7 Avoidable Things that Make Good Employees Quit


With the industry in turmoil, organizations are struggling hard to retain good talent and utilize them properly. The initiatives have taken towards retaining people majorly revolve around giving them additional perks, giving a salary hike and additional responsibilities.

However, no organization focuses entirely on feedbacks given during exit interviews and tries to improve the behavior of their managers. Managers generally blame the employee’s lack of initiation or performance as an excuse to let them go and not to retain them.

Let’s understand the major things managers do, which make people leave their jobs.

1Not backing up people

The worst thing a manager can do is, not to back up their team in a crisis situation. Most people look up to their managers for backing up and even taking the heat in case of a mistake made by them. Managers that try to save their jobs and let their subordinates face the Heat need to start taking the ownership of the mistakes their team-member make.

2Giving vague work instructions

Lack of clarity in work environment leads to chaos and confusion. Productivity and efficiency will decline and most of the times a lot of rework will have to be done. Managers need to be clear and precise in giving their work instructions. Frequent change in instructions never go down well with employees and eventually leads to lack of respect and confidence in their managers.

3Holding Back Information

Managers tend to hold back information related to company’s performance and often convey the information needed to know the only basis. Employees hearing information from the management or other staff members does not go down well with anybody. Managers should convey clear information and should learn to trust their subordinates with critical information as well.

4Only hearing and not listening

The biggest challenge in today’s world in multi-tasking and efficient communication. Most communications in today’s world happen with managers only hearing to what is being said and not listening to it.

The hearing is a physiological act and does not require focus. Listening is a psychological act which requires the focus of the listener to understand what is being said.
Effective listening is an art which every manager should learn and practice. A good patient listener is one of the essential qualities of a good manager.

5Don’t appreciate and reward good work

Most of the managers do not appreciate a good job and tend of take their staff for granted. When it comes to appreciation, managers tend to think that the employees are doing only what is part of their job description and not taking any initiative or doing something which is out of the box.

This thinking needs to change since every employee who is working hard to be efficient needs to keep his morale high to keep working according to the expected standards of the organization.

Having an excellent rewards and recognition program and appreciation from managers is always welcome by employees who stay motivated to work efficiently.

6Promoting the wrong people

Another issue which makes most of the people quit their jobs is the wrong people who get promoted. Life is unfair and everybody knows it. However, to promote a less qualified and less experienced person never goes down well and people think of the entire organization as unfair where only people pleaser employees can rise.

The message sent across to the employees is wrong and people think that the hard work can never lead to success. Managers should never promote a less qualified and less performing person thus, displaying a clear case of favoritism.

7Bringing it all together

If you want your best people to remain highly motivated and stay, you need to evaluate what makes employees happy and motivated. As a manager, you should never set a wrong example for an employee and even owning up to your mistake makes employees look up to their managers and the organization with high standards and work ethics.

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