How to Be the Best Boyfriend in the World: 17 Seriously Awesome Hacks

Make Your Girlfriend Feel Like The Luckiest Girl In The World, & Read For More Tips.

How to Be the Best Boyfriend – Do you want secrets to becoming the best boyfriend in the world? Don’t you want to make your girlfriend feel like the luckiest girlfriend in the world? However, do you really think you are a great boyfriend to her? Even if you are confident, there is always scope for improvement. The bottom line is that do not let that beautiful girl away from your life.

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There is much more to being an amazing boyfriend than just buying her flowers, chocolates, or talking for hours on the phone. If you want to have a happy and fulfilling relationship with her for a long time, you must make sure that you be the best version of yourself.

Follow these seriously awesome hacks and learn how to be the best boyfriend in the world:

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1. Know Her More Than She Knows Herself

Spend time and effort to get to know her from inside. Learn about her likes, dislikes, places she wants to visit, her favorite people in the world apart from you, things she cannot live without and similar stuff. Pay attention while talking to her keeping track of her body language and expressions. Know about things which make her annoyed and happy.

2. Learn from James Bond

Chivalry, gentlemen behavior, killer body language, smooth talker, confident in his skin- these are all traits of James Bond which make him a rage among women. Learn from him and imbibe these qualities in your behavior. Be the James Bond in the life of your girlfriend and you will never ask how to be the best boyfriend!

3. Inspire Her

A great relationship is one where you become a better person over a period. Always remember to inspire your girl to be her best. That does not mean point out her flaws or mistakes, instead make her strive to become a better person, develop healthy habits, and go after her deepest desires and dreams.

4. Surprise Her. Often.

how to be best boyfrien - Surprise herGirls love surprises even if they say they do not like surprises. It does not have to be a grand gesture or an expensive foreign trip. Small things like arriving at her door with flowers, gifting her dress or book she once told you about, a surprise kiss during a conversation- anything will do!

5. Love Cliches

Not all modern girls love cliche’ things yet they want to be loved and respected even if doing so may be a bit cliche or old fashioned. Leave her cute notes and messages in the book she is reading, gift her favorite flowers, open the door for her, saying “I love you” randomly when she least expects it. She is going to love it!

6. Be Interesting. Never Stop Learning

Read more books and keep yourself updated. Never stop learning new skills. There is nothing sexier than a well-read, intelligent guy who can carry an intelligent conversation. Of course, this tip will also help you in your career.

7. Listen. Do Not Judge.

listenIf there is one answer to how to be the best boyfriend, then it has to be this one! Do not rush to offer her advice when she begins to tell you about her problems or a bad day at work. Just listen with an open mind and empathize with her instead of trying too hard to solve her problems. Most of the times, she just wants you to listen to her instead of playing a role of problem solver.

8. Just Be Yourself

Yes, you love your girlfriend and can do anything for her. However, you must never leave your sense of individuality to please her or anybody else. Your uniqueness is what makes you unique and she loves you for who you are. So, just be yourself instead of trying too hard to impress her.

9. Take Care of Yourself

Workout regularly to keep yourself in the best shape. Take care of your diet and ensure that you take all necessary nutrients. You will not only help yourself, but your girlfriend will also appreciate you for taking time to be the best version of yourself with her.

10. Leave Her Alone. Sometimes.

to stay a good boyfriend leave her alone for sometimeThe relationship does not mean that you have to stick with one another for 24X7, especially while living together. Nothing can be a greater turnoff for her. She wants to spend time alone as well as with her other friends. She needs her private space, and you must ensure that you leave her alone also, at times.

11. Keep Your Jealousy in Check. Have Trust On Her

She is a great looking girl and naturally she is going to have an attention of guys when she goes out. However, she is with you now, and you must not be overtly jealous of her male friends. Have trust on her and most importantly, on yourself!

12. Respect Her Family

When you are in for a long term, she wants you to be a part of her family as well. Even if you cannot like everyone in her family, at least respect them and make sure to visit them if she wants you to. She will appreciate you for this and feel secure that you are ready to embrace her wholeheartedly.

13. Be Honest With Her

Girls are a super lie-detector, and it does not go too well with them if you are lying to them. Remain honest in the relationship and always aim to have an open communication with her. She will also like you for sharing your innermost feelings with her.

14. Make Her Laugh

How to be best boyfriend make-her-laughA guy who can make a girl laugh is always a winner when it comes to relationships. Humor not only diffuses awkward moments between you and your partner but also makes her happy. So, develop a sense of humor and wit in your mannerisms. With humor, anyone can learn how to be the best boyfriend!

15. Do Not Ignore Tough Talks

Men often shy away from having long and tough talks, and there is no end to discussions for a woman. However, you must have the conversations, especially the serious ones with an open mind and honesty. She will love you even more, when you are not afraid to have tough talks.

16. Be Generous With Compliments

Women love compliments. That is a fact which is hard to ignore. It can be anything related to her dress, behavior or even random things she does for you. Always acknowledge her efforts and pay regular compliments to keep your relationship alive.

17. Learn Cooking

learn cooking to be the best boyfriend in the world Surprise your girlfriend with a delicious breakfast or prepare a candle-light dinner for a special evening. Nothing is a better turn-on for girls than a guy who can cook. So, learn cooking! It is a skill for a lifetime, and you will never regret it.

You can never go wrong with above tips which are guaranteed to help you become the best boyfriend ever. Your girlfriend will be surprised to notice this improved version of you.

She will feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have you as the boyfriend who supports her in every way and inspires her to live and love her life. Moreover, you will soon find yourself giving tips to other guys on how to be the best boyfriend!