12 Lovey Dovey Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

Do Something Exciting & Memorable This Year.

Things To Do On Valentine's Day

What to do on Valentine’s Day? If you ask this question every year but end up spending 14th February in the most boring way possible, it is time to look for some great valentine ideas and exciting things to do on Valentine’s Day! It is not really tough to look for an answer to the above question. All you need is a bit of romantic heart and understanding of your partner’s preferences.

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However, if you are unable to come up with anything different on Valentine’s Day, do not worry. We bring you 12 hand picked ideas or things to do on Valentine’s Day. Some of them may look familiar or cliche’ to you but trust us. You won’t regret doing these things on 14th February. Not only your partner will love these Valentine ideas but also it will turn out to be the best Valentine’s Day ever!

So, without waiting any longer, check out these 12 romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day:

1. Prepare A Special Dinner At Home

prepare-a-special-dinner-at-homeCooking his favorite dishes on the eve of February 14th can be is one of the cute things to do on Valentine’s Day! After all, they say the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach! If you are a man, there can be nothing better than doing this on Valentine’s Day for her and make her feel special!

2. Go for Morning Breakfast Together Instead of Just Dinner

go-for-morning-breakfast-together-instead-of-just-dinnerThe best Valentine date is the one that ends with a breakfast in the morning rather than dinner. The idea never gets old and one of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart!

3. Make A Mixed Tape And Dance Together On Your Favorite Songs

make-a-mixed-tapeThis might be a cliche’ yet can work if you have never tried it before. Especially if your partner is a music lover, expect her to be floored by this cheesy romantic gesture. Put on the music and dance with your partner as you get lost in his or her eyes.

4. Go for a Couple Spa

go-for-a-couple-spaIf it has been while since you took a break from your work to spend time together, book a lavish spa and pamper yourself on Valentine’s Day. This is one of the most romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day.

5. Cuddle up together and Watch A Romantic Valentine Movie

cuddle-up-togetherRestaurants can be immensely crowded on Valentine Eve and are usually not worth the hassle. A better idea will be to follow the first idea of dinner at home followed by some great Valentine Day movies. Pick your favorite romantic movies and binge watch them on the eve of 14th February.

6. Relive Your First Date By Dining In The Same Restaurant

relive-your-first-date-by-dining-in-the-same-restaurantIf you have been in a relationship for some time, book the same restaurant where you went on your first date on Valentine’s Day. You will love to remember those times with your partner and rekindle your love for each other with old memories.

7. ReIgnite Your Love In A Foreign Country

reignite-your-love-in-a-foreign-countryIf you want to do something new on Valentine’s Day, it is time to bring light up a spark into your relationship in a foreign land where nobody knows you two. Just book tickets to a romantic destination (how about Paris?! ) and explore a new place on 14th February.

8. Pop Up The Question

pop-up-the-questionThis might be one of the toughest things to do on Valentine’s Day but could turn out to be the best Valentine’s Day of your life. If you feel she is the one for you, it is time to pop up the question. Just go down on your knees and ask her to marry you!

9. Express Your Feelings- Just Say It

express-your-feelings-just-say-itIf you are single on Valentine’s Day but secretly love someone, Valentine Day is the best time to express feelings of your heart. It may or may not turn out well but can be one of the most memorable things to do on Valentine’s Day. After all, you never know your relationship status could change from single to a loving relationship on this day.

10. Organise An Indoor Romantic Picnic

organise-an-indoor-romantic-picnicWho wants to spend time in overcrowded bars or restaurants when you can organize a special indoor picnic at home! This is surely one of the cute things to do on Valentine’s Day .

11. Have A Couple Photoshoot

have-a-couple-photoshootCelebrate your relationship with a professional photo shoot on Valentine’s Day! If you both are fitness enthusiasts, a kickass photoshoot in gym showing off your hard work can be one of the best things to do on Valentine’s Day.

12. Take A Midnight Stroll On Valentine Eve

take-a-midnight-stroll-on-valentine-eveThere is nothing better than walking hand in hands with your loved in the light of moon and stars amidst the silence of the night. And when you welcome Valentine’s Day in this way, nothing can stop it to become the most memorable Valentine day of your lives.

When you are looking for romantic Valentines Day ideas, you cannot ignore the above things to do on Valentine Day. Sometimes even the simplest things can turn out to be immensely rewarding and enjoyable when you do with your partner. It is time to be romantic and show off your love to your partner as you plan any of the above activities to do on 14th February! Happy Valentine’s Day!