Home Decor

Home Decor

Give your home a stunning look which will soothe your senses and fill you with joy whenever you enter your house. With Living Hours, you will get a sneak peak into the modern home decor ideas which will enhance the interior design of your rooms like anything.

Whether you are looking for kitchen cabinet ideas or master bedroom designs, you will find an excellent collection of home decor styles here. These also include contemporary furniture,  bedroom decoration, wall decor, bedroom interior design, and even antique home decor ideas. Even if you do not want to burn a huge hole in your pocket, you will discover cheap home decor ideas which are equally beautiful.

If you want to show off your creative side, you can find various DIY Home decor ideas. You can be sure of finding a perfect look for your homes, furniture, bedroom, kitchen, bookshelves, and other areas. So, start going through this fantastic collection of home decor ideas and enhance the style of your homes!

White Living Room Ideas

31 Elegant White Living Room Ideas Which Are Pure Perfection

White Living Room Ideas - Your living room is a representation of the energy and aura of your entire house. The way you live is reflected a lot in the design of your living...
These 50 Beautiful Blue Kitchen Ideas Will Instantly Inspire You to Renovate Your Kitchen

Beautiful Blue Kitchen Ideas Will Instantly Inspire You to Renovate Your Kitchen

Blue Kitchen - Blue is among the favorite colors of most people. The color instills a deep feeling of peace, tranquility, confidence and trust. No wonder corporates extensively use this color in their attires....
Kids Bedroom ideas

These Creative Kids Bedroom Ideas Will Nurture your Child’s Imagination

Kids Bedroom Ideas - Designing your kids room can be hassling. After all, kids and adults have different tastes when it comes to interior décor. So, we have combined designs for kids bedroom that are...
Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Decor! Live Creatively Inspired Life

Farmhouse Decor - Whether you have a suburban home or a farmhouse, you can always try these farmhouse decorating ideas to bring barn life closer to you. And the best part, these farmhouse design...
kitchen curtain ideas

Kitchen Curtain Ideas: The Best Window Treatment

Kitchen Curtain Ideas - You may have given considerable thought to the window treatment in your bedroom or the living room. However, you may have shrugged the idea of kitchen curtains. Much think that...
Home Office Decorating Ideas

Nine Inspiring Home Office Decorating Ideas

Home Office Decorating Ideas - It's time you ditch your regular office and embrace the power of a comfy home office! Home offices do not raise eyebrows anymore. In fact, they are considered a...
Home Gym Flooring

Home Gym Flooring Ideas for Best Results

Home Gym Flooring - Thinking of converting some extra space in your home to a gym? Then you need the right kind of home gym flooring ideas. But why? Because the flooring rule for your...
Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants: To Redecorate Your Home

Artificial Plants - Interior Landscaping is as important as outdoor landscaping. And even if you are a fan of neutral colors or don’t want to maintain gardens and plants, you should consider getting artificial...
Roof Garden Design

Roof Garden Design: To Make Home Stunning

Roof Garden Design - Don’t have a lot of space in your home? Don’t have a door that opens to a backyard? Then try designing a garden on the roof! Rooftop gardens designs look...
Indoor Flowering Plants

Top 15 Indoor Flowering Plants

Indoor Flowering Plants - Fragrant and fresh, indoor flowering plants can bring such joys to your home. Check out the best blooming beauties and flowering houseplants that you can grow without a hassle. Related: Indoor...

Recent Decor

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Saraf_Furniture Review_FeaturedImage
Living Room Wooden Furniture Online - The first step to setting a vibe for your home is...

17 Exquisite Beach Themed Bedrooms To Bring Back Your Golden Beach Memories

Beach Themed Bedrooms
Beach Themed Bedrooms - Who does not love visiting beautiful beaches and experiencing the cold sea air?...

20+ Exciting Grey Bedroom Ideas For Having A Beautiful Bedroom

Grey Bedroom Ideas
Grey Bedroom Ideas - Deciding the color of your bedroom is one of the most challenging things...