10 Prettiest Flowers in The World -Our Nature’s Bounty

Which of The Prettiest Flowers Should You Buy For Special Someone

Prettiest Flowers

Luther Burbank rightly quotes, “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are food, sunshine and medicine to the soul.”

This is so true – who does not like flowers?

Prettiest Flowers – All of us have favorite flowers and love their vibrant colors. Flowers are the easiest and one of the best ways to express our feelings for the loved ones. Poets and lyricists, novelists and dramatists, have all been inspired by thoughts of flowers all over the world for times immemorial.

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Flowers have been associated with virtue, love, beauty, innocence and above all beauty. Because of their delicate shapes, vibrant hues and alluring fragrances, they have always commanded our interest and supreme liking

However, which of these can be called the prettiest flowers? Which of the flowers should you buy for that special someone?

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Read below the list of the world’s 10 Prettiest Flowers


tulipsTulip is not only the national flower of Afghanistan and Iran but also one of the prettiest flowers in the world. These flowers require temperate climate for optimum growth. They can grow up to a height of 4 inches. They do not have a lifespan greater than 4 -7 days.
Each flower is shaped like a cup and has 3 petals and three sepals.

The flowers are found in different shades or combinations of pink, yellow, red, orange and violet. Tulips are considered to be the symbol of love and passion. This is your perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary!

White Egret Orchid

white-egret-orchidThis is one of the prettiest flowers in the world and grows only in the rice fields of Japan. The flowers white petals are split in the center and the split petals are fringed at the edges, just like the wings of a bird! When the flower is in full bloom, it is a sight to behold – it resembles a soaring bird! Why don’t you plan it for your surprise wedding bouquet gift?

Calla Lily

calla-lilyCalla Lily is one of the world’s most elegant flowers. This is a native of South America and is a perennial in the tropical climate. The flower has a long neck, like a swan, and a graceful, single oblong shaped petal, which looks like a basin.

You will be surprised with the grace and delicateness of this flower! Use world’s prettiest flower, the Calla Lilies to open up your heart feelings to that special someone.

Wild Cat Orchid

wild-cat-orchidThis is one of the grooviest and prettiest flower varieties of orchid in the world. It is extremely attractive and has a colorful appearance. It looks like one of your tie-dye t-shirts from a distance. These exotic flowers are seen in bright colors like burgundy mixed with bright yellow.

You will be amazed at the unusual colors and patterns; that resemble the patterns on cats. It is this fabulously varied patterns that it is popularly termed as the – Wild Cat Orchid.

Lily of the Valley

lily_of_the_valleyAre you in a frenzy, planning your right wedding look? Then you have to add this flower to your wedding trousseau. The Lily of the valley is one of the prettiest flower in the world which is a favorite with prettiest brides all over the world. These flowers are shaped like dainty white bells and have a strong and alluring fragrance, which is appealing to most people.

Do you know that this flower has featured in the bouquets of the weddings of all British Royalty from Queen Mary in 1833 to Lady Diana in 1981!

Pink Whirls

pink-whirlsThese are beautiful flowers that resemble pink pinwheels, no wonder they make it to the list of prettiest flowers in the world!

The flowers have a striking yellow or blue center surrounded by pink or purple petals. The petals are wide around the base, then tubular in the middle before opening up at the tip like a spoon or cup.

These flowers are a form of the African daisy. Create a fairy tale proposal with these dainty goddess flowers.

Cherry Blossom

cherry-blossomThese flowers are synonymous with Japan though they are found throughout the world now. These flowers are delicate and bloom in thousands, giving the trees a soft hue of white and pink blooms!

Most Japanese schools and office buildings have Cherry blossoms planted outside their premises. The reopening of schools and the beginning of the fiscal year for offices in April coincides with the Cherry Blossom season.

They are symbols of prosperity and happiness. Bring adoration for your family and friends with the prettiest flowers in the world like the cherry blossom.


sunflowerSunflower is one of the most cheerful flowers in the world. It has a wonderful zeal and presence which will make you happy. This prettiest flower with large, bright blooms have the power to light up a place and most definitely, cannot be ignored. These flowers have been cultivated for centuries in America. This flower is recognized as a symbol of happiness all across the world.

Rocky Mountain Columbine

rocky-mountain-columbineThis flower is also known as the Colorado Columbine. It is one of the prettiest flower in the world with a long, thin stem, white and lavender petals with a yellow centre. The colours of the flower represent the place – Colorado – the blue sky, the white snow and the yellow denotes gold mining history of the place. So who says, flowers don’t speak a language. It is these prettiest flowers which will take your breath away.

King Protea

king-proteaThis flower is quite a unique and Pretty combo! It is shaped like a bulb, with brightly colored petals around it orbit. When the flower blooms, it looks like a shining star with an elaborate crown. The petals range from creamy white to dark red, with the base being lighter and steadily darkening towards the petals’ tips. It is the National flower of South Africa.

This list of the prettiest flowers in the world are not limited to adorning women or making a garden beautiful. They are also great natural air purifiers. They are an important part of the biosphere and extremely important for maintaining the balance in nature.

Love and preserve these nature’s bounty to the fullest!

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