Top-10 Best Trekking Shoes- The Ultimate Tracking Shoes Guide

trekking shoes

To take a break from your busy lives and hectic schedules, you must have thought of going on a trekking trip with your friends or family. These shoes are a must-have in such trips along with proper clothing and hydration. This article will help you choose from amongst the best trekking shoes and we make sure to save your time by guiding you to carefully choose from various shoes available, as per your requirements. These shoes are designed in a way so as to reduce foot pain, muscle spasms, and uneasiness during treks. These best shoes for trekking will provide you with excellent comfort, proper fit, support, and balance as you land on those rocky and uneven terrains. The list contains trekking shoes for women as well as men.

For Trekking, trips can be a lot more fun with good company by your side and even better these shoes under your feet give functionality, breathability, traction, shock absorption, and grip. Going through this article will surely help you out in choosing the best trekking shoes for an hour rugged adventures


In a world full of adventures with varieties. It is very important to look out for footwear that fits you perfectly, provides support as well as comfort, and gives excellent functionality. These can be the main features to look out for while buying these
shoes. However, we are all different and our requirements for footwear also differ and it is impractical to jot down a common general prescription for trekking shoes, but we have listed out some of the most essential features of these shoes that will guide you for your first buy and help you buy the right product.

• These shoes should be of the ideal weight so as to provide better movement
and balance
• They should support your feet and body weight and give stability on uneven
These shoes must be well cushioned so they absorb shock and provide better
traction to improve functionality.
• They also should be breathable and stiff to last through wear and tear.
• Most importantly, these shoes should have the right fit, protection, and comfort.
These points will definitely help you choose the shoes for your next
adventure as per your requirements.

List of Top-10 Trekking Shoes

Product NamesProduct Reviews & Ratings
Columbia Men’s Trekking Shoes 4.5 ratings from 689 review
Columbia Men’s Hiking Shoes 4.2 ratings from 1024 reviews
Bacca Bucci Trekking Shoe4.1 ratings from 201 reviews
Wildcraft Trekking Shoes4.1 ratings from 54 reviews
Columbia Women’s Trekking Shoes4.5 ratings from 981 reviews
Columbia Women’s Hiking Shoes4.4 ratings from 122 reviews
Columbia Women’s Trekking Shoes3.9 ratings from 300 reviews
ASIAN Men’s Hiking Shoe4 ratings from 189 reviews
Salomon Trekking Shoes4.7 ratings from 468
GoldStar Trekking Shoes 3.8 ratings from 75 reviews

1. Columbia Men’s Trekking Shoes(BM1900)

Have a look at these stylish yet purposeful hiking shoes. These shoes have a comfortable fit can be worn in all types of terrains and are one of the available men’s shoes. They are light in weight and supportive for hilly terrains. These are surely the best trekking shoes due to their breathable and well-cushioned nature and resistance to slippage.

trekking shoes

They prove to be the ideal pick for most buyers among all the men’s shoes because of the
following features:

  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic Material
  • Round toe style

These are definitely worth your money and will give you a sporty look with a lace-up
closure. Order these men’s shoes from amazon using the link given above for
just Rs. 7,291.00

2. Columbia Men’s Hiking Shoes( V2 Wp)

This pair of comfortable hiking shoes is a must-have for all you voyagers and explorers. These shoes provide breathability and washability and prove to be one of the best shoes for men. These shoes are lightweight
and are made of a soft and long-lasting sole that provides slipping resistance. Cushioning material such as rubber is used in their soles to minimize and absorb shocks and provide better grip and balance, which makes them the most suitable men’s
trekking shoes.

trekking shoes
Buy Now From Amazon Just Rs- 2182, 4.2 ratings from 1024 reviews

Other features of these sporty men’s hiking shoes include:

  • Lace-up closure
  • Round toe style
  • Mesh outer material

Order these amazing shoes for men from amazon right now using the link given above for just Rs.2,182.00 and lace up for the adventure without the worry of comfort!

