Simple Mehndi Designs

Simple Mehndi Designs – Mehndi looks so beautiful. Doesn’t? It has a subtle color and a beautiful texture. Most importantly, very simple Indian mehndi designs are easy to create. They don’t take much time and unlike other types of tattooing and skin coloring, these simple mehandi designs aren’t permanent in nature.

So, no commitment, right? Check out these simple mehendi designs, Those are really simple to draw.


1. Cheery and Beautiful Mehndi Design

Cheery and Beautiful

This design is like a piece of jewelry used to adorn hands. Everything starting from the three floral patterns on the sides to the pearl strings and the checkered pattern has been done with finesse to ensure that the piece looks nothing less than mesmerizing.

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2. Ganesha Mehndi Design

Ganesha Design

Special events and occasions in India involve worship of Lord Ganesha, the harbinger of happiness, wealth and prosperity. And having simple mehandi designs of Lord Ganesha, is a great way to represent your belief in Indian culture.

This simple mehndi design requires you to construct a few lines for trunk and forehead. Simple curved lines are used for eyes and eyebrows.

3. Shaded Floral Mehndi Design

Shaded Floral

Traced in the shape of a flower, this backhand simple mehndi design has been shaded for adding depth to it. The big floral structure is used as a base here, which is neatly decorated with simple vine patterns and leafy motifs. Perfect for social gatherings.


Start learning simple mehndi designs on Reusable Acrylic hand for mehndi practice(White). Many suggest it as an amazing tool for beginners to learn super mehndi designs. You can use it multiple times, after practicing you can clean it with water or wet cloth. Use natural henna to avoid marks on it or you can also clean it with the help of coconut oil.

4. Half Lace Glove Mehndi Design

Half Lace Glove

It might look complex, but this is an easy mehndi design, drawing attention to hands. Consisting of dots, loops, circles and paisley patterns, this mehndi design is done around your thumb and fingers.

Perfect for engagement and cocktail parties, it requires you to draw curvy lines joined together, mimicking a paisley print. If you have an artistic nature, try adding a shape to the lines at the end, like in the thumb area to give a peacock style image.

5. Hand Jewelry Mehndi Design

Hand Jewelry Design

This simple mehndi design looks like a hand accessory or an ornament of some kind. The intricate part of the design is the bracelet, which has been created using leaf motifs and circular pattern.

And from this bracelet stretches three dotted strings on each side, which connect to a central floral motif drawn at the center of the backside of the palm. This simple mehandi designs are generally useful for those who have long fingers.


Try these amazing henna tattoo stencils for fast temporary tattoo and henna designs. Just fill the hollow with ink or mehndi paste. It’s made of soft PVC which durable and also safe for skin. You can create super mehndi designs with combination of butterflies, flowers and, leaf designs.

6. Fingertip Mehndi Design

Fingertip Design

This is one of the finest examples of simple and easy mehndi designs. If you don’t like gaudy or elaborate designs, use this style. All you need to do is draw a few dots and circles with small lines using the tip of the cone.

7. Simply Leafy Mehndi Design

Simply Leafy

For all those in search of a simple and easy mehndi design that’s chic and suits for all types of occasion, try out this one. A simple formation consisting of intertwined leafy strands, this backhand simple mehndi design will certainly make you appear chic and stylish.


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8. A Floral Tattoo Mehndi Design

A Floral Tattoo

Instead of creating designs that are too small or delicate, try this simple mehndi design. This one is as simple as drawing flowers on a notebook. The large flowers make it easier to maneuver your mehndi cone and detail at the end of the hand provides elegance to the design. Plus its really simple mehndi design for hands.

9. Modern Glove Like Pattern Mehndi Design

Modern Glove Like Pattern

Sophisticated and clean, this is a perfect simple mehndi design for the modern you. The checkered design on the fingernails and a bracelet pattern made of vine, floral and leafy motifs, makes this mehndi simple design fit like a glove.


