35 Quick & Easy Ways to Make Money at Home

Stay Home & Make More Money By Following These Ideas.

how to make money at home

How to Make Money at Home – Not interested in going to the office? Want to work from home? Interested in making money at home? If you said yes, this article is worth reading for you! We tell you about 35 excellent ways to make money at home. Use your skills, use your interests, be a little active and get ready to make money at home!

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Here are the solutions on how to make money at home? Try them.

Work as a Medical Transcriptionist

One of the best ways to earn money at home is to work as a medical transcriptionist. All you need to do is to convert patients’ related audio files into text.

The necessary skills required to work as a medical transcriptionist include:

You should have good command over grammar.
You should have good typing speed.
You should have the ability to listen properly.
You should have knowledge of medical terminology.

If you are really serious about working as a medical transcriptionist, then doing a short course in the same stream is also beneficial. You can also place your resume at the suitable places and may even contact the doctors in your proximity.

Do Online Surveys

Doing surveys lets you make money at home in an easy way. There are many companies which pay you for doing their online surveys. Though the amount offered for each survey is very less but when you do many surveys for many companies, you can earn a significant amount.

What you need to have:
You should have a laptop or desktop with a good speed internet connection.
You should have at least 2 hrs a day for doing surveys so that you can make a large amount at the end of the month.

However, do check for the authenticity of websites before actually getting involved in this work.

Become a Writer

Do you have the flair for writing? If yes, you can earn money easily at home. By simply typing ‘online jobs’ in any search engine, you will see various results that show the requirement of a writer. The payment for various writings may vary. Find out the best ones, post your write-up samples and get paid for your writing skills.

Requirements to earn money as a writer include:

Good command over your language.
Excellent writing skills.
Good command over grammar.
Ability to write creatively and impressively.
You should have a laptop/ desktop with the internet connection if you want to work from home as a writer.

Earn Money as a Medical Case Worker

Working as a medical case worker is also a great idea to earn money while working at home. If you love to take care of people and can well assess an individual’s health, make referrals to the doctor, set up visits to doctors and can regularly track record of a patient’s progress, then this job is for you.

Contact health care agencies or doctors to find the job in this direction or simply search online for the relevant vacancies in your area.

How to Make Money at Home By Surfing the Internet

Surf the InternetDo you know that you can get paid for simply surfing the internet? Do you know that there are companies like Swagbucks.com which pay you for each search you make online? Swagbucks also give you five dollars for just signup process.

Though you do not get paid too much, you can make 200 plus dollars at the end of the year. Moreover, that’s a fairly good amount if you look at the comfort and ease involved with this job. You just need to move your fingers and make few clicks, and you’re done!

Rent or Sell Your Clothes Online

This is an awesome idea to make money at home! All of us have lots of such cloths which we do not use. Just take a look at your closet and you would understand what I am trying to say! Yes! You got it right! Sell or rent your cloths online.

How to Sell Clothes Online:
Check your wardrobe and take out all clothes which you do not use.
Make a list of all such items and decide their price for renting or selling purpose.
Click pictures of each and every item.
Upload the photographs, price and your contact details on the relevant sites.
You can take help of sites like Snapgoods.com, Loanables.com, and rentnotbuy.com.

Sell Your Own Craft

Do you have the skills for making the craft? Do you like making creative pieces of art which can immediately captivate the attention of anyone? If yes, it’s time to convert your art into some money.

The Internet is full of sites like Etsy.com, which allow people to showcase their wares as well as artistic skills. When a product is sold you get the amount for a percent transaction fee.

Download Certain Applications & Get Paid

We all carry smartphones and keep on downloading various apps now and then! However, what if you get money for downloading and installing certain apps? Yes! This is true that there are many companies like Google, which pay the users for installing their applications.

These are apps which collect data from the user and help to get a clear picture of mobile usage. Once you have installed an app, you would be paid every month for keeping those specific apps installed over your phone.

Make Money by Selling Your Junk Mail

This is one of the most exciting ways to make money at home! You can make money by just selling your junk mail. All of us get unwanted mails from lots of companies and people. We all delete those mails. But from now on try using SBK center.

