13 Imaginary Jobs That We Wish Existed In Reality.

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Imaginary Jobs

Imaginary Jobs – Doing something out of the ordinary would be nice. To have a job that is out of the norms and league of stable jobs. The word job, itself is rhetoric, in the end, we often get disinterested in our duties. The monotonous lifestyle, nagging employers, bothersome colleagues, and the universal problem of less pay more work, drive us away from our undertakings.

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However, how amazing would it be if you could have a job out of your fabrication?
One that could turn the workplace into the most interesting place on this planet. Have you ever dreamed of the possibility of your fantasy translating into a real profession? Here are 13 fantastic jobs, which anyone would desire were genuine in existence.

1. A professional body massage doctor

A professional body massage doctorJust imagine the perks of this job! Terrific skin and hair, with a little hint of power. The spa as your workplace, advising people on good massages, beauty treatments, and gratifying procedures, according to their particular hair and skin types along with the suitable body massage.

2. A royal prince or princess from a Disney movie

A royal prince or princess from a Disney movieHow about a Disney princess or prince or king living the life of luxury. Be it Princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel or Jasmine or their princes like Charming, Flynn Rider, Eric, Kristoff, or Aladdin.

Look good, sing, smile, live luxuriously, overcome a few minor hurdles, reign over subjects and live happily ever after. Now who does not want to do that? Huh?

3. Your only job is to eat

Your only job is to eatImagine being able to eat whatever you like whenever you want to. Wow! Such an awesome thing to do. No hard work, no routine to follow, be a glutton, devour gourmet food. Varieties and variations of tastes being a party for your taste buds. Tons of cash as payment and a free gym membership as one of the perks of the job.

4. A super good looking body builder

A super good looking body builderAre you a regular gym-goer? How would you like to get money to go to the gym, like a regular job and have a fit and attractive body? Such splendid news for gym-goers. They can give all their time in the gym with all their body toning equipment.

Also, benefits would include free exercise equipment and gear, membership, steam and sauna sessions to name a few.

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5. A supercar driver and inspector

A supercar driver and inspectorSpeed is something we all love but for car lovers, it is everything. This could be a fantasy come alive if such a career prospect existed. Drive supercars all day, approving the satisfactory ones, no worries if you do not own one.

All charges for gas, tires, racing track, car rent, etc., paid for by your employer. A bonus you could have your sweet collection of those envied speeding machines.

6. A time-traveler

a time travelerA superb choice for history lovers. With the freedom and opportunity to go back, to learn and see all that transpired in the times gone past. Meeting famous people, seeing events etched into time forever, wars, revolutions, births, deaths, crowning, annexations, etc. A mind-blowing experience also gets souvenirs from each enterprise.

7. A Hitler loved by all

A Hitler loved by allAnother leader, just the thought itself is bone chilling. However, if the option of becoming an idolized dictator were open who would deny such an opportunity? Mussolini, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, all had similar characteristics, despised by their subjects, and minds corrupted with power.

None of us is new to history, but how lovely if you became an autocrat cherished by all. Life could not become more splendid if this were a reality.

8. Keep an eye on all the naughty things

Keep an eye on all the naughty thingsFor once wouldn’t it be nice to be accepted for being naughty. Yeah! Exactly like Sunny Leone, get paid to be naughty, analyze, and dole out opinions on all raunchy and playful stuff in life. Furthermore, own a sponsored catalog of mischievous trinkets and not be regarded as a porn star. Wicked!

9. A problem fixer

A problem fixerHave you ever been in a problem and wished to get out of it before others found out. What if there was an expert in solving all problems, no questions asked. For a particular price, he would help you get out the pickle. An anonymous person who completed the task and disappeared. Just meet his demands. He would do as you ordered, without you being responsible. You feel the little power in that. Caught you!

10. A professional globetrotter

A salaried globetrotterLove exploring the world then this would be a fantastic lifestyle if existed. Your work would constitute visiting different countries, cities and cultures. Meeting with diverse people, eating exotic food, living in the best of hotels and homes.

Also, not have always to worry about, relaying all that you have seen and learned as a travel journalist. Furthermore, how marvelous if you never had to retire from this appointment.

11. Be a crazy chocolatier

Be a crazy chocolatierWe are all fans of Roald Dahl’s, Willy Wonka, the eccentric chocolatier. Anyone who has seen the movie, wants to live the magical life of the chocolatier. It is a real child fantasy come true, a personal army of Oompa Loompas, chocolate streams, candy trees, telepathic chocolates, expanding, and color changing kids. Selling wondrous chocolates and making plenty of money. Scrumptious!

12. A hunter who could never die

A hunter who could never dieHunting, the likes of ghosts and supernatural beings, this action-filled career choice is an idea straight out of fairyland. Angels and demons as friends, hunt the unnatural and send them packing, never get killed, a horde of hot guys or girls following you, and be abundantly healthy looking. Now that is some life I am talking about.

13. A television or movie enthusiast

A television or movie enthusiasNow this could be something. We all love those cozy nights. Getting into your pj’s, with a tub of chocolate or popcorn as the company, binge watching our favorite shows and movies. No bedtime or schooldays to worry about. Comfortably tempting isn’t it?

So, Which job you like the most, please share with us.