10 Best Chris Evans Movies You Should Watch on Weekends

Chris Evans Movies
Chris Evans Movies

Chris Evans Movies – Your favorite actor Chris Evans not only handsome but has proven himself as a capable and versatile performer who can do any role on the screen effortlessly. Yes, we know him as Chris Evans Captain America and we love him as Captain America. So here are some of the Best performing  Chris Evans movies you should watch on your weekends…

Chris Evans movie list….

  • Cellular.
  • Sunshine.
  • Puncture.
  • Captain America Trilogy.
  • Push.
  • Snowpiercer.
  • Gifted.
  • Red Sea Diving Resort.
  • What’s Your Number.
  • Before We Go.

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Cellular is the story of Ryan(Chris Evans) who receives a call from the wrong number. A kidnapped lady somehow manages to make a call from her broken landline and asks Rayan for his help. Ryan tries to help her and her family from these kidnappers and in the end, Ryan finds the main culprit behind all of the Mess and exposes him. Cellular is an action thriller that will keep you at the edges of your sits. Cellular is one of the Must watch Chris Evans Movies on this list.

Cellular Chris Evans Movies
Chris Evans in Cellular Poster

IMDB- 6.5

Year- 2004


Sunshine a Space fiction psychological thriller. A team of scientists who want to save the sun. James mace ( Chris Evans) ships an engineer trying to save the ship from the accident when the Captain of the ship takes a wrong route. But the ship eventually fails and meets an accident. Mace tries to save everyone from solar flames while starting the computers of the ship manually he got trapped and dies. If you are a Space movie Thriller enthusiast then this Movie should be on your watch list of Chris Evans movies.

IMDB- 7.2

Year – 2007


  Mike Wiess( Chris Evans) drug addict Lawyer with his Lawyer friend paul takes a fight against pharma companies who are risking people’s lives for their Profits. Mike is Fighting a two-front war one against Pharma companies and One with his drug addiction. Overall Puncture is a gem in Chris Evans filmography and Acting Career.

IMDB- 6.8

Year – 2011

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Captain America Trilogy

 As Captain America, Chris Evans became Our favorite superhero. Everyone gets goosebumps whenever Chris Evans appears as Captain America. Captain America’s Story of Steve Rogers(Chris Evans) and  His fight Against Evil organization hydra is very popular among youth. Steve gets frozen in ice for 70 years after his first fight with Hydra. Due to his Superhuman body, he survives and continues his fight against hydra and other threats. Chris Evans Captain America is the best onscreen representation of Captain America. A must-have movie in Chris Evans Movie list

Chris Evans Captain America
Chris Evans Captain America

Captain America- The First Avenger -IMDB- 6.9, Year-2011

The Winter Soldier – IMDB- 7.7, Year- 2014

Civil War – IMDB- 7.8, Year- 2016


Push is another of Chris Evans movies that has a superpower theme. Nick Gant’s Father is murdered by a shady Government department Because of his psychic power. Nick(Chris Evans) Now lives as a construction worker in Hongkong. One day after several years Some members of the same shady government department appear in front of Nick and ask about a woman and left. After some time Another girl with Psychic powers comes across Nick and asks him to find that woman. Now the psychic superpower thriller starts.

Push poster
Push poster

IMDB- 6.1

Year- 2009


Snowpiercer Is a story of a train that is running nonstop for 17 years, Saving the last of humanity from the ice age. Curtis ( Chris Evan) lives in the lowest class of the train and is depressed about his and his fellow traveler’s situation. Curtis and his friend decided to rebel against high-class travelers and take control of the engine. This is s serious and thrilling film Chris Evans has worked and You should add Snowpiercer to Chris Evans Movie list for this weekend.

IMDB- 7.1

Year- 2013


Gifted is another gem of Chris Evans Filmography and shows his versatile acting talent.

Frank(Chris Evans) raising his Genius Nice Mary. Frank wants Mary to grow as a normal kid.  But Frank’s Mother Evelyn wants her grandchild’s Custody so she can Raise her as a maths genius. What follows along is a pure family drama and a Great acting performance. Gifted is one of the Must Watch Chris Evans Movies.

Gifted Trailer



Red Sea Diving Resort

 In This Film, Chris Evans worked as Ari Levinson who is a spy working for Isreal. Ari Help Jews refugee to cross the Red Sea from Ethiopia and bring them to Isreal. The red sea Resort is based upon a real story. So if you like to watch real-life story then this is movie is at the top of all Chris Evans Movies.


Year- 2019

What’s Your Number

One of the Chris Evans movies In Romantic theme, In this Film Chris Evans as Colin Shea, help His neighbor Ally to find a Suitable Husband. But in process of Finding a Husband for Ally. Ally and Colin fall for one another. 

What's your number Chris Evans movie list
What’s your number

IMDB- 6.1

Year- 2011

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Before We Go

Before We Go is the Story of 2 strangers Nick(Chris Evans) and Brook. Both of them stuck in Newyork and Nick tries to help Brook to reach Brooklyn. But both of them have no money in the pocket so they decide to borrow money from friends. In this process, nick and Brook become friends and share their life problems. In this Film, Chris Evans Has done Marvelous acting and One of the must-watch Chris Evans Movies from this List, and the best film in Chris Evans Filmography.

before we go Chris Evan Movies
before we go


Year- 2014

Upcoming Chris Evans Movies-

Most of the people waiting for Chris Evans Upcoming movies. To see him again on a large screen. There are 3 Movies in which Chris Evans is Going to appear in.

Chris Evans Upcoming movies

  1. The Gray Man- The Gray Man a story of ex CIA agent and Now an assassin is trying to save his daughter. The Gray Man is Most Hyped Movies in Chris Evans Upcoming Movies list. Because The Gray Man is under the leadership of the Russo brothers. Russo Brothers are famous for Their Direction work in MCU Movies. The Gray Man Is Currently Filming.  
  2.  Little Shop of Horrors- In this Movie Chris Evans Is Going to appear with Scarlett Johansson. Little Shop of Horror is in the post-production stages.
  3. Lightyear-  Lightyear Is another One of Chris Evans Movies every one is waiting but this Time Lightyear is a different movie from other Chris Evans upcoming movies. Because Lightyear is an animation movie In this film Chris Evans Is Going to Voice The Space Hero Buzz Light Year. Lightyear is announced to release in theater in 2022.  


I hope you liked this List of Chris Evans Movies. You can find all of these Chris Evans Movies on OTT platforms or in Tv. If You Think any other movie should be on this list please comment below.