Magical Krishna Rangoli Designs which are Just Perfect for Janmashtami

Which One You Gonna Try Today.

krishna rangoli designs

Krishna Rangoli Designs – Rangolis form an indispensable part of Indian culture in all the key festivals and celebrations. The intricate designs filled with vibrant colors look quite beautiful for decoration purposes. On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, many people decorate their homes and temples with splendid Krishna rangolis. If you are also looking to make a rangoli on Janmashtami, look no further than these amazing Krishna Rangoli designs:

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Top Krishna Mehndi Designs.

1. Flute of Krishna Rangoli Design

Flute of Krishna Rangoli DesignThere cannot be a better way to decorate your home on Janmashtami with this rangoli design. The flute was the favorite musical instrument of Lord Krishna with which he used to enchant all living beings of Vrindavan and Mathura. The use of soft colors in this rangoli with a peacock feather looks stunning and ethereal.

2. Colorful Janmashtami Rangoli Design

Colorful Janmashtami Rangoli DesignYou cannot go wrong with this fantastic Janmashtami rangoli design. The dark blue-green peacock pattern in the center is complemented and contrasted by a light divine orange glow. The use of white color for patterns on boundary together with the use of clay lamps (diyas) adds a perfect festival fervor to this Krishna rangoli design.

3. Attractive Rangoli for Janmashtami

Attractive Rangoli for JanmashtamiThis rangoli pattern is an ingenious rangoli design with white border linings which give it a different look.The choice of light colors used for filling this design is just marvelous. You can use this rangoli design for any festival in fact, but it will look especially good on the occasion of a joyful festival like Krishna Janmashtami.

4. Radha Krishna Rangoli Design

Radha Krishna Rangoli DesignWhen we talk about Krishna, Radha cannot be missed. They both are inseparable, and this Krishna Rangoli design beautifully depicts the love between two who are peacefully enjoying each others company on a swing. The blue backdrop with flower petals and the moon on top forms a brilliant pattern for this rangoli design.

5. Crown of Krishna Rangoli Design

Crown of Krishna Rangoli DesignKrishna used to adore peacock and their feathers. He used to wear peacock feathers on his crown. This rangoli is an ideal way to decorate your home on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. If you do not have much space, you can easily draw this rangoli in any corner of your house to give it a different look.

6. Dahi handi Krishna Rangoli Designs

Dahi handi Krishna Janmashtami rangoliYou do not have to be in Maharashtra to celebrate Dahi Handi festival on Krishna Janmashtami. This rangoli perfectly captures the spirit of overflowing matkis (earthen pots) and vibrant surroundings of Dahi Handi festival.

Krishna used to love buttermilk, curd (Dahi) and other milk products. He used to steal these products when he was a child, often breaking earthen pots during the process. Dahi Handi festival commemorates those naughty antics of baby Krishna.

7. Beautiful Peacock Rangoli

wonderful rangoli designsCelebrate this Janmashtami by drawing this lovely peacock pattern as rangoli. The feathers of a peacock occupy a prominent place on the head of Krishna. This rangoli design presents an ideal festival season by creatively placing using musical instruments as a part of the peacock. The effect, we must say is indeed fabulous!


Lord Krishna Rangoli Design

This  rangoli design which  includes the Lord himself is very enchanting. A big rangoli board has been used for this. The background color is sea-green and is light enough for a perfect base. Krishna’s inner body is filled with lighter shade of blue whereas outlined with a much darker shade. Here krishan is holding his flue his flue and has been decorated with bangles and neck-jewellery . He also has his peacock feather in his head and there is a sun-like pattern behind his head which depict holiness.

Little Kanhaiya Rangoli Design

This is another Krishna rangoli which you can try to assimilate for the occasion. This has been created on a dark blue base and reflects a lighter shade of blue for the body.

So, which of the above Krishna Rangoli Designs you are going to use on the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami 2024?