How to Stretch Shoes Wider: 7 Perfect Hacks

Try Out These Supremely Useful & Perfect Hacks to Stretch Shoes Wider.

How to Stretch Shoes

how to stretch shoes – How many times has it happened that you bought a stunning pair of shoes, only to find it later that they do not properly fit? Have you ever suffered from those painful blisters in feet after wearing new shoes on the first day?

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It is really heartbreaking to see your expectations of impressing your friends shatter at once when you find that you cannot wear your new shoes without subjecting yourself to pain?

However, you do not have to worry at all as you can stretch your snugly fitting shoes so they can fit comfortably on your feet without hurting yourself. You will not only be able to flaunt your new footwear but also get relief from painful rubbing and blisters. So, now the question arises how to stretch shoes wider?

You have come to the right place as we have just got the perfect shoe hacks for this purpose. Check out these handy tips and tricks to stretch your shoes wider and make them comfortable to wear:

1. Get Used to Them At Home

Before you wear your new shoes at a party or for a whole day outside, try them at home and walk in them around the house. This will loosen them up, and you will not be subjected to those painful blisters and feel uncomfortable outside. Often called breaking in your new shoes, this is an effective method to make your shoes comfortable.

2. Keep Your Shoes In Freezer!

Did you remember the lesson your chemistry teacher taught you in school that water expands on freezing? We will use the same principle to stretch your shoes wider. You just need a water bag filled with water and stuff in into your shoes. Now keep them in a freezer and leave them overnight or for minimum 4-5 hours.

Take them out from the freezer and break out the ice from your shoe. You will notice a considerable difference in the fitting of shoes. Repeat the procedure if needed. Do not pinch or make a hole in the ice bag as it could make your shoes wet or damaged. Also, avoid leaving them in open for a long time with ice into it as it could melt and damage your shoes.

3. Blast Your Hair Dryer at Shoes

If freezing does not work, try heating your shoes with a hair dryer. You will need a pair or two of thick woolen socks. Wear them and step into your shoes. Now, use your hair dryer and blow hot air at spots on the shoes where they feel the tightest.

While you do that, move your toes and fingers inside the shoes making them loose. After blowing hot air from the dryer for few minutes, keep wearing the shoes feeling the warmth as a bonus. You will be amazed at results. You can repeat this again if shoes feel too tight until they feel comfortable.

4. Get Your Shoes Drunk

Yes, you read it right. Alcohol with water is an excellent solution to your tight new shoes. You are going to need rubbing alcohol for doing this procedure. Make a 50-50 solution of rubbing alcohol and water and spray it in insides of your shoe. Wear these shoes for 15-20 minutes.

You can also directly apply ‘rubbing alcohol‘ on places your shoes feel tighter. Put these wet shoes on until alcohol dries out quickly.

Another method can be to soak your socks in rubbing alcohol and put them on after squeezing extra liquid. Wear your tight shoes with these wet socks for 15-20 by the time alcohol dries out and your shoes start feeling comfortable.

5. Hire A Professional

You will have to spend a few bucks from your pocket, but this method is the best way to stretch shoes wider. A professional cobbler has special tools which will loosen your tight shoes in no time without any risk of damage.

You can also take help from professional footwear stores which also have specialized equipment to make your shoes fit and comfortable to wear. Many can even do it at the time of purchase only if you tell them so.

6. Use These Tools

Old socks and newspapers can prove to be immensely valuable items to make your new shoes comfortable to wear. Just stuff your shoes with crumpled newspapers and old sock balls.

You can also try specialized tools like a knob or shoe stretcher. You may have to spend a few bucks to buy these tools, but it is worth the investment as they will easily relieve you of blisters and pain of wearing new shoes.

7. Wear Socks

It is one of the simplest methods to ease into your new shoes and make them comfortable to wear. It will especially work if your new footwear is a heel with which you do not wear socks in general. However, if those heels are too tight, you can only wear a pair of socks and walk into your new footwear at home for few minutes or a couple of hours.

If you always struggle with the question of how to stretch your shoes wider, try the above simple tips and tricks. They are guaranteed to help you to stretch your shoes and prevent painful blisters which arise from wearing too tight footwear.

Have you ever tried any of the above hacks? Which is the most useful method according to you? Is there any other stretching method which you feel should be on this list? Tell us in the comments below.