3. Bacca Bucci Men’s Trekking Shoe

These capable shoes are of the best quality and available at reasonable prices. These pairs of men’s trekking shoes prove to be the best shoes owing to their camouflage green design and comfort. They have a rough & rugged look perfect for adventure trips. Protective as well as durable, these trekking shoes for men are a must-have. Their cushioned insole is breathable and the outsole is shock and water-resistant which makes them the best hiking shoes for men.

trekking shoes
Buy Now From Amazon just Rs- 1299, 4.1 ratings from 201 reviews

Some other features include:

  • Phylon-rubber and EVA sole
  • Lace-up closure
  • Soft cotton canvas fabric

Get your pair of these high ankle shoes as soon as possible from Amazon using the link given below for just Rs. 1,299.00 and add a touch of style and comfort to your trips.

4. Wildcraft Trekking Shoes

These shoes are a perfect pick for your hiking holidays. These pairs of trekking shoes for men will protect your feet from cold and damp conditions and a harsh environment. Their rubber sole provides the ability to absorb shock and makes them durable. Manufactured to be dust resistant, supportive of rocky landforms, and breathable, these shoes are one of the most popular men’s trekking shoes. They have molded insole which makes them more comfortable than other shoes for men.

trekking shoes
Buy Now From Amazon Just Rs- 3790, 4.1 ratings from 54 reviews

Their features include:

  • 5 mm lugs for excellent traction
  • Anti-slip laces
  • Dustproof outer mesh material

These shoes for men are super supportive and cozy to wear. Order them now from Amazon using the link given above for just Rs. 3,790.00

5. Columbia Women’s Trekking Shoes( V2 Wp)

These women’s tracking shoes provide you with the best protection and comfort. These are one of the best hiking shoes which provide water and shock resistance and daylong comfort. They are well-cushioned shoes for women which reduce discomfort and pain in the feet during your rugged adventures. They are lightweight and breathable shoes that increase functionality and facilitate movement even in rough and rugged terrain making them the best trekking shoes for women. These are of suitable sizes which provide the much-needed support and sufficient freedom of movement

trekking shoes
Buy Now From Amazon Just Rs- 4497, 4.5 ratings from 981 reviews

The features of these women’s hiking shoes are:

  • Lace-up closure
  • Rubber sole (omni grip)
  • Round toe style

These shoes are best suited and highly popular among all hiking shoes for women.
Order now from Amazon using the link given above for just Rs. 4,497.00

6. Columbia Women’s Hiking Shoes(Peakfreaks X2)

If you are looking for shoes that will give you stability and comfort at a reasonable price, these trekking shoes for women are definitely your pick. Fit for all kinds of activity and terrain, these shoes are lightweight and give high
performance even on rough & rugged landforms. With proper shock absorbent midsole, breathable and water-resistant material, these are the best trekking shoes for women. They will give you proper stability in uneven and wetlands along with ease of

trekking shoes
Buy Now from Amazon for Just Rs- 7339, 4.4 ratings from 122 reviews

These hiking shoes have the best overall performance and feature such as:

  • 100% polyester upper fabric
  • Rubber outsole (Omni grip)
  • Lace-up closure with round toe style

These high-performance shoes are a must-have if you love hiking or love to reach high range mountains. Get them fromAmazon using the link given above for just Rs. 7,339.00

7. Columbia Women’s Trekking Shoes(Redmond V2)

To add to the fun and supportive stability of your hiking and trekking adventures, check out these amazing shoes to provide yourself with superior cushioning and an excellent grip with a breathable design. These shoes will give you all-around protection with the ease to move your feel, still giving you a suitable fit. These are the best hiking shoes as they are durable and water-resistant. Advanced traction and better grip are one of the features which make these the best trekking shoes for women, as they help to move without causing pain and blisters in the feet.

trekking shoes

Other features of these shoes are:

  • An oil stain and water-resistant
  • Long durability
  • Lace-up closure

Bless your feet with these best hiking shoes for women. Order now from amazon
using the link given above for just Rs. 899.00