It is a market research company which gives you Visa prepaid cards when you send your junk mails to them. These cards can be used just like debit cards. So this time, when you log into your email, do not forget to use your junk mail for making money.

Sell Your Waste or Unused Items

Sell Your Waste or Unused ItemsIf you have got some time, take a look around your house. Do you see items that are not in use since years? You would find some items of that category. Because what happens is that we keep on collecting goods for their future use but that appropriate time to use them, never arrives!

Sell such unused products online. There are persons all around the globe who want to buy some second-hand things at a reasonable price. You serve your products to such people and earn money!

Participate in Online Recipes Contests

Who says that good cooking skills can be used for making good food only? Well, you can use these skills to make money and fame! Just surf the internet for some time and you would discover cookery sites which pay you for your innovative and interesting recipes.

Also, do not forget to look for online recipes contest! You simply have to write the ingredients and recipe along with relevant and interesting pictures for each step.

Participate in Online Essay Contests

It’s alright if you love writing but cannot work as a regular writer. In that case, you need to use their writing skills in online essay contests. That way, you would not have to write regularly but only occasionally. If your essay wins, you get the decided reward and get published.

What You Need to Do:

  • Search for online essay contests.
  • Select a topic of your interest.
  • Do some research and create impressive content.
  • Post it and you’re done!
  • Even if you have missed on the submission dates, just get subscribed for future information.

Work as an Online Tutor

If teaching is your passion but you do not want to move out of your home, it’s time to work as an online tutor. It’s an excellent, elegant and intelligent way to use your teaching talent. Search for sites that require online instructors and get enrolled after getting satisfied with their payment terms and conditions.

Earn Money by Watching Television

Have you heard about RewardTV? In case, you do not know about it, let us explain that for you! RewardTV is a company which asks questions related to recent television shows. If you provide correct answers, you get paid for it. So the more you watch tv, more are the chances of winning and hence, more earnings!

Sell Your SmartPhone Photos

Sell Your SmartPhone PhotosIf you can click creative and excellent quality photographs, you can use this skill to make easily money at home.

What you need to do:

  • Download the application called Foap.
  • This is a free application.
  • Complete the signup process.
  • Access your account and upload good quality photographs.
  • Interested people will buy the license to your photograph for ten dollars.
  • Moreover, you will get dollar ten for the same.

Look for Free Gift Cards Online

In your spare time, do a search for free gift cards online. There are numerous companies which provide free gift cards to their regular customers. Just find out such sites, get subscribed, read the terms and conditions and start collecting your free gift cards.

According to Wikipedia, “a gift card is a prepaid stored-value money card usually issued by a retailer or bank to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store or related businesses.”

Provide Slogans for Companies & Get Paid

Can you describe a product in a short and sweet manner? Do you have creative writing skills? Do you have the ability to write in a concise yet interesting way? If yes, try providing slogans to major companies and get ready to get paid.

There are numerous online companies which need creative slogans for their various products. Check out for such authentic sites. You can also try the sites of greetings as they often need people with good writing skills.

Be an HR Executive

Nowadays there is a trend to work with an HR person from the home. The relevant HR consultancies provide you with the available vacancies and list of candidates for those vacancies. All you need to do is to call up each candidate from that list and let them know about the vacancy.

If the candidate is interested, you have to inform the concerned company and schedule the interview. Once the candidate is selected, you get paid through decided commission on each selection.

Earn Money By Naming Companies

There are many small nameless companies in the world which are looking for an interesting name for them. ‘How to name a startup’ is a big question for these companies! These small businesses provide a little information about them and organize naming contests. If you provide a suitable name which gets selected by the company, you get paid between fifty to five hundred dollars.

Do Data Entry Jobs

Do Data Entry JobsSimply love typing and want to convert this skill into a source of income? Try doing data entry jobs. A plenty of data entry jobs are available online. You can also search for relevant jobs in your area and can work from home.

Though the amount offered is very less for each task of data entry but by doing much work every day, you can collect, overall, a good amount.

Start a Daycare Center

If you need a break from online typing jobs or writing jobs and want to do something different, try starting up a daycare center. Parents will leave their kids at your center. You will have to look after those kids who will stay at your home for day long.

