How To Relieve Neck Pain – 10 Quick Tips

how to relieve neck pain

The majority of people experience neck pain almost every day. The pain can make you feel miserable and may not let you perform day-to-day activities efficiently or restrict them to do more. Neck pain can be severe sometimes and this is when you should consult a doctor. Know how to relieve neck pain hereinafter.

Usually, neck pain or stiffness is the result of muscle strain or tearing of tissues. This can be caused due to these reasons –

  • Bad body posture
  • Spending too much time on screen 
  • Sleeping in a bad posture 
  • Stress is one of the reasons for causing tension in muscles 
  • Continuously working without any break for a long time can tense up your muscles hence causing pain
  • Sudden aggressive movement 
  • Injury while exercising or performing any sports activity. In such a case, you should consult a doctor.

Here are Some tips on how to relieve neck pain 

Let’s discuss about how to get reduce neck pain in 10 brief points.

Relieve Neck Pain by Spending Less Time on Phone 

Using the phone for a long time is one of the major causes why people nowadays are suffering from neck pain more often. Studies have shown that kids and teens spend more time on smartphones than adults which is at least 6 hours a day.

To watch your phone screen, you need to bend down your neck, which increases the load on your cervical spine. The excessive load makes it harder for the cervical spine to perform its main task which is to support your head. Hence, this causes neck soreness. 

Spending less time on screen or bringing the phone to your eye level eases the work for the cervical spine and so, relieves the neck pain. You better put down your phone for a while, after reading this article on how to relieve neck pain to actually get relief from the neck pain.

Relieve Neck Pain by Working on Your Body Posture 

If your question is how to reduce neck pain permanently then try to improve your body posture. You should try to maintain your back in a straight position whether you are standing or sitting. This way your spine and muscles are able to support all your body parts efficiently.

It reduces the tension in your muscles and ligaments. This way you can get relief from neck pain as well as back pain gradually. So that now you know how to relieve neck pain, try to know how to improve body posture.

Stretch a Little Bit to Get Relief from Neck Pain

Stretching is the best way to kick out the tension in muscles. It minimizes the pain and provides you with a sudden feeling of relief. When you stretch, your muscles get to loosen up which might have become stiff due to poor body posture or a sudden jerk. This increases mobility and flexibility in movement. It gives you a sense of relaxation and allows you to function better.

You should stop stretching immediately in case the pain gets worse. Your focus should be on passive stretching. You can try various types of stretches for the neck that may help you out to fix neck pain.

Treat Neck Pain by Hydrotherapy 

How to relieve neck pain while enjoying ? Hydrotherapy is the perfect answer to this question. Your muscles get stiff and tensed up after going through an exhausting day. Subsequently, all you need is a warm shower. Hydrotherapy is the quickest and easiest method to get relief from neck pain.

In this method, first, you take shower with warm water which helps to soothe the sore muscles and decompresses the blood vessels which helps in better blood circulation. After this, switch it to cold water which will reduce the inflammation in muscles. You get instant relief from neck pain or any other kind of muscle pain by following the hydrotherapy method and will enjoy it as well.

Get a Nice Massage to Relieve Neck Pain

Massage therapy is a scientifically proven ancient method to get relief from neck pain. Getting a proper massage tends to decompress the blood vessels, which helps the blood regulate more efficiently. This soothes the stiffness in muscle tissues and grants a satisfying relaxation.

Spinal traction is a massaging technique specifically used to treat neck pain and back pain . But this technique might not be able to help out everyone as it is expensive.

massage to relieve neck pain
Massage to Relieve Neck Pain

A Better Sleeping Position can Relieve Neck Pain

You might have noticed that sometimes you feel a sore neck or shoulder after waking up. This possibly could be because of poor sleeping position. Waking up with a stiff neck can potentially ruin the routine work of the whole day. 

You should try to sleep in a better position which helps to maintain proper alignment of the spine throughout the night. Try to sleep on your back with a pillow properly placed under your neck supporting it.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach. However, it is important that the sleeping position should be comfortable and restful for you. This is one such excellent answer to your question of how to cure neck pain.

Better sleeping position to relieve neck pain
Better sleeping Position to Relieve Neck Pain

Relieve Neck Pain by Taking Break from Desk or While Driving

Working nonstop on a desk or driving without taking any breaks for a prolonged duration causes stiffness in neck muscles and brings immense pain. This also affects your level of productivity and might not allow you to do more.

Taking regular small breaks can help to reduce tension and stiffness in muscles in a continuous manner and make you feel relaxed. This way you can ensure to give your best. You can also use a chair that supports your neck while working.

Take Less Stress to Relieve Neck Pain

Stress can be caused due to many reasons which have no end. Stress can have many adverse effects on us but it can also cause your muscles to become sore and stiff. We usually neglect this reason.

The tightness in your muscles is the response of your body to stress, which you need to work on. Try to manage stress by engaging in self-care activities or consulting a doctor.

Take Proper Rest to Relieve Neck Pain

Taking proper rest will allow your muscles to heal and release the stiffness. This can help you a lot to relieve neck pain. Most people believe in working restlessly in order to get more work done in one short. But this is not the way how successful people get more work done in less time. Doing work for a long time without taking proper rest can have adverse effects on the functionality of your body. 

Relieve Neck Pain by Applying Ice Bag and Heat Bag 

If you are trying to know how to cure neck pain fast then your search stops here. This way is nearly similar to the hydrotherapy method. You have to put a heat bag on the neck or area which is painful. It decompresses the blood vessels for proper blood circulation and soothes the stiffness in the muscle. Then, you can use an ice bag to stop inflammation.

When to Consult A Doctor

In case, if the pain is severe, then consult a doctor for proper medical treatment. Don’t neglect the discomfort as it could turn out to be a serious injury that may cause trouble in the future. 

The Bottom Line

People are suffering from neck pain in their daily life most probably because of the hectic lifestyle and never-ending workload. Hope you’ve got some helpful solution regarding how to relieve neck pain. Working is an important aspect of your life but remember, your body needs proper rest to work more.

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