8. Asian Men’s Hiking Shoes

Trying to find something affordable yet durable, protective and comfortable, make sure you have a glance at these trekking shoes for men. These shoes will evaluate your style as well as protection. With mesh as their outer material, they give breathability and are also durable. Falling in the list of the best hiking shoes, these will give you an excellent grip on uneven platforms. Soft cushioning and EVA outsole provides grip and traction along with shock absorbency.

trekking shoes
Buy Now from Amazon Just Rs- 799, 4 ratings from 189 reviews

Other features of these shoes must-have shoes include:

  • EVA outsole
  • Lace-up closure
  • Light-weight and sporty look

With these shoes, your outdoor rugged adventures can be made more comfortable and stable. Order these amazing trekking shoes for men from Amazon for just Rs. 799.00

9. Salomon Trekking Shoes

For the best fit and support, be sure to choose these amazingly comfortable and durable trekking shoes for men. These shoes prove the best owing to their protective rubber or leather toecap that covers the toes and reduced injuries and pain and keeps the toes at ease. The EVA foam present in these shoes provides fabulous cushioning. It is durable and amazingly protective. It provides proper multi-directional grip making them the best men’s trekking shoes. To make your hiking adventures more fun with comfort at your feet, try out these best hiking shoes.

trekking shoes
Buy Now From Amazon Just Rs- 9676, 4.7 ratings from 468

Other features to look at:

  • Protective toecap
  • Chevron lugs lug design with multi-directional grip
  • Stitch-free upper construction.

These shoes don’t miss out on anything, and make sure you don’t miss out on them! Order them now from Amazon using the link given above for just Rs. 9,676

10. GoldStar Trekking Shoes

If you want to go trekking with stylish yet functional boots for daylong stability and ease, these trekking shoes are definitely your pick. They are durable and comfortable trekking shoes for men. These shoes give more of a casual look, and are designed with a rubber sole which improves grip on wet and unevenly challenging landforms, and also provides cushioning. They give support to your feet and help in balancing the weight of your body. These shoes can be worn on all types of platforms owing to their superior grip and comfort.

trekking shoes
Buy Now From Amazon Just Rs- 1209, 3.8 ratings from 75 reviews

Other features include:

  • Lace-up closure
  • Rubber and PVC sole
  • Soft inner fabric lining

Make sure you order these amazing shoes for men from Amazon for just Rs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking Shoes?

Q1. Is it necessary to buy trekking shoes?

Yes! It is absolutely necessary to have trekking shoes on your trek trips for trekking
long distances carefully, comfortably and for easy movement on uneven and wet
terrains. Trekking shoes decrease your chances of falling and slipping and provide
ankle support protects feet from rocky and bumpy surfaces.

Q2. Do trekking shoes have to be larger than usual shoes?

The best advice in this matter would be to measure your foot size, length, width and
then purchase a pair of trekking shoes that fit well. If they are tight, you shouldn’t buy
them as they will cause pain during movement. If they are too loose, they might slip and
fall off. Your heel and toes should be comfortable yet locked in place

Q3. For how long do trekking shoes last?

Putting it in simple words, you et what you pay for. Cheap trekking shoes will not
last vey long but the ones that are branded and expensive will surely prove to be long
lasting and durable. Rough and challenging terrains and rocky surfaces may cause
shoes to wear out a little faster than compared to soft, even terrains. However, good
quality trekking shoes last generally for some 1000 kms.

Q4. Can taking shoes be used while taking a walk?

Yes, although trekking shoes can be used for walking and running, heavy trekking
shoes may make it a little extra difficult. Walking in heavy shoes will make you cover the
same distance using more energy and is tiresome. Therefore, a lighter walking shoe is
better to walk in.


Your feet deserve the best as they support you for a lifetime. Understanding that all of us have differences in choices and requirements, it is very important to choose the most suitable shoes. They should give you a proper fit, comfort and be breathable, supportive, anti-slipping, shock-absorbing, and durable. This article will help you choose from a list of the best trekking shoes with all the good features. These shoes are definitely worth an hour’s money. Surely, after a read, you will be able to pick trekking shoes for men and women as per your choices. So go ahead, give them a try and make your trekking adventure full of fun, comfort, and support! Have safe and happy adventures!