How To Be Productive in A Month Like Elon Musk

How To Be Productive in A Month Like Elon Musk

How to be productive – Let me start with some daily life examples. We always feel jealous of the people who complete all their tasks on time. Do they have any magic tricks or they wake up whole night just to complete their tasks? Definitely not, they probably go to sleep on time and also wake up early in the morning.

One more thing that is noticeable in a productive person is that they never see your messages on time. Whenever we ask them for any help for instance any technical issue, they mostly ignore and tell us to take help from Youtube or Google

Because they know the value of their time and don’t want to waste their time explaining how to process. You were amazed that they also do not care what we think about them.

Stay tuned we will expose all the secrets habits of these productive people. Becoming productive isn’t an overnight thing but your productivity definitely is going to increase after reading this blog.

How to be Productive – 13 Simple Tips

Lets discuss in brief about how to be Productive?

Get Productive by Focusing on MIT First

There are many tasks that can be done in your free time and can be ignored for now. So focusing on the most important tasks (MIT) is the first step to increase your productivity at home or office. Shortlist your most important task and schedule a time to complete them.

How to Be Productive By Shortlisting Your Deep Work

Deep works are those types of work that are really hard to do and you also need some mental effort to complete them. You can complete all these types of work in the morning because our mind works really well in the morning.

Shortlist your all deep works to complete them just after the most important tasks. After completing your deep work you will definitely be going to feel free whole day.

How to Concentrate Better by Knowing Distracting Points

You can increase your productivity by concentrating properly because staying focused is the first step. And you can work more focused when you know what distracts you most. Shortlist all the distracting tasks and remove them from your life such as your Snapchat or Instagram account.

Enhance Productivity by Breaking your Tasks

As we can’t eat the whole bread at once. Similarly, we also should not force our mind or body to complete all the tasks at once. Know all the tasks that you going to complete today, make your mind map. Find how you going to complete that tasks, and break them into pieces.

How to Become more Productive by Taking Short Breaks

Either you are human or a machine you need some rest to work better. It just like you are on a long ride and your car temperature starts increasing you can’t force your car to run more. You need to wait for a while to complete your task because our bodies behave the same so take short breaks to increase your productivity.

How to be Productive by Making Fast Decisions

“A person asked Facebook CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) why did you wear a gray T-shirt and blue jeans all the time. Did he do not have enough T-shirts? Mark send him a screenshot of a showroom having only gray T-shirts and blue jeans.

And then Mark tells him that I didn’t have enough time to select the colors of what I am going to wear. I have many other different tasks too.”. If want to be productive you need to save your time from works like bargaining with the shopkeeper, choosing a black or white shirt, and many more.

How to Concentrate on Work by Finding Repeatable Shortcuts

Bill gates said, “he loves to hire lazy people in Microsoft because they are the only ones. Who can find the shortest way to complete a work”. If you are lazy like me that’s isn’t a bad thing you can also find shortcuts to complete a task. Just like forwarding Christmas wishes instead of downloading an image from google then wishing to your friend.

How to be Productive by Learning From Mistakes

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Said “Mistakes are the best teacher in the world” and this line hits me really hard. The best quality of a productive person is that they don’t get demotivated by failures. Instead, they learn from failures and try to improvise themselves. This is how they get one step ahead towards success.

How to be more Productive by Saying “NO”

Productive people tend to value their time. They focus on getting more important tasks done and simply deny doing any kind of silly stuff for people. A productive person considers time as the most valuable thing in the world. They know very well that there are few people who just want to get their work done without doing any hard work. Just do the same if someone has any doubt ask them did they have research on the internet before coming to you.

How to Concentrate Better by Doing a Task at a Time

To be productive you need to be focused on your task. Jack Ma said, “If there are 9 rabbits in the ground and you want to catch one just focus on one”. Don’t confuse your mind just tell yourself that you can’t do multi-tasks at a time. So stay focused only on the task that you are working on to increase your productivity.

Do Exercises regularly to be Productive

Body activeness is the first step to be productive. If you wake up early in the morning and do some exercise then your body will feel fresh and you won’t get tired easily. This will help you get more work done. Do some exercise for at least 30 minutes anytime if you do not have enough time in the morning.

Develop a Reading Habit

Most successful persons in the world do not waste their time watching reels of memes. Even Mark Zuckerberg who created these time-exhausting apps does not waste time on them. They used to read helpful & successful people’s books to sharpen their knowledge. You can also replace your social media with life-changing books such as how to win friends and influence people.

The 80/20 Rule of Being Productive

This rule was discovered by Vilfredo Pareto an Italian economist. In simple words, 80% result of our work comes from 20% of our work. To adopt this rule in your life to increase your productivity. You just need to identify 20% of the most important of your work. Then schedule the remaining 80% of your work.

Most Common Questions Asked to Elon Musk

Q1. How much Elon musk sleep?

Elon Musk sleeps only 6 hours a day.

Q2. Does Elon Musk work 100 hours a week?

According to the businessinsider Elon Musk work 85- 100 hours a week.

Q3. What does Elon Musk do in his free time?

Well he loves to watch anime in weekends with his girlfriend Grimes.


How to be productive in a month has a simple answer. You just need to adopt some good habits in your daily life. Your productivity is not going to increase just after reading this blog. But you can make small changes in your daily life after reading this blog.

That changes will definitely going to increase your productivity. If you had followed these tips strictly for more than a month. High productivity will become your habit.

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