What Causes Acne: Your Most Important Question Answered

This Is Why Pimple Comes Out To Your Face.

What Causes Acne

What causes acne – Oh the acne and pimples! They suck so bad. Isn’t it? Those nasty skin conditions cruelly play with a person’s self-esteem and confidence during the early formative teenage years. The only possible relief is that most teenage population goes through acne and pimples.

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It is mainly due to the hormonal imbalances in that age which lead to conditions causing pimples. However, there can be more answers to the question of what causes acne apart from hormonal imbalance. In most cases, acne results from clogged skin pores which have hair follicles beneath then.

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There are sebaceous glands present beneath the skin which secretes oil. In normal conditions, that oil is removed during the daily cleaning process.

However, when they are not cleaned properly, or there is over secretion of oil due to some reasons, a bacteria called acne.b along with foreign particles start accumulating in the pore. This eventually results into what is known as an outbreak of a pimple.

More On Acne

Most causes of acne revolve around conditions that lead to extra oil production on skin.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common causes of acne:

1. Role of Genetics

Unfortunately, genetics do play a crucial role in the outbreak of pimples. If your parents suffered from acne in their earlier years, the chances are that you too will go through those stages. The good thing is that you may only look at their skin now and breathe a sigh of relief if there are no scars.

This is because most probably you will also recover from acne just like they did. You can even ask your parents about what solutions they used to get rid of their acne, and chances are those solutions will work for you as well. This is particularly in the case of teenage years when you are most susceptible to pimples.

2. Hormones- The Main Villain

Hormones are the primary culprits behind acne as identified by medical professionals. The major hormones behind pimples are androgen which leads to acne in both males and females. These hormones, especially the testosterone increase the production of oil from sebaceous glands.

This overproduction may lead to blocking of skin pores and extra oil become trapped with dirt, bacteria, and other foreign materials. This is what causes acne in the first place.

The hormonal changes associated with puberty during teenage years, premenstrual cycles in women (PMS), menopause, and pregnancy- all may lead to overproduction of oils and finally acne and pimples. This is the reason why women are more prone to developing pimples even after teenage years as they go through all these conditions.

3. Stress Increases Acne

Next to genetics and hormones, stress is a leading cause or at least a strong proponent of pimples. This is because when you are stressed out, the adrenal glands in your body release cortisol- the fight or flight stress hormone in the body. This release is accompanied by a small amount of testosterone as well which causes over secretion of oil from sebaceous glands. Moreover, as mentioned in above point, that is not good news for you.

4. What Foods Cause Acne

what-foods-cause-acneThere is no proven direct correlation between intake of certain foods and causes of acne. People usually believe that eating chocolates, sugary foods, and spicy foods lead to acne or pimples. However, while you should not eat these foods anyway to maintain your general health, these foods do not cause acne themselves.

Instead, they give rise to conditions or side effects that cause pimples. For instance, intake of spicy foods is often followed by an increase in body temperature and hence growth in oil and sweat production. This is an ideal condition for acne bacteria called acne.b to start its action and cause pimples.

Similarly, high intake of sugary foods or foods with high GI can trigger the formation of acne. Fatty foods and sugar rich diet also cause inflammation of the skin which can aggravate the acne.

5. Excessive and Faulty Use of Cosmetics

Many chemical cosmetics and makeup products often clog the skin pores. This clogging of pores is the primary reason behind acne and pimples. Many makeup items involving foundation work often work by plugging pores to prevent oil secretion which can ruin the makeup.

However, if you do not properly remove the makeup from skin, those pores remain closed with oil and other particles trapped inside. With time, this results into an outbreak of pimples. To avoid this condition, first, you should properly clean your face and remove the makeup before going to sleep.

You should also try to check for an oil-free label or “non-comedogenic” label in skin care products. Non-Comedogenic means that product will not clog your skin pores thereby keeping your skin healthy and beautiful at the same time.

6. Lack of regular face cleaning routine

Since pimples are caused by an accumulation of dirt particles, excess oil, bacteria inside the pores, a daily routine of cleaning the face is necessary. When you wash your face regularly especially after coming from outside or after working out, you remove foreign elements, polluted particles, dirt, or extra sweat and oil from the pores on your face.

Failing to do so will inevitably cause them to accumulate and clog the pores. This is what would eventually lead to that unwanted acne and pimples. However, do not over clean your face either as it will cause your facial skin to become dry causing your glands to secrete more oil.

7. Environmental factors

Your local weather and environment also play a significant role in a pimple outbreak. High temperature or humid environment often cause you to sweat more leading to a more oily skin. Acne loves the oily skin and thrives in such conditions. So, if you find your pimple breakout happening in summers or humid, rainy seasons often then this could be the reason. Try cleaning your face more times during these days to remove excess oil.

8. Medication

medicationCertain types of medication may also cause pimples by leading to an increase in few hormones linked with acne production. Steroids and oral contraceptive drugs are some of the most common medicinal drugs which lead to an increase in acne.

You must check the ingredients of the drug before taking it. If you can look at its side effects, then it is a bonus. Some compounds of iodine, lithium chloride and lithium present in medicines can also cause pimples. The best way is always to inquire with your doctor for the potential side effects of recommended drugs.

We are sure that now you will be able to understand the causes of pimples. The proper understanding of what causes acne is the first step to effective treatment of them.

Did we miss any other reasons behind acne? Tell us in the comments below. If you still confused what causes acne, comment below.

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