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10. An Arm Mehndi Tattoo

An Arm Mehndi Tattoo

Don’t want a permanent tattoo? Try this floral, simple mehndi tattoo that’s perfect for all occasions. Use leaves to connect flowers (draw floral borders first). Experiment with three, four or even five petals when it comes to flowers. You can also use a stencil to draw first and fill later.

11. Simple, Clean and Crisp

Simple, Clean and Crisp

Perfect for adults and kids alike, this simple mehndi design is easy to create. Floral patterns, dots, and paisley motifs stretch from back of the wrist to the tip of the index finger like floral strand. To balance out the main design, each of the fingers is adorned with paisley designs and dots.

Applying mehndi designs on hands is artwork. May you are not an expert in applying super mehndi designs. You don’t need to worry too much because you can ease your work with this mehndi Stencil Set. This mehndi stencil set is made of soft PVC and comes with multiple different patterns.

12. Simple Floral Pattern Mehndi Design

Simple Floral Pattern

Give a modern twist to traditional simple mehndi designs with this one. Curvy lines, flower and dots connect together for creating this beautiful mehndi design. It covers 1/4th of the palm, so it is easier to make and is perfect for kids mehndi design.

13. Back Hand Paisley Design

 Back Hand Paisley Design

This is a smart and bold henna design consists of mainly paisley and floral patterns concentrated on the wrist and the central part of the back of your palm. The easy mehndi design on the fingers have been kept minimalistic as well, for mini dots and circles are used for creating a stylish pattern on them.

14. Floral Feet Mehndi Design

Floral Feet

Go beyond the hands. Try feet! This is a simple mehndi design for your feet, which is neither too complex nor too very simple. A large flower is easier to draw with a cone, and the leaves can be shaped or extended any way you want. Plus, since it covers your frontal feet, you can wear it to the office and hide it with formal shoes or pumps.

15. Minimalistic Engagement Strand Mehndi Design

Minimalistic Engagement Strand

This one is a typical floral and paisley backhand mehndi strand, which is worn during engagement ceremonies or special occasions. The design although being complex is crisp and neat. It is a simple mehndi design but beautifully drawn.


If you are not comfortable with mehndi designing practicing hands. Then you should try Silicon thick practice skin that gives the proper feel of skin. Practice multiple mehndi designs silicon thick practice skin hand by reusing it after washing. 

16. All Glitter and stones Mehndi Design

All Glitter and stones

Use of glitters and stones is a fairly new concept in the field of mehndi artwork. They are easy to incorporate and look stunning in unison with traditional patterns. So have simple mehndi designs and accentuate that with glitter. Have three small flowers with leaf motifs and use stones of your choice.

17. Contemporary Mehndi Design

Contemporary Design

Most people find mehndi designs difficult because they have very thin lines. However, this kind of contemporary Easy & simple mehndi designs are easy because the lines are thicker. Incorporate abstract patterns that are simple and avoid creating a complex clutter. Leave some space on your skin, so that the design gets properly highlighted.

If you are at the beginner level of mehndi designing and want to be an expert. We would suggest you buy these mehndi pattern books. These books are explained in a step-by-step process and beautiful images that help to learn mehndi designs easily and faster. 

18. Simple Chakra: Traditional Simple Mehndi Designs

Simple Chakra

If you need a simple mehndi design, which is easy to make and less time consuming, this is the one for you. Here the central chakra acts as the base around which creeping vines are drawn. This design is quite easy to do and consists of very less motifs. The best part is that it suits women of all ages and works for all occasions.

19. Chic Mehndi Design

Chic Design

Great for back of the hand, this mehndi design is simple and easy to create, even if it looks complex. A large leaf in the middle, with vines on the ring finger and the rest of the hand provide the center of this design. At the same time, small flowers at different ends of the leaf offer elaborate detail. Vines near rest of the finger add to the beauty of the design.

20. Minimalistic Spiral Mehndi Design

Minimalistic Spiral Design

If you love mehndi clad feet, then you should definitely try this amazingly simple and easy mehndi design. The spiral pattern looks minimalistic but renders a beautiful touch to your feet. Best suited for any occasions, the design is donned by small details that make it look quite alluring. If you want, you can create an intricate design using the predominant spiral base.

