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Living Room Rugs Ideas – Those bare floors can add such a dull look to your home. However, a rug can be a centerpiece of your living room and add foundation for making your room a gorgeous space. So, check out these patterns and designs for living room area rugs and let a rug become the heart of your living room.

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1Multicolored Patterned Area Rug

Multicolored Patterned Area Rug

For living rooms that have a smaller width, add a splash of color with this beautifully patterned living room rug. The patterned design, with a host of colors, will bring out the vibrancy of your room. Recommended for hardwood floors or lighter tiles.

2Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs

Sophisticated, elegantly and exceptionally well detailed, Persian living room rugs are the king of all rugs. Use these rugs to soften the overall look of your traditional living area. Or, you can add a classic twist to your modern interiors. The chic rugs should be chosen in luxurious, darker hues. If you want something more affordable, try Oriental Rugs.

3Black & White Striped Area Rugs

Black & White Striped Area Rugs

Nothing works better than monochromatic themes for a contemporary home. This type of patterned rug is perfect for living areas. Choose larger designs to bring out the sophistication of your home interiors. This is one of the amazing Living Room Rugs Ideas we ever got.

4Light Orange Circular Rugs

Light Orange Circular Rugs

Circular area rugs for living room are an excellent alternative for chic homes. Something as chic as this set of rugs can be used in any home that involves brown and cream colors. The orange accents bring out the beauty of interiors. At the same time, the addition of three small rugs adds essential uniqueness.

5Sisal rug

Sisal rug

Sisal rugs work best for minimalistic décor settings or smaller living rooms. You don’t have to make much effort in such a case, as a simply contrasting sisal living room rug will be more than enough to define your space. Place all the furniture on one of these rugs and let them visually separate the seating area from the rest of space.

6Flair Rugs Multicolored

Flair Rugs Multicolored

Ideal for contemporarily styled living areas, flair rugs can work wonders for defining your space. Their colorful geometric patterns add a fanciful charm and elevate the sophistication factor of your home.

7Black Polypropylene Rug

Black Polypropylene Rug

Universally appealing, this European living room area rug is always a great addition for any home. They can be blended with all kinds of interiors.

8Flat Weave Orange Area Rug

Flat Weave Orange Area Rug

If you are looking for living room rugs ideas then this rich, colorful rug for living room will breathe liveliness and appeal to your living area. It can contrast with lighter and brown accents, making it perfect for all kinds of décor.

9Brown Hand Tufted Rug

Brown Hand Tufted Rug

Hand tufted rugs can transform any home. They exude warmth and sophistication. The weaving technique gives them refined texture. Choose something with geometric or abstract them for rooms that have a warm theme or warmed wall colors.

10Zebra Pattern Rug

Zebra Pattern Rug

The rich design works well with semi-modern furnishings and with spacious rooms. Recommended for living rooms with large windows, this kind of design disperses light for a luxurious appeal.

11Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide Rugs

Natural, durable and long lasting, cowhide rugs are unique in pattern, size and shapes. The abstract pattern on these rugs gives them a unique edge, making them perfect for apartment living rooms.
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12Speckled Shag Rug

Speckled Shag Rug

Neutral color tones make them a must have. A speckled shag rug with its cloud-like puffs creates refined appeal. Because of its neutral color schemes, it immediately fit in all kinds of décor settings without much of a hassle.
Lastly, when buying a rug, keep these factors in mind,

  • It should be family friendly if you have kids
  • It should be sized according to your living room
  • Experiment with bold and daring patterns
  • Don’t shy away from colorful additions
  • Consider other than rectangular rugs as well
  • Unite different colors on rugs with patterns
  • Ensure that the design appears comfortable
  • Have an inspirational touch or a pop of hues
  • Experimenting with layering rugs over one another

Inspired by these Living Room Rugs Ideas? Then go ahead and transform your home!

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