12 Living Room Decorating Ideas to Make it Look Expensive

Make your living room more expensive with these living room decorating ideas.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room Decorating Ideas: The living room is where we invite our friends and family over for various occasions or without one.

This room leaves an impression of our tastes and lifestyle on whoever visits us. It is how we make a picture of people in our minds as well, on how well designed, furnished, and decorated their living room is.

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Nevertheless, in these dear times when we try to make ends meet, it is essential to keep a close eye on the spending plan as well.

Here are some swanky decor ideas for the living room that will not only accommodate your estimated expenses amiably but also make it look super rich all in a welcome manner.

12 Easy Living Room Decorating Ideas to Give it More Sophisticated Looks

1Room’s Color – Pay Special Attention

Lighter hues; make a worthier impact than rooms that have been colored gaudy. Shades like, whites, creams, sky blue, etc., give the room a crisp and untouched feel.

In addition, it is vital to pay special attention to the chaos in the room, we do love all those gifts and decorations, but it may not help the room get to its desired standard. Just keep something of sentimental or historic value and is outstandingly beautiful.

2Change light fixtures


If you are looking for easy fixes, then another idea that is not so cost cutting is to change the lights in the room.

Get some engrossing pendant lights or some classy looking chandelier from bargain thrift stores and replace that repetitious room luminosity.

3Color contrast


Creative display of color contrast can be applied to your living room space, incongruousness can be done by either painting a particular wall differently, the one, which has the most striking, feature in the room, like a collection of your pictures, some spectacular piece of art, even a fireplace.

Alternatively, you can furnish the room in by contradicting the colors of the room and the furniture.

4Eye catching capacious engaging art


Art is something that we all are attracted towards, and especially one that is captivating and mind engaging. Therefore, what had better than one such piece of artwork to adorn the space of our living rooms?

If you are an amazing artist then make one yourself if not, there is no need to panic. You can always invest in one, or for cheaper options try thrift stores and flea markets, yard sales or auctions, the options are innumerable. Your item of art can also become the pivotal subject for sprucing up the room.

5Conceal your television astutely


As much as we love our idiot boxes, they can look out of place in a high-end living room if not concealed decorously. You can use ideas like sliding doors, custom cabinets, integrated design to hide TV cabinets, resurfacing walls, picture gallery as some prototypes to imitate.

These are some incredible options to savvy up the decor of the living room, while not letting go of the homely side of it as well.

6Assimilate sculptural elements


What do you feel when you see an art piece made with a natural element in living rooms, you feel closer to the earth and a sense of calm overcomes us. Furthermore, when it’s done so in quite a crackerjack way. It can be an object sculpted of wood or stone, mud or metal they all intrigue us similarly.

The addition of such an article into the furniture brings about a distinctive nature from all the straight lines and angles. Making the room more accessible and showing your anomalous tastes.

7Incorporate antique furniture


Another go-to option will be to include something with a history into your set up. It’s got to be done skillfully, that it looks at home. A historic item like a mirror, table, tableware, chests, etc. that upon one look demands another will do the job.

An antique item, which screams I belong in a palace. It does not matter where it is that you purchase me from, a yard sale or bargain shop will be a stupendous inclusion.

8Deck up the room by mingling a variety of patterns


Layering and mixing a variety of patterns, materials, and items will give your alcove a riveting view.

Incorporate different materials, to design the floor and walls, like wood and metal, engraved walls, vinyl flooring as some options to make your den vividly textured and designed.

9Add interesting textiles, breathtaking drapes, and picturesque rugs


Create a dynamic bewitching area by using a multiplicity of elements to deck it up. Use ethnic, vibrantly colored, and designed textiles, breathtaking drapes intricately woven and dyed with special designs.

Also using picturesque rugs, carpets, and floor mats, brought from exotic locations, which also attaches a similar feel to your personal taste and space.

10Work with mirrors


Work with mirrors, to make your pad look more spacious and bigger than it actually is. Mirrors not only reflect surfaces but when applied to a piece of furniture on a blank empty wall making it look classy.

You can use mirrors of numerous sizes a big one to adorn an empty wall or relatively small ones framed and placed in different patterns and mirrors cut in distinctive shapes and sizes.

They can camouflage items that do not go along with the theme of the living area.

11Furnish with flowers


There is nothing better than a hint of freshness in a room. Flowers being the best suited for the purpose, along with small potted plants as well.

Integrate an assortment of fresh flowers in a vase or two into the design of your room and they will fill up the need for other decorative items. It is the least expensive form of decoration acquired.

Moreover, all love fresh flowers and an added bonus they smell good as well.

12Organize your bookcase with panache


There are numerous ways to get creative with the settings in your living room, for example if you have a bookcase then arrange it in an attractive manner by keeping books differently in each rack, adding bookends, and a piece of art in a couple of places.

On the other hand, you can also furnish your room with an out of the ordinary bookshelf.

All of the above examples are cost-efficient and easily accessible. Choose from the ones you like and incorporate them into your living room theme.

The basic rule to follow is to stay simple, less is more and then you will never go wrong. These are excellent ways to spruce up while staying cost efficient and getting the praises of your friends and family as well.

Then why not try a few of Living Room Decorating Ideas, them the next time you rearrange your living room.

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