21. Bold Heart Mehndi Design

Bold Heart

Meant especially for the romantic inside you, this simple and easy mehndi design, will add a touch of glamor to your ensemble. Perfect for dinner dates or romantic cruises.

22. Butterfly Mehndi Design

Butterfly Design

All of us had drawn butterflies when we were young, and we can even do so now. This simple design of mehndi doesn’t necessarily needs expert hands to be drawn, as you can do it yourself. It looks classy and lends a glamorous look to arms, feet or back.

23. Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star

Stars are so easy to draw. Use them with small circular patterns and dots. Voila! You have a very simple mehndi design ready!

24. Just Fingers Mehndi Design

Just Fingers

It’s like an embellishment that was once used for homes in India. The traditional design is actually quite easy to draw. Consisting of dots, loops and simple geometric patterns, this simple design of mehndi can be created with quite some ease, without worrying about the limitations of space.

It covers just your fingers while the rest of your hand remains vacant. It a modern rendition of Arabic mehndi patterns, which gives the illusion of you wearing accessories on your fingers.

25. Moon Ride Mehndi Design

Moon Ride

Take the star designs a step further with this moon mehndi simple design. This moon and stars easy mehndi design is an exact interpretation of simplicity, and modern artwork imbibed together. All it requires is drawing a big circle and creating a half moon in it. And then just throw in some simple, stars, curves and wavy patterns to complete the look. Isn’t it easy!

26. Stylish Bracelet Mehndi Design

Stylish Bracelet

This is an intricate bracelet pattern drawn on the back of the wrist is complemented by a simplistic design that adorns all fingers. The checkered and paisley pattern is the overall theme for this bracelet design that features crisscross pattern. The patterns drawn on the back of the fingers consist of mostly circular motifs with line designs.

27. Sun Pattern Mehndi Design

Sun Pattern

Great for back, wrist and feet, this is by far one of the simplest and easiest mehndi design that doesn’t require any mastery to create. Depending on the availability of space and your liking, you can make it big or small. Consisting of a big circle with leaf motifs on the periphery, this simple mehndi design can even be elaborated if required.

28. Flower Mandala Mehndi Design

Flower Mandala

Design a big mandala and decorate it with easy to do floral patterns for creating this simple design of mehndi. The mandala covers most of the space on the back of your hand, which gives you enough room to create floral patterns. Give the finishing touch by drawing dots and circles on its periphery to make it appear more intricate.

29. Arabic Designs for Kids

 Arabic Designs for Kids

This is a beautiful and simple mehandi designs for kids that works for every occasion. What is interesting about this design is the fact that attention has been paid to keep it clean, and crisp and standard patterns have been used to give it a fuller look. This easy mehndi design starts from the back of the index finger and goes beyond the wrist.

30. Ring Designs (Simple Mehndi Designs for Fingers)

Ring Designs

This is yet another form of simple mehndi designs for fingers, which is easy to create and chic. The design basically consists of ring-like patterns decorated with leaf motifs. It is just like drawing rings on your fingers and decorating it with leafs. There is only one pattern on each of the fingers including the thumb, and the rest of the space is left empty to draw focus on the mehndi art.

31. Backhand Minimalistic Mehndi Design

Backhand Minimalistic

A very simple mehndi designs, which has a partial glove-like feel. It consists of paisley patterns and dome like shapes covering the back of your hand whereas a simple pattern is used for draping just one of the fingers like a long ring. Dotted lines connect both designs.

32. Clean Floral Strand Mehndi Design

Clean Floral Strand

Ideal for general gatherings and casual occasions, this simple mehndi design, has a singular floral strand, which stretches diagonally on the back of your hand. This design is minimalistic but sophisticated enough for formal events, even when you are wearing a western gown.

