How To Deal With Social Anxiety-Real Life Working Tips

how to deal with social anxiety

First of all, I would like to tell you that it’s okay to have social anxiety and a person having social anxiety can still live a blissful life. In the following, you would get to know how to deal with social anxiety and people having social anxiety. 

Social anxiety also called social phobia is something that makes you uncomfortable when you try to interact with other people. It is nothing like you are shy or don’t want to interact but it kinda scares you.

Social anxiety disorder is a kind of mental condition in which you fear how other people are going to perceive you. The fear of embarrassment always scares you.

How Can Social Anxiety Affect Your Life

social anxiety haunts
Social Anxiety Haunts

Social anxiety may haunt you when-

  • Making new friends unless they approach you first.
  • Having a group chat
  • Going to school or workplace
  • Answering in class
  • Going to a get-together or a party
  • Giving presentation
  • Performing on stage 
  • An eye contact 
  • Laughing in public
  • Participating in sports activities 
  • Going on a date
  • Eating in public
  • Being the center of attention

You might feel anxious about how you are looking, about your body posture like how you are sitting. Even you try to make sure in your head before saying anything if it is going to be an embarrassing or silly thing to say or ask. You get panic when something does not go according to your planning and so, want everything to be perfect.

You might like going out and meeting friends while at the same time you get highly nervous when it comes to socializing. Also, you get easily triggered when something or someone reminds you of your insecurities and lose your self-esteem.

Some people might start feeling social anxiety in their childhood or teenage years. Identifying if a person is having social anxiety would relieve the person from a huge amount of stress and guilt.

People not understanding a person with social anxiety can certainly worsen their condition. This can make a person socially withdrawn and eventually put them in depression.

How to Deal with Someone with Social Anxiety

If you find a person acting weird most of the time, please try to understand what the person is going through instead of judging them and making them comfortable.

Signs of Social Anxiety

If A Person Acts Cold Most of the Time 

It’s not like they are rude or don’t care about anybody, it is just that they are having trouble opening up even if they want to befriend you. They are just in fear of being embarrassed. Try to approach them and ease them. 

They act cold because they don’t want to get hurt. Try to be friendly and not criticize them. 

If They Speak Too Fast

They speak fast because they have a lot to share. They don’t talk much or they don’t get someone to talk to that is why they speak fast out of excitement. 

Try to be patient with them. They are just seeking someone to express themselves.

Uncomfortable Body Posture And Expressions

When you meet or talk to a person with social anxiety, you would find them hesitating a lot. You can sense the uncomfortably in their body language. Their body movements and expressions would be quick. They might not be even attentive as they are trying to process the situation in their mind.

So no matter what you should never make them feel weird about themselves . This way they might also get comfortable in a few days and show you their true self.

Physical Symptoms When the Anxiety Hits You

Knowing what actually happens when anxiety hits in can help you to deal with social anxiety.

  • Your Muscles get tensed up
  • Blushing
  • Your heartbeat gets fast
  • Upset stomach
  • You feel dizzy 
  • your brain gets blank
  • You feel lost or not present in the moment 
  • Trembling or tipping over legs
  • Trouble in breathing 
  • Hesitation
  • Might feel sweaty or burning up
  • Or might feel cold and shiver
  • Feel like hurry

How to Deal with Social Anxiety 

Some people with social anxiety are clueless about how to cope up with social anxiety.

how to deal with social anxiety
Are you like this too?

To Deal with Social Anxiety, Don’t Focus on Yourself 

Try not to pay attention to yourself. Don’t think about how you are looking, sitting, speaking. Try to focus on what others are talking about and be responsive. Being blank makes you look weirder. Try to admire other people when meeting someone and they’ll eventually like to interact with you.

Deal with Social Anxiety by Facing Your Insecurities 

Well, there is no option but to face your insecurities. You should not expect everyone to understand you because no one can ever know what people feel inside. Facing your insecurities will also help you to boost your self-esteem and look more confident and overall, this will give you a sense of self-accomplishment.

Do What Makes You Feel Confident

When you feel confident, you don’t care about what other people think of you at all. People will also respect you more if you are confident about yourself because people treat you how you treat yourself. Being confident is the ultimate way to cope up with social anxiety.

Try to Socialize to Deal with Social Anxiety

You can’t escape the world until you are alive. You will need to face people. Try to socialize more and gradually, you will start feeling comfortable around people. 

Social media is a great way to socialize where you don’t actually need to face the person and you can interact with people in your own comfort zone. Start hanging out with friends you feel most comfortable with because reading articles on how to deal with social anxiety won’t do anything.

One problem with people having social anxiety is that they get stuck on how to respond to people or reply to them. Watching web series might help you out.

Don’t Focus on What Others Think of You 

You must be so anxious about what other people think of you. First things first, stop doind this to yourself and know your value. Just don’t care about how other people are going to judge you. 

Just try to be yourself. It’s okay if other people are gonna like you or not. 

Sometimes the reality can be different from what you think it is like. People could find you to be an amazing person which you may not realize.

To Deal with Social Anxiety, Be Relaxed 

While meeting someone or being in public, try to be more comfortable and relaxed. Take it easy. Breath in and breath out. Sit comfortably. Speak slowly and clearly. Have a presence of mind.

Be Happy to Deal with Social Anxiety

Lastly, one more way to deal with social anxiety is to be happy. People only want to inhale positivity and don’t want to interact with those who pass negative energy. People hate such kind of a person who always complains about their life. You don’t need to be sorted to be happy, you just need to be satisfied with who you are and what you have. For that, do something that makes you happy for instance dance, body workoutyoga art, cook, etc.

The Bottom Line

Many people with social anxiety don’t even know they have social anxiety. they just think they are kind of weird or something. Meanwhile, people who know that the reason behind their solitary is social anxiety, are clueless about how to deal with social anxiety. Remember there is a difference between not able to interact and unwilling to interact.