9 Evergreen Halloween Party Games Which Never Go Out of Tradition

Spooky Fun "Halloween".

halloween party games

Halloween Party Games – Do you want your Halloween Party to be the best of all parties in the town but you do not have much time to prepare? Do you want your guests to have fun like never before on October 31st this year? You might find a lot of new Halloween party games online, and the list of these games seems to be growing with every passing year.

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However, you do not have time to go through the pain of going through all Halloween Party Game ideas. Do not fret as we have decided to take you on a trip to memory lane. Nothing is more enjoyable and fun than these evergreen and traditional Halloween party games which are enjoyed by everyone regardless of their age or gender.

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Check these out and make your Halloween awesome!

1. Bobbing for Apples

halloween party game 1Bobbing for Apples is one of the oldest Halloween party games. Collect fresh apples and put them in a big bowl containing water so that they are floating on the surface. Ask your party guests to dive in the bowl with their faces and hands at back.

The participant who can take out the maximum number of apples wins this exciting Halloween game for adults and kids alike.

2. Murder Mystery

halloween party game 2If you want to make your Halloween party interesting, organize a Murder Mystery Party. You have to start the preparations well in advance for this party. While sending invites for the party, tell your guests about the character in which they have to appear in the party.

Lay down the clues which point towards the murder of a character and all others have to find out the murderer as well as who is murdered. You will have to plan in detail about the setting of this Halloween party, but the fun in this Halloween game is worth the effort.

3. Pin the Face on Pumpkin

halloween party game 4You must have enjoyed playing a game called ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ in which you blindfolded participants tried to put a missing tail on a donkey. Whoever puts the tail at its closest position wins the game. Now you can modify this game to turn it into one of the most enjoyable Halloween games for parties.

You will need a black and orange sheet for playing this Halloween game. Draw a pumpkin shape on the orange sheet and cut it out. Now, draw eyes with brows, nose, lips, and mouth on the black sheet and cut them out separately. Make as many as faces and their parts as the number of guests you are going to have for the Halloween Party.

Place the pumpkin faces on a large cardboard which you can place it in your living room on a large table. Apply reusable adhesive on the back of other parts. Blindfold your Halloween Party guests and give them the parts of pumpkin faces. Ask them to stick the parts in the face at the right position.

If you have kids at home, they are just going to love this Halloween game idea!

4. Treasure Hunt

halloween party game 1Organize a spooky treasure hunt for the Halloween party for teens. Plan your clues in such a way that you include items for clues according to the Halloween theme. Among these clues, also include hilarious curses and spells which ask participants to act in a playful manner while they look to find the final treasure. This will double the dose of fun and laughter during this Halloween party game.

5. Mummy Wrap Race

halloween party game 8Remember the time when you were a kid and used to take part in mummy wrap race on Halloween? It is time for your children to play the same Halloween party game with their friends. In this game, split the team of children into different groups with two people in each group.

You will need many rolls of toilet paper. Ask one group member to cover his/her partner in these rolls and make a mummy. The moment the ‘toilet paper mummy’ is ready, he/she has to run to the finish line. Whoever crosses the finish line first is declared as the winner.

If you want to bring excitement to your dull Halloween party, try the same game with adults! Yes, imagine the fun and enjoyment which this game can bring to your Halloween party.

6. Mystery Bowls

halloween party game 3What’s In that Box or Mystery Bowls is one of the classic Halloween party games which people never fail to enjoy. In this game, you blindfold people and ask them to put their hand in a box and feel the item inside. The person with a maximum number of item guesses is declared the winner.

You can place any scary item in this box which is ideal for the spirit of Halloween- meaning eyeballs, dead hands, heart, gut, brains, teeth, liver, hair, fingers, tongue, and so on. You do not have to use these authentic items but use various food items which feel like the above items.

For example, you can use peeled tomato as heart, peeled grapes as eyeballs, cooked noodles as guts, and similar items. Although this Halloween game is immensely enjoyed by adults, it can also prove to be one of the most enjoyable Halloween Party Games for children. Just let them know what are the actual items once they have identified so that they do not get scared.

7. Monster Tag Halloween Game for Kids

halloween party game 8Give a twist to the traditional game of tag and transform it into a fun Halloween party game. Dress up one kid as a scary monster using a monster mask or long hands or both. Gather all children in a circle in which the monster child is blindfolded. The blindfolded monster roams around the circle with extended hands and tries to grab other kids.

When the monster kid growls and moans, all other participants have to do the same which give the idea of location. Once a member is caught or tagged by the monster, he assumes the role and the game goes on until the last kid remains.

8. Hanging Doughnut Race

halloween party game 6Everyone, from kids to adults, loves doughnuts. Moreover, when it is time for Halloween, doughnuts are a vital part of the celebration. One of the trademark Halloween party game ideas, this is perfect for children as well as teens. Gather your party guests in a large area where you have hanged delicious donuts on a string.

Tie the hands of participants on their back. They have to race towards the doughnut string, eat the hanging doughnut without using their hands, and come back to the finish line! You will love to see adults and teens becoming kids again in this exciting Halloween game.

9. Halloween Movie Trivia

halloween party game 6Do you and your friends love to watch scary, horror movies? Then, Halloween is a perfect time to come face to face and test your knowledge of horror movies. You can have a contest of Halloween Movie Trivia Write questions related to cult horror movies like Psycho, Nightmare on the Elm Street on the back of cards.

Let your guests pull out cards and answer the questions. Every right answer earns them a drink of their choice while you get to make them drink your special Halloween drink if they get it wrong.

No matter the age of your party guests, everyone enjoys the above party games for Halloween. After all, Halloween is the time for having loads of fun and enjoyment with your friends and family. These Halloween party games never go out of style, and you will never stop enjoying these party games on Halloween.

So, plan these amazing games for your Halloween party and have fun like never before on this October 31st. Happy Halloween 2016!

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