33. Floral Strand with Finger Detailing Mehndi Design

Floral Strand with Finger Detailing

Ideal for adults and recommended for kids, this simple and easy mehndi design suits all occasions, whether casual or traditional. Comprising of a diagonally placed floral strand stretching from the back of your index finger to the end of the wrist, this easy mehndi design looks pretty clean. Also, since its design does not have intricacies, the chances of kids accidentally spoiling it is quite less.

34. Minimalistic Arabic Mehndi Design

Minimalistic Arabic

If you are looking for a bold and simple mehndi design for your hands, then this is the one to go for. Featuring a thick bracelet pattern with intricate patterns and motifs, this is elegant. To go with the bracelet pattern, one of the fingers have been adorned with a matching design. This mehndi simple design is ideal for weddings and traditional occasions.

35. Clean and Crisp Floral Strand Mehndi Design

Clean and Crisp Floral Strand

This is a simple and easy mehndi design for starters who are having their first go at getting one. This design majorly consists of floral patterns along with paisley and vine motifs, which together create an aesthetic appeal. This design is best suited for casual gatherings.

36. Floral Feet Mehndi Design

Floral Feet

We love this beautiful design. Plus, Mehndi is believed to be good for your feet, as it helps in cooling down your body temperature during summers. Make your summer feet look glamorous and attractive by adorning it with this beautiful and easy mehndi design.

Comprising of big floral patterns and vine motifs, this vertical simple mehndi design is quite big as it stretches from the lower calves to the ankle.

37. Simple Arabic Design

Simple Arabic Design

It is a beautifully done Arabic simple mehndi design, which intricate and clean at the same time. The base of the design includes intricately carved peacock motif and adjoining semi-circular arch formed by lines and dots that adds fullness to the design.

38. Intrinsic Floral Mandala Mehndi Design

Intrinsic Floral Mandala

A beautiful and crisp henna art, this one is perfect for those in search of a unique, stylish and simple mehndi design. The floral mandala has two strands of beaded lines stretch from the central structure on both sides, with one leading to the tip of a finger where another small floral mandala is created.

39. Simple Leaf Mehndi Design

Simple Leaf

This one is a bold and easy mehndi design, which is created using simple leafy motifs and strands. The construction of this henna art is very simple, and it takes only a few minutes to create it. Nonetheless, its appeal is indeed mesmerizing.

40. Mesmerizing And Unique Mehndi Design

Mesmerizing And Unique

If you are searching for an amazing simple mehndi designs for weddings, which is subtle, simple and sober, then this is the option for you. Created by just using dots and lines of various shapes, this is, in fact, one of the best simple and easy mehndi designs that you can get done for yourself.

41. Simply Floral Simple Mehndi Designs

Simply Floral

For all those parents searching for a decent and simple mehndi design for their little ones, this one could be a decent option for them. Mostly leaf motifs and floral patterns have been used for creating this design. Great for adults too!

42. Outlined Tattoo Mehndi Design

Outlined Tattoo

This is one of the easy and simple mehndi designs, which is opted by those who don’t particularly like intricate patterns or can’t handle one. The outlined style is beautiful, mesmerizing and kept simple.

43. Floral and Leafy Mehndi Design

 Floral and Leafy

Ideal for youngsters and those who like to keep things simple, this is a mehndi simple design, where concentrated on one of the sides of your backhand is a central floral pattern.

44. Floral Kids Simple Mehndi Designs

Floral Kids

Being impatient, kids usually get frazzled when intricate mehndi designs are drawn on their hands. So, it is always better to have them drawn only the simple ones, which then can easily handle. And this large floral design is a perfect answer for that.

45. Crisp and Modern Line Pattern Mehndi Design

Crisp and Modern Line Pattern

Any modern women would love to flaunt this. What makes this simple mehndi design, so likable is the central portion that’s done diagonally across the backside of your palm whereas only four stripes have been used for adorning each of the fingers.

46. Central Mandala with Intricate Patterns

Central Mandala with Intricate Patterns

This one is mehndi simple design comprising of a huge central mandala, which is well shaded and consist of intricate details. To balance the complexity of the mandala’s design, the fingertips have been adorned with minimal and simple floral patterns.

