you need to do is to bend your knees partially and make sure that your knees do not go past your toes.

This can help you bend a bit even if you have pain in your knee. Make sure you do partial squats, and other knee pain exercises regularly.

Step Ups

Step upsStep ups are one of the easiest exercises for knee pain. All you need is stairs or something similar (aerobic step bench might also do). Step up and down using your right leg first and then your left leg.

While you raise your left leg to the step, lower your right leg and vice versa. Ensure bending your knees while stepping up and down. It is a very good and easy exercise to overcome your initial knee pain.

Calf Raises

Calf raisesLooking for the best exercise for knee pain? Try calf raises. For calf raises, you need to join your toes and slowly lift off your heels from the ground and again slowly lower it. That is one set! You can do plenty of it to make your legs stronger. Yes, it takes care of your knees too.

Single Leg Hamstring Curl

Single leg hamstring curlOut of many exercises for knee pain, this is the one that can be done several times at office also. Give yourself a support with the help of a chair, wall or anything and slowly bend one of your legs lifting it up and shifting the weight to one of the legs.

Suppose you bend your left leg then automatically the whole weight would shift to your right leg. You just need to do that slowly several times. Start with 20 for each leg.

Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring stretchLie down straight facing the ceiling and loop a towel or a rope around your left or right foot. Pull the towel or the rope straight towards you lifting your desired leg towards the chest as far as you can. Hold it for some time and then release it. Do this 5-6 times with each of your legs and that will be a good start.

Do it every day without putting much pressure on the knees. Keep in mind that while you do the hamstring stretch bend your knees slightly, and, while you pull one leg the other should be straight on the ground.

Straight Leg Raises

Straight leg raisesNow, this is another exercise for knee pain. If you are a beginner, then it is advised not to over-stretch your leg. What you need to do is lie straight with your face facing the ceiling. Then keeping your right leg straight lift your left leg as far as you can towards you.

Make sure it should be straight too. Do this 5-8 times if you are a beginner with both of your legs and then you can increase the numbers after practice. If you have pain in your knees, then do it very properly and consult a doctor if you have extreme problems.

What Not To Do If You Are Already Suffering From Knee Pain?

The main thing is that do not over exhaust your knees, i.e. do not run, jump or quickly climb stairs. This is for both kinds of people, i.e. with knee pain and without knee painDo not over do any exercises for knee pain. Your office chair is your biggest enemy.

Now, this is because people suffering from such problems feel relaxed when they have their legs fully stretched. So, the thing is that you should not rest your knees for hours as well as do not over exhaust your knees.

Knees are very essential for us, and so are the exercises for knee pain. Taking care of knees from the earliest time is our duty otherwise, we will have to face the consequences. People with knee pains must not do deep squats, sit-ups or crunches.

Moreover, people with healthy knees should at least do some exercises for knees. That will help. There are some older people with age 60+ but are completely fit. What’s the key thing about their fit body? Obviously, they do things that are healthy for the body on a regular basis.

Therefore if you cannot exercise your body then, at least do some stretching activity. If you do that, then there will be some flexibility in your knees as well as other joints.

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