Why Can’t Today’s Youth fall in Love? Find Reasons & Easy Solutions

The today's youth is losing the ability to fall in love, Here's WHY?

why todays generation cant fall in love

“Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it empowers us to develop courage; to trust that courage and build bridges with it; to trust those bridges and cross over them so we can attempt to reach each other.” – Maya Angelou

Yes! Love is the feeling that transforms us into complete human beings. Without falling in love, we are incomplete! However, what do you think about the present scenario of youngsters regarding love? Do they really fall in love with someone? Do they even know the meaning of true love? Have they forgotten how love can change their lives?

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If you need to know the reasons as to why the youth today is losing the ability to fall in love, we are here to tell you the same. However, before reading about why don’t the present youth fall in love, we should rather read as to why we should love?

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Why We Should Love?

Being humans, we are blessed with the capability to love. We fall in love because love makes our life happy and energetic. This timeless emotion called love embeds deep, powerful and passionate feelings in it and is unconditional. We do not fall in love with purpose. It just happens.

Indirectly and sometimes directly, love teaches us other emotions of life including pain, desperation, excitement, happiness and sorrow also. To understand all these feelings in depth, we need to fall in love once in our lives.

Now let us dig a little deeper as why love is “not happening” these days, especially in the youngsters.

What keeps us Apart from Falling in Love These Days?

Lack of Commitment

Lack of CommitmentEvery relationship demands some commitment. And needless to say, even love is a type of relationship only. When we love someone, we commit to take care of that ‘someone special’ whom we love. And that goes without mentioning. When we fall in love, we commit to follow that sweet relationship only with that particular person with whom we have fallen in love. But the tragedy is that the youngsters these days are afraid to commit. They think that commitment will put their freedom to harm.

Suggested Solution:

  • Do not afraid to commit.
  • Think positively.
  • The youth should understand that commitment does not snatch their freedom.
  • Commitment provides more trust and strength to your love relationship.

Availability of Multiple Electronic Options

Availability of Multiple Electronic OptionsToday’s youth have got multiple options of electronic gadgets that always remain with them. The smartphones, iPods, laptops, tablets and many more other devices keep them engaged most of the time.

Moreover, the social media platforms provide friends in few moments. So the youngsters do not get bothered when they lose on one love relationship because they are sure that soon they will find another person to go around with.

Suggested Solution:

Come on! One should understand that being friends with strangers on social media platforms doesn’t mean that you have fallen in love with that person. Draw a line between friendship and love. That is, the youth should have the capability to recognize who all are their friends and who is that ‘someone special.’

Even if you have found someone online with whom your frequency matches, it is better to meet physically and understand that person. Give such relationships some time to understand whether that is love or just infatuation.

Attraction towards Drugs & Booze

Attraction towards Drugs & BoozeAccording to elitedaily.com, today’s generation gets attracted towards drugs or boozing very often. Whether we are happy or sad, whether we want to celebrate our happiness or forget our sorrow, we run towards drugs and alcohol. These things provide temporary support and excitement, but once they are over, the scene becomes even worse.

Suggested Solution:

  • Hey, you are young! That’s not the way to get rid of stress!
  • Get rid of this bad support of boozing and addiction.
  • You may exercise or run to stay young and happy. Workouts will help you get over your stress problem.
  • If you are tensed because of your career or any other problem, make changes in your lifestyle. Positive lifestyle changes not only boost mental health but also keep you happy.
  • Talk to your friends because sharing thoughts lessen sorrow.

Spending Less Time with Family

Spending Less Time with FamilyWhen we spend time with family, we naturally start understanding the meaning and value of love. We do not teach ourselves to take lessons of love from our family, but we do that unconsciously.

Our mind observes and notes down the love that exists in our family. However, it is sad that youth today is unable to spend time with family. Call it the stress of career or stress of competition or any other reason but simply speaking, they find it hard to take out any time for family.

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Suggested Solution:

  • It’s simple! Take out some time for your family.
  • Meet your friends. Go to classes. Do all your activities but decide to have dinner with your family.
  • The point is to take out few moments for your family where you can laugh, play or talk with your loving family members. This induces value of love.

Establishing Quick Physical Relationships

Establishing Quick Physical RelationshipsGetting involved with someone physically is not a usual thing. The youth thinks that they get relaxation with such relationship, but the truth is that once such relationships are over they feel even more lonely and weak.

Suggested Solution:

  • Do not jump on moving forward quickly.
  • Give your relationship some time.
  • Rather than getting physically involved with your partner, try to understand his or her habit, attitude, like and dislikes.
  • If you move forward with patience and understanding, you will be able to get a strong foundation in your love relationship.

Though there can be personal reasons for individuals who do not fall in love, but the question is – Have we forgotten the real meaning of love? The answer lies in your heart!

What we, as individuals can do, is to spread the meaning and value of love to our next generations so that they appreciate love and understand that love demands:

Love Demands these:

  • Trust
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Truthfulness
  • Courage

So well, what does love give us in return? Well… It gives us lots of more love!!
If you want to share your cute and true love stories with us, do write to us! We would enjoy to hear and learn from you!

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