47. Floral Spreadsheet Mehndi Design

Floral Spreadsheet

This is a beautiful looking simple design of mehndi which is created using midsize floral patterns and dots. The entire construction of this design appears to be like beautiful garden traced on the back of your hand.

48. Stars All Along Mehndi Design

Stars All Along

Kids and adults can try this mehndi design, simple but sophisticated enough to pique anyone’s interest. The design’s construction is divided into two parts; first being half of your wrist covered with intrinsic floral and leafy patterns whereas the second half is left clean and spacious by using well space out starry patterns.

49. Simple Bracelet Mehndi Design

Simple Bracelet

This one is a simple bracelet design with a strand like extension stretching out upwards till the tip of the middle finger. The overall construction of this design is quite simple, and the entire pattern has been created using dots.

50. Flowery Vines Mehndi Design

 Flowery Vines

If you wish to go for simple mehndi designs, this one could be a perfect fit for you. Best intended for casual gatherings or occasions, this mehndi simple design is easy to create for it consists of a central lotus flower with two big leaves on each side along with multiple vines heading towards the fingers.

51. Simple Flowery Mehndi Design

Simple Flowery

At times, less is more. Even the simplest of designs at times can do wonders, which several complex ones fail to achieve. This simple mehndi design is an example of that. Comprising of a big central flower, the design is well complemented by leafy motifs, paisley patterns, and several well-spaced dots.

52. Dome Shaped Mehndi Design

Dome Shaped

The main area of focus of this simple and easy mehndi design is its dome-shaped patterns that’re drawn on the lower edge of your palms. The entire construction of the design is based on these domes from which extend spire-like patterns constructed from using dots.

53. Flowers, Leaves, and Dots Mehndi Design

Flowers, Leaves, and Dots

If you are planning to get ready for a fancy party or a gathering, this sort of mehndi design will work best with your western or traditional outfits. The USP of this simple mehndi design is its flow of construction and how well all the element are placed together.

54. Mix Media Simple Mehndi Designs

Mix Media

It is a simple and easy mehndi design, which anyone from any age group can carry for all sorts of occasions. Comprising of some of the standard patterns of mehndi design such as floral motifs, leafy motifs, paisley motifs, lines and dots, this design here looks crisp and clean.

55. Flowery Backhand Strand Mehndi Design

Flowery Backhand Strand

Meant for weddings or festive occasions, this floral strand is a beautiful example of how a simple mehndi design can be smartly used to make you appear sophisticated and subtle.

56. Modern Abstract Simple Mehndi Designs

Modern Abstract

This mehndi simple design is an excellent example of the amalgamation of modern design and traditional mehndi art. The USP of this design is that all its lines and edges are sharp, which renders the entire piece a crisp appearance.

This easy mehndi design consists of a simple angled wrist bracelet structure from which leaf-like patterns are shown spreading. These leafy patterns are ornamented with dots and lines.

57. Floral and Paisley Strand Mehndi Design

Floral and Paisley Strand

Kids get enticed seeing their moms getting henna designs made. Even they want to get one done. For them, select a simple mehndi design as this one, which is easy to create and doesn’t have many complexities into it. Made from using majorly floral and paisley prints, this one gives a fuller look to the small hands of your kids.

58. Central Floral Chakra Mehndi Design

Central Floral Chakr

This is, by far, one the most simple and easy mehndi design, which you can ever come across. The main part of this design is its central floral chakra, which covers your entire palm. This chakra is then balanced by using miniature circles and dots to adorn your fingers. It is an easy mehndi design best suited for starters or kids.

Aren’t these designs truly beautiful? Some of them are minimalistic while others draw contemporary styling whereas a few have traditional inspirations. However, each one of them is easy to draw and serves as an exceptional piece of art on your body.

So, go ahead and try these designs. Comment below to let us know which one of these Simple Mehndi Designs are your favorite!

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