10 Best Indian Romantic Web series that will make you Fall in Love

Best Indian Romantic Web series

Best Romantic Web series – Nowadays, as we know due to this huge Pandemic everything is closed. Most of the countries are suffering from lockdown and that’s why cinemas are also closed. For entertainment, people started to spend time on online platforms for watching web series. People watch web series according to their interest but what about the Romantic Web series lovers? We are going to tell you about some Best Romantic Web series.

Best Romantic Web Series List

Will you like to watch some romantic stories or are you a person who wants to fall in love or who believes that In this world nothing is better than love. So we prefer you to watch some best Romantic web series on Netflix and Amazon. And here is the list of some best romantic web series

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1 . Broken But Beautiful

Available on – ALT Balaji and ZEE5

IMDB Ratings – 8.8

No of seasons – 3

Genre – Drama, Romance

The story of lovers or we can say the story of two people who meet randomly after they break up. The lead actor Vikrant Massey plays a role as (Veer) and the lead actress Harleen Sethi plays the role of (Sameera). This story is all about the two people who fought and fell in love themselves. One of the lines from this series is “the only way to meet a broken heart from the pieces of another heart which is damages as yours”. Go and watch this amazing romantic web series.

Trailer of Broken but Beautiful:

2 . Permanent Roommates

Available on – TVF Play

IMBD Ratings – 8.6

No of Seasons – 3

Genre – Comedy, Romantic

This series is all about the long-distance relationship like how they manage they long-distance relationship. The lead actor Mikesh plays a role as (Sumeet Vyas) and on the other hand, the lead actress Tanya plays a role as (Nidhi Singh). This series will take you on the journey of funny things in relationships and also tells you the brief of long-distance relationships.

Watch the trailer of Permanent Roommates:

3 . Mismatched

Available on – Netflix

IMBD Ratings – 6

No of Seasons – 3

Genre – Romantic, Comedy

Some part of this related to those people who wants to build something in their career Dimple’s role is played by (Prajakta Koli) who wants to build her own app and wants to be a successful entrepreneur. On the other hand, Rishi’s role is played by (Rohit Saraf) who is an old-school romantic boy and whose heart and eyes are stopped on the dimple and he wants to marry her. This is a story in which one wants to build a career and the other wants to live with her.

Watch trailer now:

4 . Flames

Available on – Mx Player

IMBD Ratings – 9.2

No of Seasons – 4

Genre – Comedy, Drama , Romance

The best story of high school lovers or we can say that the love story of two tuition batch mates. Starring (Ritvik Sahore) as Rajat and (Tanya Maniktala) as Ishika this story is all about the love of teens and also about friendship bonds. It is the best romantic web series on MX players.

Trailer of Flames:

5 . Little Things

Available on – Netflix

IMBD Ratings – 8.3

No of Seasons – 4

Genre – Comedy, Drama

This story is all about two couples who were living in Mumbai. (Dhruv Sehgal) plays a role as Dhruv and (Mithila Palkar) plays a role as Kavya. In this series, they always suffer from careers, friendships, aspirations, and they always celebrate little things with full happiness.

Trailer of Little Things:

6 . Baarish

Available on – ALT Balaji and ZEE5

IMBD Ratings – 8.3

No of Seasons – 2

Genre – Drama, Romantic

In the season of love watching this web series makes you fall in love. Sharman Joshi plays a role as (Anuj) In this web series he is a Gujrati Businessman who loved one of his employees and the role of that employee is played by Asha Negi (Gaurav). Both of them find love for each other and get married. This is all about how two people from different backgrounds love each other.

Trailer of Baarish:

7 . Bandish Bandits

Available on – Amazon Prime

IMBD Ratings – 8.7

No of Seasons – 1

Genre – Drama, Romantic

Radhe role played by (Ritwik Bhowmik) who is a classic lover and Tamanna role played by (Shreya Chaudhary) as a pop star. They both met and they planned to make a mixture song of pop and classic. It is the best romantic web series on amazon prime.

Trailer of Bandish Bandits:

8 . ImMature

IMDB Rating – 8.6

Available on – Prime Video

No of seasons – 3

Genre – romantic comedy

Three teenage best friends, Dhruv, Chacha, and Chutney, are in for a wild ride in their final year of high school. This Indian comedy follows their hilarious mishaps and heartfelt moments as they deal with everything from crushes and heartbreak to the ups and downs of friendship.

Produced by The Viral Fever (TVF) in 2019, ImMature is a coming of age story told in a fun and relatable way, perfect for anyone who remembers the awkward but unforgettable experiences of being a teenager.

 Trailer of ImMature Season 3:

9 . Gutur Gu

IMDB Rating – 8.3

Available on – Prime Video

No of seasons – 1

Genre – silent comedy 

Gutar Gu is a coming of age story for Indian teens. It follows Anuj, a small-town boy, and Ritu, a newcomer to Bhopal, who meet  at a coaching center. The show explores their first experiences with love, from dates and gifts to fights and jealousy.  This Hindi language drama, created by Saqib Pandor, premiered on Amazon miniTV in April 2023.

Starring Ashlesha Thakur and Vishesh Bansal, the series is relatable for middle class teenagers dealing with everyday issues.  With a second season coming to Amazon miniTV in 2024, Gutar Gu promises another dose of sweet teen romance.

Trailer of Gutar Gu:

10 . Made in Heaven

IMDB Rating – 8.2

Available on – Prime Video

No of seasons – 2

Genre – drama Romanes 

Ever dream of planning super fancy Indian weddings? Meet Tara and Karan, two Delhi wedding planners who turn dream ceremonies into reality with their company “Made in Heaven.” This hit show on Amazon Prime takes viewers on a wild ride through their world in 2019. But it’s not all glitz and glam! Behind the dazzling outfits and extravagant celebrations, the series explores the clash between tradition and modern love in India.

Even though the second season hit a snag due to COVID-19, Tara and Karan are back in 2023, ready to dish on more secrets and hidden desires lurking beneath the beautiful chaos of Indian weddings.

Trailer of Made in Heaven:

Enjoy The Best Romantic Web series

You can watch the above list of web series on the giving platforms as they are the best romantic web series for you which you definitely like. Watch it on your computers or mobile screen. So go and watch now and after watching them please comment which web series makes you fall in love or which web series is the best romantic web series according to you.

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