7 Unbelievable Benefits of Amla on Health (Indian Gooseberry)

benefits of amla

People find it difficult to eat amla because they might don’t know the benefits of amla. Amla has many nutrients, it is esteemed as a superfood by many health fans. And why not, amla health benefits are numerous and help in curing diseases.

Let’s first know some facts, before scrolling down through the benefits of amla. Along with other nutrients, amla is a rich source of Vitamin C. On the basis of how much Vitamin C you’ll get; one amla is approximately equalled to 20 oranges.

According to Ayurveda, amla has been used to make many Ayurvedic medicines. It helps in improving the skin, hair, eyesight along with managing chronic diseases like cancer, asthma, heart diseases, etc.

Amla is also considered a natural energizer and helps in increasing stamina. Now scroll down to know the uses of amla for yourself.

Benefits of Amla In Human Body

Benefits of Amla for Eyesight

benefits of amla for eyes
Amla helps in improving the eyesight

The problem of eyesight is there in every age group, either because of the growing age or some disease or can be any other reason. However, eating amla can help in improving your eyes.

According to Ayurveda, amla helps in enhancing the “Alochika Pitta” that is said to govern our eyesight. Regular consumption of Indian gooseberry benefits the eye muscles.

It is not over yet. Another benefit of eating amla or drinking its juice daily is that it can help you in reducing cataract issues and itchiness.

Benefits of Amla for Immunity

amla helps in boosting immunity
Amla helps in fighting Cough and Cold

Amla contains around 20 times more Vitamin C than oranges. That means you are consuming sufficient Vitamin C to boost your immunity. It also contains antioxidants that improve the production of WBCs.  

These white blood cells then fight with free radicals, thus boosting our immunity. Vitamin C also helps in reducing the risk of infections as it has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. During this corona period, another significant amla health benefit is that it can help you to recover fast from cough and cold.

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Benefits of Amla for Digestion

amla improves the digestive system
Amla improves the Digestion

Amla is a fibre-rich fruit that is helpful for those who have digestion problems. Nowadays, because of eating these junk foods, people are consuming less fibre and having the problem of constipation, gas and stomach heaviness.

Here, apart from fibre, amla benefits in improving the performance of gastric juices for the better dissolution of food. Also, amla is alkaline which helps in strengthening the digestive system.

As amla is rich in Vitamin C, it helps in better absorption of some plant-based irons that are otherwise hard to absorb.

Thus, regular consumption of Indian gooseberry benefits you in curing many stomach related problems and also improving digestion.

Amla Benefits for Skin

amla benefits for skin
Amla makes your skin look younger

If you’re having some skin related problems, then add amla to your daily diet and just wait to see wonders. Till this time you surely know that amla is rich in Vitamin C. It helps in increasing the production of collagen, which is a connective tissue for skin, hair and other organs.

A higher amount of collagen helps your skin look more fit and soft. Amla juice benefits in reducing the wrinkles on your face. It also helps in fighting the ageing cells that make your skin younger. There are so many other homemade remedies for wrinkles that you can try and look more beautiful.

Wait, there are more amla benefits for the skin. Amla can help you in getting rid of your pimple problems. You can also use the amla paste and apply it to the acne and wash it after 5-10 minutes. if you are affected by acne, then you should have knowledge about what causes acne?

Also, amla is a blood purifier that helps in reducing the chances of acne and makes our skin glow. To be more precise, amla assists in getting rid of the dead cells on our face and also lightens the scars.

Amla Benefits for Hair

amla benefits for hair
Amla is a natural Hair-Straightener

Eating amla is beneficial in solving hair problems like falling of hair, premature whitening, dandruff etc.

You just need to gently apply the amla juice to your hair. The antioxidants present in the amla will help you in reducing hair fall and dandruff. It will also prevent premature greying of hairs. You should also use amla juice while following other tips for healthy hair.

Another amla benefit for hair is that it helps in the nourishment of the hair, which helps in better growth. If you consume amla regularly, then it will also help in boosting collagen production which improves your hair. We have some more hair growth remedies for you to try.

For so many years, amla is used as a natural hair conditioner by a large chunk of people.  Just apply its juice and wash it when it is dried. People also use amla to straighten their hair.

Uses of Amla in Losing Weight

amla reduces weight
Amla helps in losing weight

Amla is an important part of your weight loss diet. As mentioned above amla is a rich source of fibres, it helps in improving your digestion. Also, when you eat a fibre-rich fruit, then you feel full for a longer time. Thus, helping you in eating less.

Based on the studies, it can be said that amla has fat-burning properties. This improves the metabolism of the body, and good metabolism can help you in burning more calories easily. And, good metabolism can help you in burning more calories easily. It reduces the toxins and the fat deposits in the body.

It is recommended for people who want to lose weight to drink the amla juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

Benefits of Amla in Pain Relief

Amla reduces the pain
Amla brings relief to the pain

Amla has anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful during the time of pain. Consuming amla can relieve people from muscle pain and joint pain.

Amla is also advantageous in the cure of mouth ulcers. All you need to do is add some amla juice to the glass of water and gargle.

Different Ways to Consume Amla

Like there are so many benefits of eating amla, there are also so many different ways to consume it. After knowing some amazing amla juice benefits, I want to tell you that many people consume amla by drinking its juice.

You can also consume it in the form of pickle or murabba, powder and can make amla candy. Amla is the main ingredient of chyawanprash, so you can also eat it.


After reading the benefits of amla, I don’t think you are still thinking about its taste. And, you should not. There are so many uses of amla that are enough to add to your diet. Daily consumption of amla will result in a better immune system, skin, hair and eyesight. It is also beneficial in fighting some chronic diseases.