These 12 Home Office Ideas Will Enhance Your Productivity

Improve your productivity and set a office space at home with these ideas.

home office ideas

Home Office Ideas – Let’s face it! Most of us would love to work from home. But, without an office, things can get difficult. Not having an office or a workplace in your home can reduce your productivity and may even make you more lethargic. However, right home office ideas can spruce up your workplace and even set the scene to make you more productive!

Check out these awesome home office ideas for some inspiration.

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12. A Workplace with ‘Views’

A workplace with ‘views’

You do not want to feel tired and stressed while working at home. So, set up your office in a space, which receives ample sunlight. It could be near a window around an empty corner. Place your desk and chair in front of that window, and fill the space with a tall bookshelf. However, remember to keep your add-on furniture to be in sync with the existing ones for aesthetic reasons.

11. Make it Functional

Make it functional

When it comes to home office décor, you should focus on functionality. It is not necessary to have a traditional desk in order to keep your work rolling. You can go for double duty decorating by making use of things like an attractive armoire, which not only serves as your working desk but also comes in handy for stashing expensive chinaware, silverware or stemware items.

10. Bold and Bright

Bold and Bright

Want to make work fun? Increase your productivity? Then create workstations that are bold and bright by keeping the color scheme fun and invigorating. Make the area as functional as possible by adding shelves and storage accessories that your kids may like. After all, office color has significant effects on worker productivity.

9. A Corner for a Workstation

A Corner for a Workstation

Don’t have much space? Use this home office design to create a workplace sanctuary. In your bedroom, study room or any other area, have a desk and a chair that’s mainly designed for the office. Don’t eat there, sleep there or read there. This should be the place where you work. Only keep necessary office items here.

8. Floral Power (Colorful Home Office Ideas)

Floral Power

Refreshing floral prints are great for increasing your productivity and help you feel calmer. So, add floral prints on the wall or use real flowers, if needed.

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7. Revival of Style

Revival of style

Just because it is an office doesn’t mean that you have to shove neutral colors down your throat. Instead, try ideas for home office that incorporate splash of colors with neutral settings.

That would give a different, livelier appearance to your workspace. It also comes in handy for differentiating your space. Use colorful designer wallpapers, couches or cabinets for achieving the same.

6. Minimalism


If you aren’t too fond of flashy themes or have a strict budget, consider going minimal. Minimalism will add classiness without letting you go overboard. All you need to focus on is to blend in things appropriately. Use traditional and subtle looking office furniture and accessories, as they would easily blend in with your existing décor settings and wouldn’t  feel out of place.

5. Utilize the Wall

Utilize the wall

When it comes to home offices, everything has to be functional. You cannot waste space. So have cabinets and drawers installed in the walls as well. Instead of bare walls, have floating shelves or functional cabinets for creating space and efficient storage solution.

4. Split Spaces

Split spaces

It is possible that you may not find the desired space at your home for setting up the home office. There is a possibility that the only available space is the one adjacent to the kitchen or the living area. So, what kind of home office designs you can use then?

Well, you can start by introducing simple architectural detail in between the two spaces. Basically, a wall to separate the area or some other kind of separation. However, focus on keeping the color palette consistent and try using neutral color scheme so that the place does not look out of style.


Secret nook

For those homes that don’t have demarcated free space for setting up home offices, one has to be created intelligently. All you need is spare surface. Curtain that area cleverly by using tall bookshelves on one side and curtains on the other. Use a multifunctional desk cum armoire for creating an efficient home office setup.

2. Divide and Conquer

Divide and conquer

The area that was once your workspace is now filled with your kids’ toys and all other kinds of stuff. So, what does that mean? Is it the end of what was once your office space? No! Not at all! Be Smart!

Use colors that are in sync with the kids’ room and incorporate a separation intelligently. If you are concerned about the noise, then either work when the kids aren’t around or when they are studying.

1. Extend the Bedroom

Extend the bedroom

Gone are the days when bedrooms were solely used for relaxing and being lazy. Modern times call for contemporary settings where you can create a harmonious work zone, which not only looks smart and attractive but also appears to be a natural extension of your existing bedroom.

Use smart chairs and a decorative desk along with rich textures and soothing color palette to make the space in sync with your sleeping space. Make sure that this area isn’t used for other purposes. Perhaps, have a small separation designed or add a little glass door for separation.

So, which one of the home office ideas would you like to try?

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