10 Fashion Faux Pas Which Must Be BANNED. Are You Guilty?

Never Commit These Fashion Faux Pas.

Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Faux Pas – Have you ever seen a person with a horrible fashion sense and wondered how someone could dress like that? Did you ever think that even you may have committed major fashion faux pas over these years which might have people think the same about you?

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These fashion faux pas, meaning fashion mistakes, are so common that you may not even realize that you are ruining your personal style statement in an epic way with these fashion blunders. You do not want to do this anymore, and you must check out these ten fashion faux pas which, in our humble opinion, must be banned forever:

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1. Unfit Jeans or Any other Item

unfit-jeansOne of the biggest fashion faux pas anyone can make is wearing clothes which do not fit well. Especially if you plan to or often wear extra loose clothes to hide your flab or extremely tight jeans to flaunt your curves, it is high time you stop doing that. You are not only causing a massive disrespect to the designer who designed your clothes but also torturing people by subjecting them to unpleasant sights due to your clothing style!

2. Socks and Sandals

socks-and-sandalsIsn’t this the evergreen fashion faux pas which some people, particularly males, can never understand? Seriously, what is the logic of wearing fabric with the sandals? People usually wear casual sandals on a relaxed stroll on beach where they can just enjoy the cool water on their feet without worrying about their shoes getting damaged. However, why people decide to wear socks is way beyond our understanding! It does not even look stylish!

3. Boots with Shorts

boots-with-shortsThis is one is for you ladies if you are the one who can experiment with anything to look different than others. Once again, neither there is logic to wearing boots with shorts nor there they look remotely fashionable. Unless you are dressing up for a costume party, please spare your boots for winter season and keep shorts for summers.

4. Skinny Jeans/ Tight Pants

skinny-jeans-tight-pantsYes, tight, revealing outfits may look attractive to some especially if you have a well-toned body or are really skinny. However, if you have a big bone structure or heavy body, it is a big NO NO. Moreover, this one goes for both males as well as females. People usually cringe at the sight of overstuffed backsides in extra tight pants. Please spare them!

5. Low Waist Trousers/Jeans

low-waist-trousers-jeansIf there is one fashion bizarre trend which we would never be able to understand is the obsession of teenage as well as adult guys with low waist jeans or trousers. The tragedy is that these outrageous pants go way lower than their waists, revealing private things which you generally won’t want the public to see. It is seriously high time guys to stop torturing women with the sight of your underwear lining and pull your pants up!

6. Harem Pants

harem-pantsIf low waist jeans are the male fashion faux pas which make women cringe, then those saggy Harem pants do the same to men all over the world. Honestly, these extra-baggy, skirt-like pants are one of the most bizarre fashion ideas ever. The low hanging and loose cloth at the crotch with sticking fabric over the waist make this look like am oversized nappy! Someone please ban these already!

7. Tie With A Polo or Short Sleeve Shirt

tie-with-a-polo-or-short-sleeve-shirtDo people still commit this fashion blunder? Apparently, they do. If you think, wearing a tie with a short sleeve shirt or worse a polo T-shirt (yes, some even do that!) make you look fresh and trendy, we have breaking news for you: Nope, neither they make you look cool or trendy nor they ever would! Stop wearing them. Now.

8. Overloaded Accessories

overloaded-accessoriesWhen used in optimum amount, accessories can take your look to an altogether different level. However, you may have gone overboard with them or seen people loaded with all kinds of accessories making them look like a walking accessory store! Yes, accessories might be cool, but excess of everything is bad. Sometimes too bad!

9. Too Tight T-Shirts

too-tight-t-shirtsThis one is for all gym rats who cannot get enough of their bulging biceps! Even if you do have a muscular and ripped physique, people can notice that without you wearing body-hugging T-Shirts to flaunt your big biceps and muscles! Want to impress your girlfriend? There are more efficient ways to do that. Learn how to become the best boyfriend in the world without any need of showing off your male assets!

10. Indoor Sunglasses

indoor-sunglassesOne of the biggest fashion mistakes often committed by celebrities only to be painfully copied by their fans, the trend of indoor sunglasses seems never to go away! Only if someone can permanently ban them from every indoor event including those with celebrities!

Biggest Fashion Faux Pas: Blindly Following Fashion Trends

As one of the greatest fashion icons, Ralph Lauren says, “Fashion is about something that comes from within you,” you have to decide which fashion statement resonates with your personality. Never blindly follow fashion trends which do not suit your body as this will be the worst fashion faux pas you can commit.

Are you guilty of committing these fashion blunders at some point or the other? It is never too late to mend your ways and discover your unique fashion style which can express your personality in the most amazing manner. After all, fashion is not at all about following trends but expressing yourself, isn’t it? Also, check out these sexy dresses which will make you the center of attraction of any party!