Immunity-Boosting Tips For Better Health Which You Must Practice

These Tips can Boost your Immunity a Lot.

Immunity Boosting Tips

Today, against COVID-19 we all are supposedly following precautionary measures but our inbuild immunity is not strong. As our body is exposed to thousands of harmful chemicals throughout our life span and most of us, not into physical activities. The best of being human is that we can work on our shortcomings to get better. So we can use these simple lifestyle changes and immunity-boosting tips.

In post-world war 1, Spain became host to H1N1 Influenza A Virus “The Spanish Flu Pandemic” which caused 17-500 million deaths. It was the biggest pandemic human civilization had ever faced. That’s why you should know these Immunity boosting tips.

They overcame such a terrible pandemic because of the precautionary actions and their Ironclad Immunity which helped men overcome such a Catastrophic Disease.

Immunity-Boosting Tips- Covid 19
Immunity-Boosting Tips- Covid 19

Tips for Better Immunity:

1.Smoking Decreases Our Immunity Level

Don't Smoke for better immunity
Don’t Smoke for better immunity

I get it “Smoking is Cool” or at least it used to be. Growing up in modern gothic society we all have smoked at least one cigarette in our teenage years. But holding onto the habit of smoking not only damages your lungs heavily, makes you prone to flu viruses but also heavily affects your immunity. So stay away from Smoking to improve your lungs and immunity. In today’s situation, this is one of the most effective immunity-boosting tips

2.Enough Sleep Everyday Boosts Immunity

Sleep well for increasing immunity
Sleep well for increasing immunity

The Amount of Sleep Required for a Healthy Human is 8 Hrs. Your body needs this much time to repair and improve your tired body parts and to relax, so make sure you spend your essential hours in bed.Sleeping time may vary from person to person. You should ensure that you feel completely refreshed whenever you wake up.

Sleeping well will ensure that you won’t fall sick that often. It also reduces the risk of any serious health problems. This is a proven immunity boosting tip.

3.Fruits and Vegetables Increases Immunity

Eat veggies and fruits for Immunity-Boosting
Eat veggies and fruits for Immunity-Boosting

A simple answer to your question ” How to increase Immunity?” is Adding Vegetables like – Spinach, Broccoli, etc to your meals. Broccoli aids to improve your immunity. It provides your body with Vitamin C which is the biggest Immunity boosting Vitamin of all. These vegetables also provide the body with Beta Carotene and Oxalic Acid which increase White Blood Cells in your body. Also, add condiments like ginger and garlic to your meaas they also have a huge impact on your immunity. Eating a proper balanced-diet will help you consume vegetables and fruits in a good amount.

4. Manage A Healthy Weight For Better Immunity.

manage a healthy weight for better immunity
Manage a healthy weight for better immunity

Maintaining a Healthy Body Mass Index helps increase your Immunity. Being underweight or over-weight decreases your immunity. Underweight and overweight is counted as unhealthy weight due to these reason It is a very effective immunity-boosting tip.

5. Exercise Regularly To Make Immunity Better.

Exercise regularly for better immunity
Exercise regularly for better immunity

Do you ask yourself “How To make better Immunity?”. You should be Including exercise in your daily schedule, it not only keeps your weight in check and keeps you fit but also affect your immunity in positive ways. Exercising daily for at least 30 minutes including basic cardio and weight training can boost your immunity

6. Stay Hydrated For Better Immunity

Drink regularly to improve immunity
Drink regularly to improve immunity

Dehydration can cause various complications in the human body. These are complications significant enough to make you fall ill. As to answer “How much water you should drink“, doctors recommend intake of at least 5 liters of water to maintain healthy immunity.

7. Alcohol Decreases Immunity

 Keep intake of alcohol under control to enhance your immunity
Keep intake of alcohol under control to enhance your immunity

Ok, I know alcohol is the beverage of weekends and that’s how most of us have it nowadays. But having alcohol in moderation is always 2 glasses before you feel like throwing up. Seriously, alcohol damages the liver along with the stomach where most of the nutrients are absorbed and the damaged liver can’t purify your blood that well. So this is an important immunity-boosting tip. So now to answer the question “How to boost my Immunity?” Eating fresh and healthy at the same time reducing alcohol will boost Immunity levels.

8. Supplement Wisely And Build Your Immunity

Take Vitamins for better immunity
Take Vitamins for better immunity

Include various Vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, etc. in your diet. These Vitamins provide you resistance against diseases. It has been observed in researches that deficiency of these Vitamins increase the chances of you getting sick.

Final Thoughts on Immunity Boosting Techniques

Immunity-Boosting Tips- Stay Safe, Stay Healthy
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy following Immunity boosting Tips

We all are stuck in our homes, eagerly waiting for the first chance when we’ll get to breathe fresh air outsides our home. Most of us presume that we don’t really need to abide by the social distancing norms which have become a natural part of our lives, just coz we think we have very high immunity. But that’s not true so, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy following Immunity boosting Tips.

We should consider ourselves lucky to be born in the Era of Modern Medical Science where we can get medicines and special care for any medical ailments, unlike all humans who came years before us. Hence, keep practicing these tips for better Immunity.