What you need:

An appropriate space to start a daycare center.
Children books, toys, and other helpful accessories.
One or two people to assist you if you have got more kids to look after.
Moreover, of course, lots of interest in kids!

Start Your Tuition Classes

If you do not want to work as an online teacher, use your teaching skills by starting your tuition center. Decide an appropriate fee for each subject. Look and arrange for a suitable study place. Decide the tuition timings by conversing with your students and begin your classes.

Teach Music

Do you love music? Can you play any musical instrument like guitar or violin? If yes, why not teach music to people? Make use of mouth publicity or simple use pamphlets to inform people about your interesting music classes. A very exciting and creative way to earn money at home!

Read Stories to Children

Though a recent research shows that kids of working moms are better off but still, kids need attention and time from parents. Children love to listen to stories. However, when their parents are both working, they do not get time to read stories to their children.

Why not help those children and earn money also? You can read stories to kids in a creative way and can keep them engaged for an hour or so. If this idea clicks, you will have more people coming to you in a short period of time.

Start Cookery Classes

Start Cookery ClassesUse your cooking skills in making money at home. Initiate your cookery classes. Teach baking tips, cocktail tips and various interesting recipes to people. You cook and let them cook too! Get appreciated for your skills and also make money simultaneously.

Work on School Projects

Schools provide many project and assignments to the students. Help the students with their special projects and assignments. You do not need to run tuition classes for that. Rather, specify that you help students finish their project assignments.

Also, charge a reasonable fee for each project by analyzing the project regarding the complexity and research involved.

Set up a Boutique

If you love designing dresses and have got sewing knowledge, this one is for you! Set up a boutique and display dresses designed by you. If you do not want to get involved in the sewing or stitching procedure, hire experienced people for the same.

You design the dresses and get them stitched through someone else. Fix price tags on each dress and they are ready to go!

Deliver Nutritious Lunch Box

If you live in an area having few schools in it, try using the idea of delivering nutritious lunch boxes in those schools. Consult the school administration and convince them about how your nutritious food can help kids grow in a better way.

As an alternative, you can also converse with the parents. Keep some helpers with you. Prepare only good yet interesting food items for kids. Deliver the lunch boxes. Decide an appropriate amount for each lunch box.

Be a Customer Care Executive

Companies need customer care staff to sell and promote their products. Now-a-days you will find many companies that allow you to work as their customer care executive from home. Contact such companies. Collect their list of products. Collect the list of phone numbers and people whom you need to call up and start with this job.

Teach Personality Development Skills to People

Teach Personality Development Skills to PeopleIf you have done a course on personality development and know how to teach it to other people, you can start your classes on personality development skills. All you need is a suitable place where people can sit and learn those skills.

Run a Beauty Parlor

Do you know how to do a pedicure, manicure, waxing, threading, facial or haircut? If yes, why not start your beauty parlor at home. Setting up a parlor is a one-time investment. Once your parlor becomes known to people, you will start earning good amount of money through it.

Teach Grooming Tips for Interview

It is an interesting and valuable tip to make money at home. You won’t believe, but some people need grooming tips for appearing for an interview. Help those people by teaching them important grooming tips. Let them crack interview in a wonderful way and you make money by teaching grooming tips.

Rate & Review Products

This is one of the easiest ways to make money while working at home. Rather, you can do this from anywhere if you have got a smartphone or your laptop with you! Numerous companies out there pay people for rating and reviewing their companies.

Search such companies and spare few minutes on this task. In all, you will get the good amount for this small job.

Sell Notes to other Students

Generate some money by sharing and selling your notes to other students. You will find sites like Notesale, which do not charge the fee for uploading your notes. However, they cut a little amount from your profit when your notes get sold.

Try Writing a Kindle eBook

If you have got guts of writing an eBook you can easily make money through it. Write an eBook and get it published on the Amazon Kindle Store. Moreover, the Kindle application is recently available on almost every device.

Use any or few of these tips on a regular basis and you would see yourself making extra money at home.

If you have got your legitimate ways to make money at home, do share with us. Keep writing! Keep commenting!

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