7 Forgotten Yet Extremely Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

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Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween Activities for Kids – Are you looking for alternative Halloween activities for kids which are not scary like most other activities? Although most Halloween parties contain elements of horror and spookiness which may scare your toddlers, you can still find many Halloween activities for children.

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These activities would not terrify your kids and instead, will teach them about the tradition of Halloween by making them familiar with common themes and items of this festive season. Today we are going to tell you about these exclusive Halloween activities for kids which you can organize on October 31st this year and have fun with them. Check out these fantastic Halloween activities:

1. Halloween Spiderweb Craft

halloween-spiderweb-craftTraditionally, spiders have been considered scary creatures and hence are an integral part of Halloween decorations and celebrations. So, spider web craft activities are one of the best Halloween activities for kids you can organize. If your children are toddlers or preschoolers, these Halloween activities can also help them get rid of their fear of spiders.

Engage your kids in making spider webs from different things such as cooked spaghetti, chalk rubbing, or play spider walk games by making spider webs on ground. You can also go on a live spider web hunt in your backyard if your kids are daring enough!

2. Halloween Coloring Pages

halloween-coloring-pagesThis us one of the easiest Halloween activities for children especially if you do not want to take them to spooky adult parties. Just give them an assortment of colors and a Halloween coloring book. You will be amazed to see them engaged for hours filling colors in Halloween themed books and pages.

It is an excellent Halloween activity to make them familiar with the tradition of October 31st. As they complete coloring figures, you can tell them stories related to Halloween which they would remember for a long time!

3. Halloween Science Experiments

halloween-science-experimentsWhat could be a better way to teach your children about wonders of science than using Halloween traditions! You can use different Halloween items to design spooky science experiments in the spirit of Halloween which will also teach them about scientific concepts.

Teach them about the life cycle of a pumpkin and have them guess if a particular pumpkin will sink or float. You can also make a pumpkin volcano or mix liquids of different densities in a jar. This will not only create a Halloween effect but also teach them about miscibility of various fluids!

4. Halloween Sensory Bin for Kids

halloween-sensory-bin-for-kidsSimilar to mystery box games for teens and adults, Halloween sensory bin is a great Halloween activity for kids. It will give them an idea of different sensory perceptions and help them recognize items from their texture. You can add several simple yet slimy and spooky thing in these sensory bins such as clear hair gel, fake spiders, glitter, glow sticks, dish soap, foaming soap, and others.

You can also include different types of pumpkins such as paper pumpkins, real mini pumpkins, and ceramic pumpkins. Your kids are going to love getting their hands and clothes dirty as they try to put their little hands into sensory bins to find out what items are present in it.

5. Group Halloween Celebration for Kids

halloween-activities-for-kidsThis kids Halloween activity is best done through collaboration with your neighbors or families of friends. Organize a full day fun on Halloween for kids by planning different activities at each of the houses of neighbors. At every stop, make sure that kids get to do unpredictable activities and all family homes get a chance to play the host at least once.

In this way, children will get to experience varied activities on Halloween and have loads of fun and excitement on October 31st. It is preferable if you organize these activities with your neighboring society and community.

6. Halloween Crafts

halloween-craftsNo matter the occasion, kids always love a variety of crafting activities. When it is the spooky time of Halloween, your children will love making exclusive Halloween crafts especially made for kids.

You can make hanging decoration items in the form of paper spiders, creepy Batman things, spooky containers wrapped with toilet rolls and drawing of eyes and nose on them. Such Halloween activities are not only fun to do during the holiday season but also provide a creative boost to the imagination of your kids.

7. Kids Fancy Dress on Halloween

kids-fancy-dress-on-halloweenIf you are running out of Halloween activity ideas, you can never go wrong with organizing a kid’s fancy dress on Halloween. Dress your tiny tots as ghosts, vampires, zombies, or superheroes like Batman, Superman, and others. Host a local Halloween competition in your community or take your kids to competitions organized by city or district centers.

However, you have to plan this Halloween activity in advance particularly if you want to buy Halloween costumes from a shop.

The above Halloween activities for children are great ways to make your kids familiar with the holiday season of Halloween. You can arrange these activities easily yourself or with the help of like-minded friends and neighbors who have children of the same age as yours. Some of these activities will also assist in enhancing the creativity of your kids in addition to entertaining them.

Which of the above Halloween activities are your favorite? Are there any other fun activities for Halloween which you love to do with your kids? Share with us in the comments below.