8 Obvious Reasons Online Dating Is A Huge Waste Of Your Time

Be Careful It May Dangerous.

online dating

Online Dating – You want to find a romantic partner with whom you can share your life and spend time together. You open a smartphone application, see an attractive face and swipe right. If you do not feel your insides tick by the photo, you swipe left. As simple as that. Or, is it?

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Do you really think it is an ideal way to look for your right life partner where the only criteria you have is the photograph and few lines of profile description to judge a person? If you really think about it, then the answer to that question will be a straight no. There are many more substantial and obvious reasons why online dating is such a huge waste of your time:

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1. Ridiculous Way to Find Partner

Online dating apps are essentially based on computer algorithms and technology. Most of these algorithms find similar characteristics of individuals based on their social media profiles or information provided by users themselves.

Even if these algorithms were accurate, there is a higher chance of you finding your long lost twin rather than a potential reason. This is because there is no guarantee that two romantically fit people will necessarily have similar interests and hobbies.

2. Dangerous Risk of Fake Profiles

dangerous-risk-of-fake-profilesThis is perhaps one of the most dangerous risks of online dating. In many of these applications, users have freedom to put anything on their profile which may not be an accurate description of their personalities. Moreover, some even put their fake profile pictures and lure innocent people into their trap.

You may have come across many news stories about mishaps and accidents caused because gullible people fell into the trap of fake online dating profiles. If there can be one single reason why you should think thousand times before going for online dating, it has to be this one.

3. Creep And Weirdos

If you have ever used any dating apps before, this one would be all too familiar with you. Dating websites and applications are full of people who do not have any intention of getting to know you or become serious. They are just looking to pass their time and waste your time in unnecessary questions and conversations.

These so-called creep or perverts are the biggest drawbacks of all modern dating apps. It is better you stay away from these platforms rather than spending your valuable time in dealing with weirdos.

4. It is Too Easy to Hide Behind Screen

Online dating may have grown to become immensely popular over these years, but it can never beat the age-old, confident approach to meeting new, stranger people. It has become very easy to sit behind the screen of your smartphone and computer and send ‘Hi’ to a gorgeous person.

Already the world has increasingly become virtual and it would do not good to find your partner on these apps. Instead, get some courage and be confident to approach people in real life!

5. More Chances of Getting Cheated

Due to the advent of online dating, there are many options for people even if they are already in relationships. The truth is the human desire for a partner will always be there and today people have more choices than ever before.

This conveniently leads to increased possibility of cheating and infidelity as the individual may be dating more than one person at the time. Even after getting into a relationship, there might be a curiosity among some to check out more profiles on these websites which may not or may lead to cheating eventually.

6. You Will Be Judged. Harshly.

It is very easy to judge people based on their looks in real life. In the world of online dating, this becomes a harsh reality as people are forever swiping left and right based on the looks of individuals. If you think about it, it is a terrible idea to fall in love or find a partner solely based on the looks of a person.

The physical looks and beauty of a person are temporary whereas a good character is the ultimate test of the real personality. However, you are going to be judged harshly solely by your looks most of the time on these online dating sites.

7. Unreasonable Expectations

At times, when people instantly get attracted to someone they found online, they can never see beyond their good looks and positive traits. They become almost blind to the other drawbacks or traits of their personality which may not be compatible and could spell doom for their relationship in future. This eventually leads to unreasonable expectations and grief in future when they are finally able to see the reality.

8. You May Become Addicted

you-may-become-addictedThe idea of seeing attractive profiles and faces one after the another in dating apps may turn into a serious addiction in future. You may find yourself at a stage where you cannot stop swiping on these apps no matter if you are in a relationship or not.

The excitement of finding a new and better partner could become so overwhelming and compulsive that you may even sabotage your current relationships. This is one of the lesser known but a scary possibility which makes online dating such a waste of your time.

You see technology may have become an important part of your lives. However, when it comes to personal connections and finding a life partner, it may not be a reliable solution.

So, go out and get to know people face to face instead of relying on their dating profiles. Do you agree with us? Share with us in the comments below.

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